September 19, 2008

The Rakyat Deserves A Free Country

This is something we already knew we deserved and thought we had, but you are wrong. If you think that freedom only exists in the concept of being freed from communists and what not, let me just tell you that there’s more to life that that.

What I mean by a free country is that we as a people will not have to pay such high taxes and on top of that pay for increased electricity tariffs, and of course – the toll. It’s all fair enough that in order to build a country you must tax the people etc…but I think we’ve done our fair share of payback.

It’s no secret that tax payer’s money is not being utilized wisely. Look at all the ugly colored lights in shape of flowers that look like they’re on steroids and you’ll know where a percentage of your taxes are going to.

If only this country could be run like a well-managed business it can become a global force to be reckoned with. We have the earth’s most expensive resource – oil, but it sure doesn’t seem like it though because we are still paying through our noses and just about every other orifice that we can be squeezed for more from.

Maybe I’m not alone in thinking that taxes here are paid to fund the corrupt and to pay for numerous supreme council meetings so they can sit on comfortable chairs and have 5 meals a day while debating over inane and asinine matters – such as deciding to suspend certain people for 3 years, when the answer is really quite obvious already.

If the new government coalition hears this – please make a change. Renew our faith in a lost system and show us you meant everything you said about a positive change and equality for all.


Charm6781_Yatie said...

The government that we currently have is still sleeping with people’s money. Tax that we ‘vepaid, not coming back to the people…this needs to change. Just wonder, how come all minister children can get good education, and even sent them studied overseas even though they’re suck in their studies..

bob asri said...

well a definition of freedom is different from one to another. but i think its pretty clear what freedom is to us...freedom without control also not good and too much control would be devastating too...