December 8, 2008

A Dream called outLOUD Academy

It has been three years in the making and at I knew what the outLOUD Academy will come to fruition – and it has been well worth the wait. For the record, this has long been a dream of mine – to create and set up Malaysia’s very first Hollywood style talent discovery and development agency.

I can never say enough about discovering and developing people to meet their best and fullest potential – I am passionate about it. With the outLOUD Academy, I get to take this one step further.

One other push factor that led to the outLOUD Academy is what I’ve witnessed personally with regard to how some Malaysian celebrities are managed so badly. A lot of them are dealt with like they are fresh meat, and those that are not are usually cut a deal far less than what they deserve. They say, if you want to get a job done, them do it yourself. Instead of bitching about it, I decided to set up the outLOUD Academy.

I am confident that with this truly exceptional academy, Malaysian talents will be nurtured, developed and enjoy sustainable careers. We will not just do it but do it exceptionally well with an end to end service provided to them from casting, training and management of their career. Watch us make it happen.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you Ernie! your dream came true.

Ernie said...

Thank you anonymous for your congratulations!

HL said...

Congratulation! I knew with your passion, you definitely can make it.

BQ said...


Congrats EC!!

No Doubt It's a VERY COOL place.

To the public, you should check it out. Come and unleash the talent inside you. I know I did when we were there last Friday.