July 5, 2021

We Continue to Find Better Ways for us to Grow Exponentially!


I am so excited to be officially launching my Team Ernie Chen Membership Site Online for Global Reach where you can learn anytime, anywhere! 💪🔥 Here's a sneak peek on what to expect coming your way with all my Business, Entrepreneur, Wealth Creation & Stocks & Property Investment programs just to name a few. And if you are feeling down and just need a word of encouragement and motivation, I have more than 2000 content and programs that you can watch unlimited with a very affordable payment for as low as USD7 monthly. Why am I doing this? Over the years I have received a lot of feedback that many wanted to learn from me from my in person or online LIVE programs but it's beyond their means. So now you can as I have made it so affordable that everyone can literally learn and earn from Anywhere, Anytime! And Yes you can even earn passive continuous income by just sharing my Team Ernie Chen Membership site to your family, friends, fans & following. 🙏💪🔥 

If we just keep going and do not stop making things happen, we will all do better because we deserve better.

June 1, 2021

Tough Times or Better Times Ahead?


Will we Survive, Thrive or be part of History together with many education institutions & businesses that have collapsed? 

The Bad: 

The Pandemic is Way Out of Control and I am sure you all know it. This has created a lot of problems for businesses including ours for the past 1 year 3 months. If we are to depend and rely on just our college and academy student intakes for income alone, we would already shut down. Students SPM results are not out since last year, parents are not comfortable sending their children for physical studies on campus and it sure does not help that students do not like to learn online. 

The Good:

Since last year we have worked very hard round the clock to generate new income sources with adults learning & corporate training from various sectors that include government, private and also consumer. We have not stopped and we continue to do so both offline when we can conduct and online continuously. We have also worked on new products to be marketed online since the pandemic started. 

Till today, we are blessed and proud to say that we have been able to pay salaries in full for everyone together with your EPF and taxes for everyone for the past 1 year 3 months. Will we be able to do so moving forward if this MCO persists? 

So the question you need to ask yourself is this. What are you doing now to ensure that we as an organisation can pull through not just to survive but to thrive in such a situation? What can you contribute in addition to what you have been doing to help the team do better? Or do nothing more and wait for your time to be up? Think and decide how else you can help contribute better as we know the survival of the fittest will not just survive but thrive as we have plans for an awesome 2022 ahead. You decide.

May 1, 2021

Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste!


We have not been spared from the Pandemic. Just like 90% of the world, we have also been badly affected from our business and also our personal lives. No, it has not been easy and it's far from over. This is unfortunate. 

We have however been able to pivot and continue to find new ways to overcome the obstacles and challenges that we encounter daily for the past 1.5 years working hard to make things better. 

We are very fortunate, blessed and proud to say that we continue to be able to provide, keep everyone safe and deliver on our promises to our students, clients, partners and most importantly our team. Our family. 

Please do always remember that we can only do this when the leadership is right with the right focus and the right team with the right fit for us to not just survive but thrive in a crisis. And yes like Winston Churchill once said after the WW11, "Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste!" 

We have not and we will come out a whole lot stronger. Yes, we have come a long way not just this past 1.5 years but the past 18 years now. And the next phase will be even more exciting as we move forward with brighter days ahead. How do I know this? Tough times do not last. Tough people do and we are just one day away and it will reveal itself to you one day at a time. Something exciting ahead of us. Stay tune for our next phase of exponential growth coming our way as we MUST do whatever it takes to make it happen in the next 3 years. Let's do this together.

April 5, 2021

Anything is Possible! - 8 Years Ago.

How did I do it? How did I manage to always be able to achieve what I want? 

1. Know what you want to achieve. 

2. Keep reminding yourself and everyone what you want. Law of Attraction works. 

3. Take massive actions consistently and continuously every single day. 

4. Never say die and give up attitude no matter what the situation that you are in. 

5. Be grateful, thankful and pray for the opportunity to live life your way for you.

It is never if I would achieve what I want but always when I will be achieving it. Patience is everything. 🙏

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March 3, 2021

Nothing Comes Easy but Everything is Possible!


I AM 48! 

I made it! I am alive and I am having the best time of my life.  I have just started again. I am very thankful that I am living today to have interesting stories to share for years to come and I look forward to do so with each and everyone of you that has made it a very special and memorable one thus far. 

I am grateful. 🙏

48th years of pain, struggles, challenges & adventures of life's ups & downs that were lessons learnt teaching me to enjoy my unique journey no matter what the situation that have brought so much happiness and growth for me.

I am grateful. 🙏

I always thought that I was living a good life before I found myself living the life that truly makes me happy today. Yes I am happy today & thankful for this 2nd opportunity to do so. 

I am grateful. 🙏

How did I get to where I am today? 

1. I made a decision that would change everything. 

2. I lost everything that was meaningful to me. 

3. I lost loved ones that meant everything to me. 

4. I started to let go, move forward & just live my life for me first.

5. I no longer cared for everything especially opinions of others. 

6. I am a whole lot more generous with myself by treating myself with more self care. 

7. I love more freely with what I have to offer however I like. 

8. I just work on things that I am interested in with purpose. 

9. I just work on myself becoming better everyday for me first. 

10. I love myself more and just do Ernie Chen. 

So for my 48th Birthday, I sincerely wish for all to be able to live the life that you truly deserve cause we all deserve better. Have an awesome year ahead & make this the best year yet for you because you decided for it to be. 

P/S: I was once 156kg and today I am 66kgs. I lost a total of 90Kgs. I made a commitment to myself to live a better life for I, me & myself for the rest of my life. I am truly enjoying my journey and if you want to achieve anything as bad as you want to breathe, anything is possible. This is the best Birthday present I gift to myself. 

I am grateful. 🙏

Nothing comes easy but everything is possible. Welcome to my new life. A life worth living. ❤️

I am grateful. 🙏

February 1, 2021

Sometimes Pain is preparing us for bigger things to happen.

I had some pretty difficult times and years. Yes, I did and it is continuous. I always wondered why did God put me through so much pain and suffering. I always told him that I did everything I could to be a good person. I told him that I did everything I could within my abilities to give what I could and contribute my time, effort and money. Why did you still put me through so much hell? I never did understand until I literally lost it all. You see, I learnt that God was always watching over & protecting me. He was always making sure that I was being able to withstand the pain & suffering to make me stronger for bigger things ahead. Why do I know this? I am still alive and I am still growing to be a better version of myself. It's funny. We do not get what we want. But we have to work very very hard to earn what we deserve when God says that it is the right time. He knows best. So if you are having a tough time, don't stop moving forward as He will not let you fail yourself. So don't decide to fail. We are all just one day away from what we really deserve in his time. I am grateful. Covid 19 & all our troubles will also pass us by.

January 4, 2021

The 3 Most Important Things.


Sometimes the best thing that we always wanted to happen is often times the best thing that never happened. You see what you want to see and you believe in what you want to believe in. I only know 3 things. Always Smile, Be Grateful & Never Give up on Life as it will only grow us stronger with whatever challenges that we encounter. Timing is Everything. 2021 is a new chapter and new beginning. Write the story that makes you proud and happy when you read it back sometime in the near future. 😉🙏

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