November 4, 2020

Times are Tough but We will not Give Up!


All my weekdays are busy with monitoring the stock market to generate income so that we can pay salary and pay on time. We are very fortunate that we can still do that even in very difficult times. Why can we still do this when most Education institutions are already either closing down or in deep financial troubles?

The reason is simple. We are beyond education. If you do not understand what it means, please ask your line manager. Just to give you an idea, below is what my weekdays and weekends look like. I will conduct my Stock & Property Investment Masterclass weekly Q&A, Webinar Sales pitch closing for new registered students for SPIM, Secure deals on Government contracts, Packaging FH11 Skincare products to be delivered to our clients, cooked for the team and tapaw street food for dinner with the team, Modelled for Club 27 Fitness Jersey & met with my Team ACE Mastermind brothers for a luncheon gathering and market scanning & analysis and finally sending out the report to my Team Ernie Chen Platinum Family for the Following week's investment game plan & strategy. 

Yes, very productive weekdays weekend. Like all my weekdays and weekends. Please do know that your boss is working very hard and he has not stopped before the pandemic, during the pandemic and sure will not stop after the pandemic to ensure that we will not just survive but do so much better. We can do better. Because we deserve better for all our efforts. 

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October 6, 2020

To Care or NOT to Care?


If you really want to achieve significant success in life and business, you MUST stop caring too much about the NOISE that is surrounding us daily. 

Everyone has an opinion and if we are to abide by everyone’s opinion we will definitely not be heading anywhere. I decided that I was heading one direction and that is the direction that I have set for us to not just survive but strive to do so much better than where we are today irregardless of the pandemic as that is NOT something that we can control. However, what we can control are our thoughts, emotions and actions. We can control them to do a whole lot better. We can control them to help one another to work better together to achieve the desired results needed. 

The past 1 year has not been easy with unbelievable amounts of obstacles and challenges but we have been able to overcome them with a clear plan, and massive actions. Can we be doing better? Yes. Can we have been doing better for the benefit of the organisation? Yes. The question we should be asking ourselves is this – why are we not doing more than we should? Why are we not going all in and all out to achieve the desired results? 

I have not stopped and will continue to move forward with intensity. The game is changing constantly and the ONLY way forward is to adapt fast and be agile to make the changes needed for us to keep moving forward to achieve the vision that has been set clearly. We will be going for an IPO in 3 years -  in 2023.

Please do reflect on some of the pictures above on what we have been doing to keep moving forward. And yes, we did not let Covid 19 & The Lockdown stop us.

September 4, 2020

A Broken Down House! Really?


Some will only see pain and despair when they see a visually broken down house. 

But what do I really see?

I see lots of potential for growth with solid fundamentals. 

1. Land to grow around the house. 

2. Great structure that has been tested through time. 

3. Great neighbourhood that is peaceful. 

4. Great opportunity for us to rebuild what we want once again.

5. This is what our lives are all about. You can be broken down, beaten up or even left to rot. Or you can decide to make things better. 

6. I have decided long ago that building my forever home will take years of sacrifices and possibly a lifetime to make it truly special. 

7. The same is applied for our business. Making a Difference by Making Lives Better is not a destination but a journey that is truly meaningful and profitable. 

8. For anything truly awesome to happen, we need to be patient. 

August 4, 2020

It’s a Matter of Perspective.

1. Everything is a matter of choices, decisions and outcomes that follow the actions and inactions. 
2. If you think you are right, You are right. That does not mean we have to agree as we all want different things at different times. 
3. If I think I am right, I am right too.  That does not mean we have to agree as we all want different things at different times. 
4. The best thing is for you to get what you want when you want that fits your personal desires so that you get to do what you want & at the same time do not be a burden to others.
5. All the best & Take Care everyone.

July 5, 2020

Everyone is Entitled to their Own Decisions for their Own Future.

This pandemic has been nothing short of a blessing for all of us to reset for our future. 

The last 3 months of MCO, CMCO & now the RMCO due to the Coronavirus has been an amazing time for us to just sit back do nothing and wait for something to happen or really do something to make something happen. We can complain about everything that has happened against us or we can seriously appreciate every difficulty and challenge that has forced us to be doing things out of our comfort zone to do better. No, you are not alone dealing with this tough time. We all are and we are all going to be ok or even better than before if we just don't stop. I am grateful for everything that has happened good or bad as sometimes we win and sometimes we learn to do better. 

And for those of you that have made your decision to take your journey forward, we thank you for your contribution and wish you all the best. 

And for those of you that will continue the journey with us, we have much more to be done to get back on track with where we left off with so much more that will be the new beginning for us all. 

June 5, 2020

Life is What We Make of it, We Decide What We Want it to be!

I am still the Big Boss and Owner of PORTMAN Education Group together with Tan Sri Dr. Lim Wee Chai. I have spent the last 7 years building it up with lots of challenges going through the ups and downs and it's time for my team to take over on the day to day operations as I do have a very capable leadership team now led by the CEO Pragash Ari Ragavan. This will allow me to now focus on building my Trusted Team Ernie Chen community with new businesses that are digital & online driven. It is also timely for me to now focus on the stock & property investment & educational programs for this cyclical economic period once every decade. If there is one lesson that I have learnt over the years is to focus on what you are best at doing, grow with the trends of what is the next big thing and let go for others to grow what you started with good fundamentals. Alone we can do so much, but together we can achieve so much more. 

I am blessed to have a new generation of leaders capable to lead and take it forward. In the meantime, do check out my new business launches and be part of the Team Ernie Chen community for our next wave of exponential growth. Thank you for your continuous support. 🙏😉

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May 6, 2020

Do not take things for granted!

I have been working every day and on things that I have never done before. That is called taking myself out of my comfort zone. Why am I doing this? It's called being responsible for my team. I can easily just shut down for now and not have to endure the difficult challenges that we are going through now. I have been through tough times but this time around is beyond tough. I have however decided to stay the course and make it happen as I know with 3Million people losing jobs, it's going to be difficult for anyone to find a new job at the current moment. Unfortunately, it is disappointing to have found quite a few of you not focusing on what you are paid to do during office hours at home. In fact, some of you are just taking your salary and doing your own things that are not in the interest of the company. This is not right and will not be tolerated. If you want to do your own thing, please do not take my good intention for granted. These are not normal times and if you want to be part of the company, learn to be thankful for still getting paid to do your job. If you do not, it will be removed from you as there will be others that will appreciate the opportunity. Take serious note on this. Again work harder, smarter and faster. More than you ever had.