October 31, 2019

Everything is a matter of PERSPECTIVE. Choose Wisely!

Our perspective can decide our attitude for action that will decide our outcomes. If you choose to be looking at everything positively, your thoughts & actions will lead to positive outcomes.
Be careful with your choice. Choose wisely.

October 3, 2019


The grass always seem a lot greener on the other side until you get there and realise that its the same old shit! 

I prefer to just make my grass greener where ever I am. I decide on how green I want the grass to be, how long or short, how much or little. In fact, everything is decided by MY OWN EFFORT. 

So the next time when you think that the grass is always greener on the other side, start thinking on how you can make the choice for the chance of change to happen. 

Blaming others, complaining & giving excuses are just not going to cut it. It always starts with I, Me & Myself. Nothing changes until I change to be a better version of myself. 

September 3, 2019

Life is About Making Choices & Priorities!

You see in life, its all about becoming a better version of yourself and live the life that we deserve for ourselves. As you grow older, you want to live a healthier & happier life with no drama and the feeling of being chained down. Spend time with yourself, be with people that make you feel needed and loved the way you want to. You appreciate your days more and you want to focus on taking care of yourself more. Its important as life is meant to be enjoyed your way as we do only live once every single day. Live a fulfilled, meaningful and purposeful life. My AWESOME journey continues! 

1. Don’t judge and be too hard on yourself & others. 
2. Set higher standards for your life & live the life that is for you. Not others. 
3. Live & let live. Life is too short to feel sorry for yourself. 
4. At the end of the day, regret is a real bitch! 

August 6, 2019

It is not business as usual and the Failing mark is 79%.

There are days when I am required to stand tall (even when I am not tall) to be the pillar of strength for my people and there are days when I need to lean back and slow it down to let my people take the lead. The real challenge is recognising the time and patience for bills to be paid on time. Every entrepreneurs' challenge as the biggest mistake is to expect employees to understand and behave as an entrepreneur as they would already be one if they did understand. 

I can only communicate for you to better appreciate the situation we are in and ask of everyone to go above and beyond your normal call of duty and to do extraordinary to be able to achieve beyond just surviving, sustaining but really preparing us for 2020 exponential growth. We do have the talents. We now need everyone to come together to endure through this phase that is extremely challenging economic environment for all businesses including ours.  Always remember that business is not as usual and the failing mark today is 79%. 

July 3, 2019

My last good bye with no regrets

I just said my last goodbye to my Dad before leaving Ipoh and returned back to KL to visit Baby G at the Hospital as he was in ICU. It was very very hard to do so. He was supposed to have left us according to my brother but waited for me to arrive. I managed to spend some time with him telling him everything will be just alright and that he can rest now. I told him that we will be fine and that he has done well together with mom with the 3 of us. I am grateful that I managed to see him one more time while he could still open his eyes a little to acknowledge my voice.

If you have not called or hug your parents lately, today will be a good day as tomorrow may be too late. I was not too late as I came back to Malaysia to be with both my parents, took care of them when they needed me most. I have no regrets even now that both of them are not with me anymore. Most importantly, do take care of yourself as I am learning to do so and I am at peace now. 🙏

May 30, 2019

Understanding your own needs & fulfilling them

Once you understand your "Why?," you will have a much stronger threshold for pain & the grit needed to succeed in anything that you do. Always be grateful no matter what the situation. I am as it continues to grow me to be a better version of me. Thank you. 🙏

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May 5, 2019

My Melbourne Escape.

It has been a long while since I left the country alone to discover new ideas, time alone to reflect and most importantly to be inspired. These last few days away alone brought back lots of good memories of how I have forgotten the beauty of just living without any responsibility. You see, the more responsible I became over the course of my life made others expect me to be more responsible for more than I ever wanted to be. It just never ends and the responsibilities just kept on piling together with the life and work pressure & stress that was uncalled for that made me unhealthy and unhappy. The last few days allowed me to roam freely, meet freely, explore freely & most importantly do freely without anyone to care for or adjust my decisions for anyone. I felt emancipated. I felt real freedom and I was at peace with myself. 

As I return home to Malaysia, I am reminded that I too have many options & choices as I continue to become a better version of myself and saying no to people is something that I will be doing a lot more. I am done chasing after continuous success but focused on attracting success for a more sustainable me. So if you expect me to just say yes for opportunities that are not fit to my lifestyle & heart desires, the answer will be a big NO. My advice for you to be able to perform and do exceptionally well is to make sure that whatever that you are doing, the people that are with you & the timing for all that you do is the right fit for you. Take care of yourself as nothing is more important than you for yourself. 

I will and I am. What about you?