May 2, 2017


Please take note that our culture is sacred and its something that we have worked very hard to build by design. We are not working to build just another successful company but a legacy to make a difference to make lives better through education. 
  1. Integrity is our value and I EXPECT it day in day out from everyone. Do not cheat. Do not steal. Do not lie. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. 
  2. Do not complain, Do not blame & Do not give excuses. If you start doing either one of the 3, its time for you to leave the organization. 
  3. We do not hire people to be a problem. If there is a problem, fix it. Be solution focused and a solution provider. 
  4. We do not play politics and will NOT allow such nonsense. If you are caught doing so, you will be fired. This is what happened to many previous employees. You can sue me later. I welcome. 
  5. Be cost conscious, deliver high-quality work and be highly efficient in everything that we do. Be honest, work with each other to create and add value to our clients, students, each other and the organization every day.
  6. Never assume anything. Ask if you do not know. Be prepared for meetings with facts and figures or be prepared to be challenged on your knowledge, skills, attitude and habits.
  7. Stay curious and always be learning. Be fast and accurate with your responses and do not hold anyone back for anything. We communicate to express NOT impress. I do not like people that do not respond to communication. 
  8. If you have been chosen to be part of this team, cherish it as we part of something really special. Never take this opportunity for granted as we are not for everyone. And not everyone will have this opportunity. 
  9. We are not here as a business to choose between profits OR to be a meaningful business. We are here to build a business that is BOTH PROFITABLE AND MEANINGFUL. 
  10. Everyone must be aligned themselves with the organization's mission of making a difference to make lives better. Our lives, our client's lives, our student's lives and our families lives.  
  11. We are very clear on where we are going. Our Vision is to be Asia’s No.1 Business School. This is our BIG Hairy Audacious Goal. Does it make us look stupid to others? Yes. Does make people laugh at us? Yes. I don’t care as Jack Ma was also an idiot to the world until he became a billionaire.   
  12. We are results & performance driven.  Hard work is appreciated but the result is what pays the bills. Don’t just talk. Get things done. Deliver results. 
  13. You are either all in and all out with us or you can get out. We will wish you all the best.
  14. We do not apologize for who we are neither do we shy away from controversies for being who we are. 
  15. You will either love it here or hate it here. There will be no middle ground. You will need to decide or we will decide for you.
I used to believe that good enough is good enough as I was just interested in building a big business and dominating the world. NO! good enough is NEVER good enough. We have to be exceptional. We have to be really AWESOME. That means we are ONLY interested in working with awesome people. 

I am no longer interested in wasting time anymore with people that are NOT interested to grow with OUR CULTURE. Please read the above carefully, understand and be clear on my stand.



Nur Shairah Azhar said...

Agreed. These are the values and cultures that we need to live by, not only when at work, but in our personal life as well.

Rosmalia Sabi said...

We learned about honesty and integrity, that the truth matter, the work is going to fill a large part of our life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what we believe is great to work. And the only way to do great work is to love what we do. thank you for the opportunity.

JL Lai said...

Yes boss! I will always bear that in mind!

Aisys Hanafi said...

Thank you so much to Mr Ernie for giving me opportunity.
It is really great to be part of the team which is having a great work culture.
I will give my best to contribute more to the organisation.

MY said...

Agree fully and despite the rocky roads we shall stay true to meeting our objectives and delivering exceptional results.

Rahul Stone said...

The culture and integrity of the college have driven me as a personified person to achieve a greater success and generate the knowledge given in a meaningful manner. Each individual have been given a wonderful platform to showcase their hidden skills and add values for the organization's targeted mission. This summarizes that each individual would undergo a massive difference in life.

Anonymous said...

This is why we are ATCEN Education Group, without those culture we are definitely no ATCEN Education Group.

Ken Lim.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ernie,

Noted on this.

"culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit" - Jawaharial Nehru

Thank you


Richard Tan said...

These are the reason why I stay in this organization. Clear vision, meaningful mission and awesome culture with great values!

luna yap said...

Keep improving to achieve the goal and we need to know what is company culture so that we aligned and achieved it together! AWESOME happen soon.

Peggie Woo said...

Thank you that always share the important life value with us. Is very useful for everyone.
I LOVE the culture. Let's us keep the spirit and growth together. WOOHAA !!!!

Kelvin Thong Jian Hao said...

Yes sir, suitability and capability is very important.

Thanks for sharing this and I LOVE this culture.

Kong said...

I love point number 9, boss. I used to believe that profitable corporations are mostly bloodsucking bastards, but I was wrong. Yes, we don't have to choose between profits and a meaningful business, but it is down to our strategies and hard works to ensure that we are both profitable and meaningful.

Noorfa said...

I will increase my motivation, determination and commitment to be one of the exceptional and AWESOME employee.

Ivy said...

With the right team who align with the culture, big things can happen.

Anonymous said...

Noted with Mr Ernie and thank you for sharing of the culture of company and I always believe that honest relations are just like water.No color, no shape , no space but sill very important for life.

~Siew Fong~

kay wong said...

Understood and noted with your message, I'm glad that i'm part of this culture and continue learning.

arison ho said...

Yes, corporate culture functions like a lubricant in the workplace. Staff engaging in the same corporate culture can ease the operation and communication among colleagues. Thus, the entire group of employees can work and excel together to achieve the common vision. --Arison Ho

Kenny said...

Thanks Mr. Ernie for sharing and reminding us the culture of ATCEN Education Group.

In everything that we do, we must come with INTEGRITY.

Putri Kaseger said...

First of all, I am quite shock at the beginning with the culture that PORTMAN College hold, especially you Mr.Ernie as the owner of this college. It is extremely different with other 4 private colleges that I have been joined since 2009. Usually private college will only focus on money, profit. It means that students are our money machine, yes that is acceptable. Unfortunately, academia were asked to maintain the students in a way that I felt like something is missing there. No matter how "unique" the student is, we still need to sacrifice our pride as the academia. Private college usually will just emphasize on full 3 hours lecture session, bundle of writing report assignment, focus on marking scheme (students will not get mark on their analytical and critical thinking), give more consultation hours to the students. On the other hand, only in PORTMAN College, that emphasizes on ONE thing which is ATTITUDE.
I vividly remember, from the beginning, Mr.Ernie keep mentioning about the THREE RULES (do not cheat, do not lie, do not steal), I am amazed. And when I share some students attitude in the classroom, I have been told that we need to train them to be a better person, especially for those students who already in their halfway to graduates so that their attitude would change towards the positive pathways, and will not affect the juniors. It is so true with what you said, PORTMAN College not only focus on profitable or meaningful only, PORTMAN College focus on BOTH profitable and meaningful. Thank you Mr.Ernie for being a person that always focus on ATTITUDE. Because I believe, Attitude is the essential part of the individual, no matter how rich and intellectual we are, if we do not have a positive attitude, we will failed.
In addition, you also mentioned about the other three rules which is do not complain, do not blame, do not give excuses. I am impressed. One of the three rules above is what my father always told me, DO NOT COMPLAIN. Which as years I'm growing up to now, I will always hold myself to not complain. He told me, do not ever complain or say bad things in the place that you are still get some money for living. And thank you for trusting me to join PORTMAN College even in one year before the program is launched. I hope I could be a better person in this better place now.

Priscillia Ng said...

I agreed with you Mr. Ernie.
If we practice our culture as mentioned everyone will have a secure bright future. Through my experience this never practice in any organisation.

Jassce Wong said...

Everyone has its own principles, Company also has its culture, please respect and abide by your own principles and company's culture.

Anonymous said...

Noted on this . I really hope everyone able to adopt the same culture so we can achieve our goal together as a team . Afisha .

Anonymous said...

OUR CULTURE is AWESOME! Seeing our students getting better from day to day is MORE AWESOME! Thank you Mr. Ernie!

-Louis Mok-

Chan Kah Hoe said...

These values can be applied not only in the workplace, but in our personal life as well.

Anonymous said...

Glad Im in this journey. Will go all in for it. Thanks boss!


Raymond Thong said...

It's all about personal attitude, integrity and performance no matter is in workplace or out of workplace in order to be the best example to everyone and create a better culture around us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Ernie, I will remember this and align myself to follow the culture. AWESOME! - Razif

Sattish Uthaya kumar said...

Noted on this achieve together. Sattish

Michelle Xinyi said...

Thanks for the sharing, will always take note on this!

Have a good culture in an organisation is very important and I feel that I'm so lucky to have this AWESOME culture in this organisation!

Gym Jian Sheng said...

From the moment I join PORTMAN College as a student, I have practice all these Culture until now. This is really an AWESOME Culture that you will never found in other places.

I eat, breath, shit, also PORTMAN College. It is not just a college for me. It is part of my life. This place really transformed me a lot. From the beginning until now, there are a lot of changes, people come and go. A lot of "funny funny" things happened and I see it all with my eyes, these taught me a lot and thanks for all the lessons.

The culture is set by the leader, form by a group of people.
If we do not have the right group of people, we will not have a good culture.
The culture will not fit you, you either fit in or get out. I like this sentence.
Along the way from my college life til now, I have a gang of brothers who are really BRO type. I really wish that we will grow together in this wonderful organization together and become successful together.

However, culture will not fit everyone. Only with the right mindset and focus can fit. My gang become smaller & smaller in this organization, and I foresee it could be smaller soon. People with the right mindset and objective aligned will stay longer with us and achieve together. No such things called BRO for life, they are your BROS in certain time, every single time.

Along the way, people look down on my college, people keep asking why I must study this college, people saying how good they are...After 3 years, I met my old friends and all of them are losing/ quitting jobs, some of them suffering in study. Guest what? They are those who tells me all the negativity stuffs. And now I am enjoying my AWESOME life with the right people! All my friends start to look for me for job opportunities and advice.

I did not see how much I have grown until Facebook reminded me 5 years ago, 3 years ago and my friends & relative start to see me differently. I really appreciate PORTMAN College gave me a wonderful life experience that I could never forget.

I wish all my BROs & Friends all the best in their lives.
Because I will live in an AWESOME life journey and achieve BIG DREAMS and make proud to all of you!

Thinessha Balan said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Mr. Ernie. In my point of view, point number 15 pointed out the overall concept of the working culture. A set of culture in an organisation will determine whether the employees are moving towards success or failure. In that sense, I can say that I am leading my life into shining days by being a PORTMANIAN. Quality of culture is missing in many organisations today but that is not applicable here.I will continue learning and upgrading myself to succeed. Thank you Mr. Ernie.


This is how we have been educated as a PORTMANians and as an employee in ATCEN Education Group!

Always stay align with organization direction, we always Make A Difference by Making Lives Better though our style of education - PORTMAN Style.

We should look for someone who fit in our culture, we do not change for people. You either stay with our culture or you leave.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on this Mr Ernie. I strongly believed that the culture of ATCEN Education group will lead us to a bright future.


Yasota said...

Thanks for the sharing, will always take note on this.
i will always remember this and align myself to follow the culture.

shan selva said...

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Mr.Ernie.Lets achieve our goal together!


Muhiddin kamarudin said...

Thank you very much for reminding us this great culture. I'm always been grateful to be part of the team. Definately to apply on my lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sharing mr.ernie..i will always take note on this -firdaus-

jonathan geok said...

Thank you Mr. Ernie for giving me the opportunity. It is my pleasure and glad to be part of this great team. I will contribute my best to the company.

hajar said...

No 6. - Ask the right source/person.
No 8. - Thank you for make us so special.
Asia's No 1 Business School :)

Jaden Kee said...

Solid and awesome culture that could help me to grow and learn more things. It's like a life lesson too! It's great and my pleasure to know Mr.Ernie and the organisation. Thank you PORTMAN College and everything that has given to me. Let us work hard and success in life!

Andrew Yau said...

Strongly believe in our very different CULTURE!

I never experience this kind of CULTURE before I joined PORTMAN College.

It brings people more closer and work as a family! Many outside there is just a distance between each other and that caused communication problems in an organisation.

AEG's CULTURE is just make people strong in our SPIRIT and stay focus on what we going to do and achieve!



Seng Meng said...

A very wonderful and firm stand. Culture, I do believe it is very important for people to blend in. If any of the individual doesn't, he/she will never stay long because the direction and behavior is different from the rest which would be suffocating if one remains to stay, in a different manner. Culture is what represent an organization, it's like the soul of keeping an organization to function and perform well is it? I sincerely would like to learn more and join into this culture which you and the organization had created.

Ginny Seow said...

Yes, INTEGRITY is No.1!
We must align ourselves with this AWESOME culture in order to make a difference by making lives better.

Let's take action and make this happen!

Choong Zhen Yong said...

The CULTURE is the reason why I LOVE this organisation so much !!

I strongly believe that with the RIGHT People, RIGHT Strategies and align with our CULTURE, we are heading to the way to ACHIEVE our GOALs.

Looking forward for more AWESOMENESS !!🔥


Chloe Ang said...

Thank you for your sharing, Mr.Ernie!
The culture in AEG really different from other colleges and work place also.
It's grateful to learn at here!

Antee Syin Stepheny said...

The only thing that other people cannot copy from a company is the culture. I strongly believe that culture is very important to build a strong organization. I am very proud to study in PORTMAN College. I love the culture here. By the way, thank you for your sharing, Mr.Ernie.

Cheryl lim said...

I am very appreciated I am a part of AEG.
Our PORTMAN culture is really really difference from the others. We learn what is Integrity, do not blame, do not give excuses and do not complain.
Thank you PORTMAN College, Thank you ATCEN Education group for everything.

Gex Lol said...

It's really a very strong and solid culture indoctrination to make sure everyone in this organization has the clear and right mindset, attitude that align with the organization's vision and mission to make a difference in the world by making lifes better. I like this culture very much and I believe that we can achieve the target we have set in the future.

wan cassidy said...

I'm happy to be part of something BIG and AWESOME like this. I really thanks PORTMAN College to give me an opportunity to be part of this.