March 7, 2009

The 1st Must-Do for Entrepreneurial Success

A true entrepreneur is always looking for new opportunities


It's okay to fail



Charm6781_Yatie said...

Great tips in the show. The must do for new Entrepreneur is to stay focus, have the right people with you and someone good at managing cash flow. You will have a strong ship to sail. Looking forward to the next show...

Sya said...

Managing the cash flow effectively will make an entrepreneur differ from others. It's not about the jobs that you've closed or how much assets you have. But, it's about the cash that you have & how you manage the cash in doing the business transactions.

bQ said...

This is great!

Must work hard and push to be excellent and good at what you do.

Persevere and persistence every time all the time.

Never say no to an opportunity. It will only make you better.


when your preparation meets the opportunity, you will be the "LUCKY ONE" to benefit from it.