September 12, 2008

Why We Must Make Decisions

Taking up from where I left off at yesterday’s entry, let me add this – there are also many people who do not make decisions because they are afraid to hurt feelings, get into trouble or simply just do not want to do more by making decisions. Because when you make a decision, it’s a choice and a choice means accountability. And so since they don’t want to get shot, they usually send messengers to do their dirty work for them. I’m quite annoyed as I write this because decisions are not made to get people to like you. Whatever decision you make must benefit the entire cause – and not your selfish self. Think about that the next time you decide to pass the buck.


suresh said...

Thats a great piece of advice Ernie!!

Yes i admit i belong to the category that doesnt make decision.It is because im afraid to hurt people.

but over the week, realise that making decisions build credility and confidence in me.

moving forward, im ready to make decisions and be accountable for that.

Anonymous said...

Learn how to make decision is important because it will prepare ourselves for a big decision when the times come.

Anonymous said...

to answer the question - because we must know what kind of end results we want. making decision is a process of getting what we want. so start making decision now. ok!