August 2, 2018

The Day After Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful.

WHY ME? Why do I have to face all the challenges, obstacles and difficulties in my life?” 

This is often the question we ask ourselves when nothing seems to be going right for our life. One of my biggest challenge was to find a way to leave Malaysia to get an education from USA with no money & not very good SPM results (I did my STPM but I failed all 4 subjects but got an A for my Art). I achieved that. 

Next was to find a way to survive alone in a foreign land and to complete my studies. I achieved that. It was never easy but I never gave up. I just kept on going and going till I graduated with my Bachelors in 1996 & Masters in 1998 from WKU (my graduation pictures) and today pursuing my Doctorate. 

You see, challenges, obstacles and difficulties will always be there in our lives. The question is how do you take them as opportunities for your continuous growth and achievements to build character. 

As the famous quote by Jack Ma,"Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be beautiful." This is what I believe and live by. I wish you all the very best in everything that you do. 

July 4, 2018

I Always Succeed NOT Because I Do NOT Fail.

I succeed in everything that I do, not because that I do not fail. In fact, I fail so much and so many times that I continue to succeed. What’s my secret? I just don’t know how to give up on my dreams and the fire keeps burning with purpose.

Everyone of us can do great things in our lifetime. The questions are:

  1. What are the sacrifices that we are willing to commit to?
  2. What is the price that we are willing to pay?  

I wish everyone of you the very best and hope that you find your path to what you truly are able to contribute to society in a good way. Always remember to do good and influence others to do good.

What goes around comes around. If you do good, good will come back and if you do bad, bad will come back. Do not cheat. Do not lie. Do not steal. Do not complain. Do not blame. Do not give excuses. If you are able to live by these simple philosophy, you will have a better flow for your life ahead.

June 7, 2018

Our Days Can Better Everyday If We Just LIVE Past Today.

Life is as such when the days seemed almost impossible with lots of challenges and when you least expect anything good to happen, all we need is just a little appreciation to keep us going. And that’s what I received on my table. Lots of lovely appreciation notes from my students that annoy me daily but at the same time puts a smile on my face.

Sometimes, its just the little things that keeps us going. What does not kill us makes us stronger. If you have a willing heart, nothing can stop you. Have a bigger heart to give and you will receive in abundance. Learn to smile more and appreciate more of what we have and you will see the awesomeness of what we are working hard to achieve.

May 6, 2018

The World Wants Us to Do Better!

I was asked recently by a friend, "How can you do & achieve so much in such a short period of time?" I responded with a smile and said, 

1. Clarity & focus vision on my Life Direction. 
2. Discipline & determination of my Heart Desires. 
3. Intense & massive actions with no complains, no blame & no excuses. 
4. Take no bull shit from anyone. 
5. Love, give & let go to move forward. 

And if I die today, I die a fulfilled man with dreams achieved with the time and talents granted to me by the Big Man upstairs. I am grateful and thankful for the opportunities to contribute to make a difference. 
The World Wants Us to Do Better in Everything. The question we need to ask ourselves is what are we willing to sacrifice and do that will allow us to do better. 

I cannot make that decision for you. Only you can make that decision for yourself. Decide wisely. 

April 3, 2018

Leadership with Heart vs Management with Iron Fist

  1. For many years, I have always managed for high productivity, high performance and extremely results driven. I have always achieved my desired results due to my management style. Not my leadership style. However, the people were not sustainable as they will either resigned or get fired. Sometimes my fault. Sometimes their fault. Sometimes its nobody’s fault. It’s just what you want at the time of your life. We all have different needs at different times. So does the organisation.
  2. For many years, I worked hard to figure out and learn from trial error on how to best lead manage my teams for high productivity, high performance to achieve desired results to better provide for my people.
  3. For many years, I have both failed and succeeded and the lessons were truly a blessing for me to grow to be both a better leader and manager to make a difference to make lives better for my people myself.

What I learnt was simple: 
  1. Leadership is NOT for everyone Management is NOT for everyone.
  2. Leadership is only for those with a willing heart to sacrifice. And I really mean sacrifice to really make a difference.
  3. Management is only for those with a result driven focus Heart, Head Hands to get things done.  
The platform is ready. Its up to you to decide on the role that you intend to play to create opportunities for both yourself and the organisation. All the best!

March 5, 2018


If you are reading this now, you must be getting either extremely excited or extremely worried. 

Let me tell you why. 
  1. We have a very BIG VISION to achieve that most think is impossible. We want to be Asia’s No. 1 Business School for the College/ University. 
  2. We are working towards becoming Malaysia’s Largest Education & Training Group. We will be the first RM1 Billion Education & Training Group in Malaysia. It has never been achieved before by any Education & Training Group in Malaysia.   
  3. We are working towards becoming a Public Listed Company that will allow us to grow exponentially to acquire & set up Education Institutions that fit into our business model of Education & Training that serves from Cradle to Grave.
To achieve the above 3 will require real courage, determination and persistence not just from me but the whole team that want to do this with me. We have to just work harder, smarter and faster. 

As Jack Ma (Probably One of the Most Misunderstood Person before he became a Billionaire – And most called him an Idiot!) said: 

“Today is tough. Tomorrow is tougher. The day after tomorrow is beautiful. 

This is the story of my life. Will this be the story of your life? 

February 5, 2018


1.    OUR INTEGRITY: Our value is to uphold HONESTY with the right MORAL ETHICS. DO NOT CHEAT. DO NOT LIE. DO NOT STEAL. Do the RIGHT thing even when no one is watching.

2.    OUR PRINCIPLES: DO NOT COMPLAIN. DO NOT BLAME. DO NOT GIVE EXCUSES. If you start doing any of the three stated, it’s time for you to leave the PORTMAN Brand.

3.    OUR PURPOSE: We are not here as a business to choose between profits OR to be a meaningful business. We are here to build an education business that is BOTH PROFITABLE AND MEANINGFUL to make lives better.

4.    OUR ATTITUDE: Always be bold in ambitions, assertive in actions and humble in achievements. Never assume anything. Ask if you do not know. Be prepared with facts and figures or be prepared to be challenged on your knowledge, skills, attitude and habits.

5.    OUR OPPORTUNITY: We are part of something extraordinary special and have the opportunity to make our lives extremely AWESOME. We just need to believe, learn & take massive actions to achieve all our dreams.

6.    OUR COMMUNICATION: We communicate to express NOT impress. Stay curious and always be learning. Be fast and accurate with your communication to get things done. Talk is Cheap. Action is Good. Result builds Trust.

7.    OUR FOCUS: We are PROBLEM SOLVERS & RESULTS DRIVEN. If there is a problem, fix it. Be solution focused and a solution provider. If we solve enough problems, we will be very successful in life and in business. If you think you work hard, work harder.

8.    OUR BELIEVE: LOVE PEOPLE. USE THINGS. Never the other way around. We must sincerely care for one another and look out for each other to make sure WE ALL SUCCEED TOGETHER.