September 5, 2008

Do I Trust You?

Trust is a very simple word and even simpler to do. If we just do what we say and say what we do everything will be so easy. Just deliver what you promise and don’t over promise and under deliver. This is a message for my family, my people and everyone else reading this post. The world is already such a complicated place – it’s time to simplify with honesty.


Anonymous said...

Every time when politicians said something, the excuses are pretty much the same: "You have misunderstood.." / "You guys have misinterpreted.."!

[sigh].. You think everybody else is idiots huh?! I WON'T TRUST YOU. Because of you, I even hate Bkt Mertajam now.

Anonymous said...

The word TRUST is not a simple word to me. in fact, it is a big word. if you want to change and you ask for feedback. after people gave feedback, you better do it. else credibility get affected and no respect will gain from others. Tell and share when you know something. be honest when you don’t know it well. It is ok as we are still learning. Over promised and under deliver is the worst you want to see. Over positive of something also will cause you problem. Let’s be honest to face it and be real to certain situations. No doubt, positive thinking is still required from all of us including myself. This apply to country leaders. The rakyat lost trust in you, your statements and your action.

SS said...

Trust and Promise are never appear in my personal dictionary.

People just like to make high sky promise and make you trust them but they never walk the talk. Worse is they bring you "Merry-Go-Round"

Anonymous said...

Trust? take action first before you gain trust.