September 26, 2008

Fire those Idiots!

The last time Asia was in an economic crisis, some American quarters cautioned against bailing them out. Because of this, many companies went under and many giants had to merge in order to weather the economic storm. However, a different tune is being whistled now. There are various large companies in the US that were in danger of going bust have been rescued by financial institutions – and we’re talking billions of dollars here.

If you think that the banks are funding everything, please wake up. It’s the tax payers money that is keeping these companies afloat. They should fire the idiots who were put the run the show in the first place – and get in some new blood who know what it REALLY takes to run a company.


Sub Ree said...

Yup, I agree. Fire them is the best way to making sure the company survive.

Chetz said...

Yes. And I suggest the get consultation from Ernie Chen on how to run their business (or their countries).

Chetz Yusof - Love, Money & Fitness Blog

eb said...


walk the talk la brader! ape nih!

HL said...

The harder we worked, the more money we pay for the tax. Bloodly hell, we try to save money for our uture use, but they just spent our money like that. "Fire those Idiots!"