July 26, 2017


    1. A lot of people want to have a better life but they are not willing to go beyond what is expected of them. 
      2. A lot of people want to have a better life but are not willing to get out of their comfort zone. 
        3. A lot of people want to have more money but are not willing to learn how to make more. 
          4. A lot of people want to have more time but are not willing to say no to things that are times wasters. 
            5. A lot of people want to have more opportunities but are not willing to take massive actions. 
              6. I can teach you but I cannot do it for you. I can help you but not forever. 
                7. Take responsibility if you want to grow and stop telling yourself and me that you want to do better in life if you refuse to learn for a better future.
                  8. Nothing changes until we make that change for ourselves.

                  The ONLY way for you to live a better life is to Raise Your Standards.


                  MY said...

                  A lot of people just like to say that they want to achieve a lot of things in life but not willing to do what it takes. No action all talk only!

                  "Ïf you are born poor, it's not your mistake. But if you die poor, it's your mistake" - Bill Gates

                  Noorfa said...

                  True. I also have the moment when I want to have a better life but do nothing because afraid of the consequences or do not have a strong desire to take action. As you said, we must have Desire, Choice, Believe and Action to have a better life.

                  H@J@R said...

                  I do understand my own S.W.O.T in my work place and in life.
                  However, I still need to measure which level I am at the moment.
                  Are there any suggestions to measure my standard?

                  Rosmalia Sabi said...

                  Thoughtful responses are required if you want to have a positive influence. Change the way we look at any situation, it will help us to change our attitude and learn from them. I appreciated the chance that has given to me to improve myself. Thank you.


                  Putri Kaseger said...

                  Definitely will do. These points open up my eyes. Thank you Mr.Ernie.

                  Richard Tan said...

                  A dream doesn't become reality through magic, it takes sweat, commitment and hard work.
                  We should develop the grit to be great

                  Jassce Wong said...

                  There is no free lunch in the world, there is no trouble, only to pay in order to get the best.

                  Nur Shairah Azhar said...

                  If we want a better life, we must put hard work and determination in it. When you dont give something the proper effort, often the results are not satisfactory.

                  Muhiddin kamarudin said...

                  Totally understood your message. Definitely need to do things that we never done before, to reach the milestone.

                  Michelle Xinyi said...

                  Agreed with Mr Ernie! We must take the first step to raise our standard up!
                  Therefore, we will have a better life!

                  Peggie Woo said...

                  Mr. Ernie always shares us a lot of knowledge and information. It really helps me grow up. Thank you so much.

                  Anonymous said...

                  we dont always get what we wish for, but we always get what we work for. if we want to be better, we work for it.

                  afisha :)

                  Anonymous said...

                  Agreed with you boss! Dreams dont work unless WE DO!


                  Vennux said...

                  Dream never came true unless you take action.

                  Thanks for the sharing!

                  Raymond Thong said...

                  Agree! Things will not come to you easily and automatically, the only way to achieve it is to take massive actions until you achieved. It will need to go through a lot of though time, but TAKE ACTION is definitely much more better than DO NOTHING.

                  Aisys Hanafi said...

                  Agreed with your points Mr. Ernie. I also have a lot of wishes or wants but I have big challenges to overcome, which always holds me until now, i have so much fear in failure and also fear to 'myself'. But just like you said, "nothing changes until we make that change for ourselves". Your words always inspired me. Thank you boss.

                  Cikgu Anand said...

                  Totally agree with the write up Mr Ernie, one needs to raise their standard in order to reach their dreams/goals. I have learned many things from you and the team which is so beneficial and it raised up my standards to chase after my dreams/goals of life. Thank you very much for your advice and guidance Mr, Ernie.

                  Anonymous said...

                  No one can change you unless yourself


                  JL Lai said...

                  Thanks for the sharing. It is very true. People always say they want to become different and very rich but they don't like to take action. With you living in your comfort zone nothing is going to change! Be brave to change be brave to take action.

                  Chan Kah Hoe said...

                  That's a great message to all of us. Stop talking, start doing!

                  Anonymous said...

                  Nothing come easy, we need to put all in and all out effort, time and soul in ours work.
                  Talk is cheap, Action is good, result build trust.

                  Ken Lim

                  Sammi Lai said...

                  It is very important to raise our standard & adding more value to our own.
                  Actions always prove why words mean nothing.
                  Thanks Mr.Ernie for the sharing.

                  Anonymous said...

                  Nothing worth having comes easy. If you want something, do something about it. We need to keep on learning and start executing to have a quality life.

                  -Louis Mok-

                  Rahul Stone said...

                  The enlightening words shall guide me to become a better leader and a responsible individual to take massive action and create a better future for myself. This would raise my standards in every aspects.Thank you so much Mr. Ernie.

                  Thinessha Balan said...

                  I can teach you but I cannot do it for you. I can help you but not forever.

                  I will definitely agree on that statement. The statement may sound selfish but from my experience it is not. I used to spoon-feed people until the day I realised that they actually took me for granted. You can't always be nice to people, that's how people take advantage of you.

                  luna yap said...

                  To have a better life, we must take a step to challenge ourselves to be better and better person. Nothing comes easy as long we are in the right peoples and organization.

                  Thinessha Balan said...

                  I can teach you but I cannot do it for you. I can help you but not forever.

                  I will definitely agree on that statement. The statement may sound selfish but from my experience it is not. I used to spoon-feed people until the day I realised that they actually took me for granted. You can’t always be nice, that’s how people take advantage of you.

                  Ivy said...

                  You always have an option and there is no way to just think what you want to achieve but without taking action. Life is short, so just make it happen once you decide what you want to be and raise your standard.

                  POHYI CHOONG said...

                  It's same as a lot of people want to raise their standard to make their lives better, how many of them really take massive action to show their "hungriness" and achieve what they want?

                  When we are working in this organisation, if we can't even give our soul and heart to serve our organisation above and beyond how can we raise our standard?

                  Talk is cheap, action speaks louder than word.
                  We should not be only standard, but above standard.

                  arison ho said...

                  Yes, success doesn't come overnight. Like what Mr Ernie said:"To succeed in life, you must believe and take massive actions!"

                  - Arison Ho

                  Mohd Razif Mohd Yusof said...

                  Thank you Mr Ernie, I have learned lot of good things from you and i am willing to learn more!

                  mus zambri said...

                  thank you Mr Ernie,i will remember this and improve myself.

                  Anonymous said...

                  Life and time are world's two teachers.
                  Life teaches us to make good use of time, while time teaches us the value of life.
                  Never stop trying ,learning and believing , you will raise your standard.

                  ~Siew Fong~

                  Anonymous said...

                  Whatever you decide to do,make sure it makes a better life and future.


                  Yasota said...

                  Agreed boss. Nothing come easy.
                  Dreams don't work until you do.

                  Anonymous said...

                  AGREED! We must have the GRIT to make changes, to achieve our dream and to raise our standard.


                  Gym Jian Sheng said...

                  Thanks for waking me up!

                  This blog gave me a BIG tight slap and it reminds me that I always want to be this and that.
                  However, I never do things correctly and consistently. End up, I am nothing and I am still there.

                  I totally agreed Mr. Ernie's statements. In fact, I am feeling it is writing about myself.
                  To raise our organization to become a VISIONARY Company is not raising the product & price first. The most important is raising the standard of our people first.

                  Yes. I will continue raising myself consistently and I do not want to left out behind, holding you back & slowing the team down.

                  Thanks for everything.
                  Oh yeah by the way, chapter 3 - completed!

                  Choong Zhen Yong said...

                  A lof of people WANT something but they are not willing to go ALL OUT for it. This is not how we practice.

                  Go ALL OUT with the right PEOPLE and also right GOAL so that we could live a better life. Raise Our Standards ! This is how we do it !

                  Thanks for the sharing Mr. Ernie! 🙏🏻🔥

                  Anonymous said...

                  Life does not get better by chance.Its get better by change.


                  Cheryl said...

                  I definitely agree with the statement. The people around me always say they want to make more money, want to be successful but they just talk and not willing to take action.

                  Talk is cheap, action is good, result build trust!
                  Thank you Mr. Ernie for the sharing.

                  Anonymous said...

                  Agreed with you boss.

                  we must change if we want achieve our dreams and everything what we want.

                  Thank you for the sharing boss.


                  Kenny said...

                  Agreed on this. Changes starting from ourselves!

                  Kelvin Thong Jian Hao said...

                  Life long learning, we must always keep improve ourself.

                  All my secondary school's friends facing the same problem here. They demands for high salary, demands for more opportunities, but they not willing to improve themselves and decide to stay in comfort zone. That's why they feel meaningless and do nothing when go for work every single days.

                  My opinion is, if we really want to build a career in a company, we really need to improve ourself and move forward, because if we stop learning, we will stuck ourself in a certain level, company are growing, we also need to grow. We cannot forever stuck ourself in a level, we need to grow with the company.

                  We must always keep push ourself move forward. Yes, sometimes, is hard to get out from comfort zone, but to raise our standard and survive in the company, we have to DO it!

                  Because everyone is REPLACEABLE.

                  Thanks for the sharing sir.

                  Andrew Yau said...

                  Indeed! Mr.Ernie! 👍

                  Nothing comes so easy unless we put effort to make things come true.

                  Don't just keep staying at comfort zone and start to realize what gotta to be achieve.

                  Raise up our standard and stay around eagles!

                  Make dreams come true!
                  Don't just DREAM!

                  -ANDREW YKL-

                  Ginny Seow said...

                  A lot of people want a lot of things. They will think about it but did not take initiative to achieve what they want. If you really desire, you really want for it, you will set your goal and focus on it. Most of us did not realise the main problem actually is about ourself.

                  The first thing that we need to do is DON'T TALK AND TAKE ACTION NOW !

                  Chloe Ang said...

                  If you really want something, you must take action to achieve what you want in life!

                  Before that, I want something but didn't take action. But now I know that nothing will change if you didn't take action.

                  The first thing we must do is take action but not talk.

                  Thank you for sharing, Mr.Ernie!

                  Antee Syin Stepheny said...

                  Yeah, I certainly agree with what Mr.Ernie said.

                  Having a big dream is good because it gives us a motivation to improve ourselves. However, having a big dream and do nothing about it is a BIG NO NO! We must take massive action in order to accomplish our dream. Plan well, organise well, lead and control ourselves well. Whenever you want to quit, think deeply why did you start at the beginning. Never give up easily, always motivate yourself to achieve your goal.

                  Talk is cheap, action is good, result builds trust. This, I learned from Mr.Ernie and I will keep in mind every single seconds to assure myself keep moving forwards.

                  By the way, thank you Mr.Ernie for the wonderful sharing.