August 29, 2008

Time To Get Scared

I think I'm going to be physically sick!

As if the current crop of bad news about the current state of our country’s political (if you can call it that) state isn’t enough to make you reach for a bucket to vomit into, now we have to read about politicians being arrested for graft which among others include sexual favors.

But this isn’t the half of it of course. Politics aside, we now have to deal with people wanting politicians to resign and be elected just so they can sell more cempedak (like the jackfruit) fritters. What of little girls who are brutally murdered and yet, one year on – nothing has changed. What about those who want us fly the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian Flag) upside down? For goodness sakes – are you stupid or what? Aren’t there enough problems already? It makes me want clutch my chest in anticipation of a cardiac arrest.

If you not scared at the stupidity and lackadaisical attitude if certain people, you should be. More than ever now is the time to be aware of your surroundings and what’s happening – because if you’re not you’ll be sucked into it.

I don’t know about you, but I stopped taking news at face value a long time ago – a very, very long time ago. With everything I read, I make sure I do so with more than a pinch of salt and I make up my mind to make things better for those I love and care about so I’ll not be like those who claim they love and care for the country and Her rakyat (people) and then do the opposite.

Shame on all you power mongers. If you think for one minute that we are going to take it, you’ve got another thing coming. We are not as gullible as you think – some of us just want to think we are. It’s a high noon showdown on September 16. But there will be no country and western gun slinging show. But what might happen is a long-awaited revolution – and if things go as many would like it to, it looks like things might just change for the better.

It is clear that there are some politicians who do not trust us to think for ourselves. We’ll we’re smart and you politicians ain’t seen nothing yet. The tables have turned. It’s you who should be scared – would you like a bucket?

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