October 29, 2008

I Love My Job!

Some say that a job is what you do keep a roof over your head and bread in the cupboard. To me it’s much more than that because I just love what I do. Don’t shake your head and say, “Of course he loves what he does. He’s the CEO and he gets to literally boss people around all day and there’s no pressure for him to deliver.” FYI, I don’t push people around and being Group CEO to 6 growing companies is pretty challenging now more so than ever.

I love what I do, my job so to speak because it’s a great game. In the years I’ve been an entrepreneur, I’ve discovered the excitement of being able to pinpoint and eliminate the roadblocks, detours and obstacles that had previously prevented me from building any kind of successful momentum.

Through this desire and tenacity I have to succeed I have found ingenious ways to increase my profitability by employing my very own business growth tactics and strategies. My love for the game of winning in business has allowed me to experience a massive increase in my productivity, resulting in a measurable lift in my overall satisfaction with who I am and what I do.

And what I’m all about is that I always play to win.


Anonymous said...

Yea Ernie is very passionate about everything he does and because of that, he makes everyone comfortable working with him :)

bob asri said...

what you love to do are all hard. example, you like to play football. well, you need to train more to be better. you are a music enthusiast. well, get ready to spend your money buying instrument and music lesson. dont forget training. you love your job does not mean its easy. but because you loving it makes it really enjoyable and worth your time

Charm6781_Yatie said...

Not everybody can say that..but i'm proud to say that i love what i do. There's always new things that will challenge me daily basis, if not i will find one...even though it's a small. The best part in my job is learning from the BEST GENIUS

me said...

i love my job because i can learn a lot of areas.

Sleek81 said...

If you constantly take ur job as a duty or task u will not grow in that organization. You gotta love what you do and do it with all ur heart in it.