March 4, 2019

Working Harder and Smarter is NO longer enough

I am a firm believer in working hard and even have my famous quote, "If you think you work hard, work harder." Over the years, I have also learnt that working hard is only the first step. We also need to work smarter to get better results for anything in life. However, what I have truly come to appreciate is that while working harder & smarter are the fundamentals of life success be it business or personal, I have been enlightened that we really do need the right fit for anything to flow with ease to achieve ultimate peak desires and achievements. Thank you for allowing me to understand this very important life message to live a much more meaningful and fulfilled life ahead. Truly blessed as I still have plenty time ahead to get uncomfortable to get in sync with my peak state of mind, body, spirit & soul. 

You can do the same if you are prepared for the discomfort that is ahead. I am as I accept that it is very much needed if we are interested to continue growing in our very own way that best fits us.

January 31, 2019


I am a proud salesman and I am always selling. I sell ideas. I sell dreams and most importantly I sell the belief that anything is possible if we work extremely hard and smart.

SALES is not the job for ONLY the sales team, marketing team or the business development team. Sales is the JOB of everyone in the organisation. If we want to grow, WE MUST ALL BE SELLING TOGETHER. Selling our ideas for the organisation to do better. Selling solutions to help our customers to do better. Selling the confidence that our students need from us to succeed.

Always remember that there is NO SHAME in selling if what you sell is of so much value to the people you touch.

Have an awesome Happy CNY Break and get ready to come back and be the fire crackers and fire works to make things happen for an awesome 2019.

December 31, 2018

Everything is a Blessing. It's a matter of perspective. Decide wisely on yours.

2018 has been a year filled with continuous and consistent extraordinary challenges that are beyond business as usual. This only means that the personal growth has been extraordinary. I am grateful for the pain, tears and sufferings for which without, I will not know how to appreciate what I truly am capable of doing and achieving. I know that I am just an ordinary person that really wants to do extraordinary things to make a difference by making lives better. I may or may not achieve them. But I know I am willing & capable of extraordinary effort to make it happen till my last living breath. Thank you everyone for your trust, belief and opportunities. I am grateful and thankful for the good and bad. I am blessed. Have an awesome last day for 2018 and have an awesome 365 days ahead for 2019. 😉

November 27, 2018

Tough Decisions vs the Right Decisions?

  1. Over the many years, I have made many tough decisions that are not popular and definitely do not go down well with most people that have experience working with me either within or outside of the organisation.  But I sincerely only wanted to make the right decisions for the benefit of the organisation & team. If you cannot accept it, I wish you all the best. 
  2. Many will NEVER understand the decisions that I make and most definitely will never do the things I do. Why? Because you are simply not in my position to deal with the things I deal with daily and I have learnt to accept and understand that as a fact. But I sincerely only wanted to make the right decisions for the benefit of the organisation & team. If you cannot accept it, I wish you all the best. 
Last Saturday’s Annual Strategic Direction meeting was extremely tough for me.  I was torn inside as I was both wanting to ensure that my team had my presence to show and lead the way but at the same time, I was really wanting to be with my Dad as I was getting live updates on my phone from my family and finally spoke to Dad for a brief moment right before he was pushed in for his 2nd amputation. This time was a lot tougher as the risk were a lot higher due to various complications and the biggest fear was that he was not going to come out alive. It was really tough to still put up a smile and energy when I was really exhausted just returning from Ipoh with my Dad the day before.  

I want you all to understand that I am still very focus in what we have set out to achieve and that sacrifices will still need to be made and I am constantly going to be making Tough Decisions but the Right Decisions for what I sincerely believe is what we need. Just know that I am still ALL IN & ALL OUT to ensure that we will all be moving forward toward our set targets. Talk is Cheap, Action is Good. Result builds Trust. I really hope you can all truly understand this in order for your results to speak the loudest for the organisation & commitment to the team. 

November 2, 2018

Everyday is a test for us to succeed and learn to be a better human being.

Just like the Chinese Masters (Sifus) that have gone meditating in the caves for the next level of supernatural powers of kung fu to be achieved, I too have just returned from an intense sabbatical from the sin city to see for myself the changes happening in the world and observe the behaviours of my proteges that will be leading the way. Its getting clearer and yes it is always a test. We must always abstain from the temptations of the world before it consumes us. Knowing when to stop is important. What we eat is what we are. What we do is what we become. So eat healthily and exercise to stay healthy not forgetting to do whatever it takes with integrity to achieve desired results that will make us happy. Right is always right even when no one is doing it and wrong is always wrong even when everyone is doing it. And we do only live once but if we live it the right way, ONLY once is more than enough. Make it meaningful. Make it purposeful. Make it count.    

October 1, 2018


This past month has been extremely challenging for me personally due to the following factors that were both planned and unexpected. 

  1. My daily workout sessions in the gym everyday. And yes I do not miss them at all. 
  2. My regular daily & weekly meetings with both ATCEN & PORTMAN EDUCATION GROUPS. 
  3. My semester classes with assignments and college activities to advice and guide. 
  4. My additional meetings, dinners & attending events for new business growth with various parties from politicians to business associates. 
  5. Baby G falling sick with asthma in his old age with additional attention needed with numerous visits to the vet not forgetting my daily contribution to my household chores. 
  6. My Dad having to amputate his toe and my daily visits 2 times a day to the hospital to care for him. He is still in the hospital in Ipoh now with a 2nd surgery happening soon. 
  7. The continuous development of MINES 2 building to ensure that its ready for the official launch and to help get it ready for the development of the ecosystem. 
  8. 2 HUGE events in a single day organised by our team – Entrepreneur Convention 2018 & PORTMAN Mid Autumn Festival 2018.  Not forgetting Awesome Leadership Camp 2018 the week before.
  9. Monthly HUGE events every month for the next 6 months to ensure we are ready for a very critical period of marketing for our group of companies growth for 2019. 
  10. Old staff leaving and New staff joining for things to be handed over and properly trained.   

The above made it extremely tough and challenging physically, mentally and emotionally for me. But I always believe in the following and that is what keeps me going and going and going..:

  1. What goes up must come down and what is down will go up. Nothing is permanently bad or permanently good. 
  2. Tough times do not last, tough people do and I am pretty tough as I have decided that I am. 
  3. Do not complain, blame and give excuses as I know I determine what happens to me and the outcomes that I want to see.
  4. Quitters never win and winners never quit. 

Things happen for a reason and for better days to come. It always does. NOTHING COMES EASY BUT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. We just have to believe, take massive actions and the results will favour those that work hard for it.

September 6, 2018

The Devil is in The Details.

You all have so much potential to do so well in life and in your personal career. The question is why are you not doing as well as you should be or want to be?

Life is not about just getting by everyday. Life is not about making enough salary or income to pay the monthly bills. Life is not about saving enough for that annual holiday.

Life is to ensure that we live an exceptional high quality life and to do exceptional high quality work so that our life can become better.

How we do something is how we do everything.

I cannot help you get better by telling you how. I can only share what I do as a living example. YOU MUST WANT TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE THAT IS TO ACHIEVE EXCEPTIONAL HIGH QUALITY LIFE & WORK.

How do you do it?

You can start by working HARDER, SMARTER & FASTER. Follow the order and DO NOT SKIP THE STEPS. YES, HARDER, SMARTER ONLY THAN FASTER. THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS. Skip it and you will face the devil.