February 5, 2018


1.    OUR INTEGRITY: Our value is to uphold HONESTY with the right MORAL ETHICS. DO NOT CHEAT. DO NOT LIE. DO NOT STEAL. Do the RIGHT thing even when no one is watching.

2.    OUR PRINCIPLES: DO NOT COMPLAIN. DO NOT BLAME. DO NOT GIVE EXCUSES. If you start doing any of the three stated, it’s time for you to leave the PORTMAN Brand.

3.    OUR PURPOSE: We are not here as a business to choose between profits OR to be a meaningful business. We are here to build an education business that is BOTH PROFITABLE AND MEANINGFUL to make lives better.

4.    OUR ATTITUDE: Always be bold in ambitions, assertive in actions and humble in achievements. Never assume anything. Ask if you do not know. Be prepared with facts and figures or be prepared to be challenged on your knowledge, skills, attitude and habits.

5.    OUR OPPORTUNITY: We are part of something extraordinary special and have the opportunity to make our lives extremely AWESOME. We just need to believe, learn & take massive actions to achieve all our dreams.

6.    OUR COMMUNICATION: We communicate to express NOT impress. Stay curious and always be learning. Be fast and accurate with your communication to get things done. Talk is Cheap. Action is Good. Result builds Trust.

7.    OUR FOCUS: We are PROBLEM SOLVERS & RESULTS DRIVEN. If there is a problem, fix it. Be solution focused and a solution provider. If we solve enough problems, we will be very successful in life and in business. If you think you work hard, work harder.

8.    OUR BELIEVE: LOVE PEOPLE. USE THINGS. Never the other way around. We must sincerely care for one another and look out for each other to make sure WE ALL SUCCEED TOGETHER.



Nur Shairah Azhar said...

Awesome PORTMAN Culture! Not only for work, but can be applied to daily life as well. We must be bold enough to design our ambitions and our life.

Ω̴žƔӑΩ'k ♥ said...

In my opinion, if we want to be extraordinary from others we must adhere to the PORTMAN Culture awesome code of honor and keep going forward to be more successful in line with our mission and vision.

We are PORTMAN !

sry haryane said...

All people is born as problem solver. I have kid, 4 month years old. She is really wanted to get the Ice Cream inside the freezer. Because she is short, she can't reach the Freezer. What she do is,she collect the diapers (6 packaging) and stock-up the diapers and open the freezer and eat the ice cream with happy face. So if kids 4 years can solve the problem, SURELY we as adult ABLE to solve the problem.

Noorfa said...

Everything is possible with a good culture.

Fatina said...

Hi Mr Ernie,

We respect the PORTMAN Culture - Awesome Code of Honour.

Anonymous said...

PORTMAN Culture is an inspiration and a perfect role to follow.

Thank you


Kelvin Thong Jian Hao said...

Thanks for giving me the opportunity be a part of this awesome journey.

It’s really happy can work in a company with this culture. Thanks for everything sir.

MY said...

Totally agreed with this. this should be practiced always anywhere anytime.

Anonymous said...

We are not a team because we work together.
We are a team because we respect,trust and care for each other.


Raymond Thong said...

Once a PORTMANian, always a PORTMANian. Thanks for creating this wonderful environment for us Mr.Ernie.

Anonymous said...

Creating a new good culture in one organization can also help to growth an organization.
Besides that the staff also know how to respect people and also friend and family member as well.

Ooi Suat Ching

Thinessha Balan said...

Without developing a vision, mission and values, an organisation will not be able to distinguish and identify its strategic direction or explain itself to the employees.
PORTMAN College is unique in regard of its vision, mission and clear values which define good norm and ethics.
Our "Awesome Code of Honour" lead us to where we are today and made us to stand HIGH in the society.
"Hold the Vision. Trust the Process."
-Thinessha Balan-

Anonymous said...

A positive mind will always results in positive outcomes.


Rahul Stone said...

Our robust focus have served us meaningful business and opportunities for students. We sincerely believe our success is measured through integrity, principle and determined motive. The actions taken are merely not a dream but an assertive exertion to make lives better and to become Asia's No.1 Business Education Specialist.

Anonymous said...

The beautiful "PORTMAN CULTURE - AWESOME CODE OF HONOUR" will be instilled to the young generation/ our students, they will be useful to the society.



Nicoline Natasha said...

“Awesome Code of Honour” implicates a huge exquisite impact on every individual at PORTMAN. The content is superbly written which shows us a clear direction in where are we headed to. I am happy to be a part of this fantabulous transformation from Heritage to Mines 2 Campus. We accomplished this milestone achievement because we abided to our sets of principle. More great things to come!

-Nicoline Natasha-

Peggie said...

Thanks Mr. Ernie always share the valuable code for us to learn and apply. Appreciate.

Anonymous said...

it is a good practice to follow.


Shantini Devi said...

It is understood that a set of principles in the work setting will guide the employees to a right direction. PORTMAN College is the great example for that, vision and mission are set and and it is practised in a right way. I am happy to be a part of this family and I believe that through this wonderful journey, I will be able to improve myself. Thank you.

Michelle Xinyi said...

Really like the PORTMAN Culture here.


Anonymous said...

surrounded with AWESOME people in this organisation and make me feel amazing..


Anonymous said...

"Buah cempedak
di luar pagar,
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan;
Saya budak baru berlajar.
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.

I will try to do my best.

thanks Mr Ernie.

-Mohd Shahmir.

Sammi Lai said...

It is really AWESOME CODE as the people should adapt it by NOW!

Thank you Mr. Ernie for creating more and more AWESOMENESS <3

luna yap said...

Very proud to be part of PORTMAN team and it is a good culture to adapt. Thank you Mr. Ernie for sharing and teach us.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to be part of PORTMAN family and being able to experience the PORTMAN culture. This culture is not only applicable in PORTMAN, but it is also very useful in our daily life. Thank you Mr. Ernie for always reminding us of this awesome code of honour.


Shantini Devi said...

Thank you Mr.Ernie for introducing such values and principles to us in this organisation. I am glad to be a part of PORTMAN family. I am pleased to be able to witness this major transformation from Heritage to Mines 2 campus. Well done PORTMANians!

Rosmalia Sabi said...

The culture is where everything gets started and by utilization of working together, it helps to increase optimal thoughts in the team. The deal thinking engages us to be the best, seek the best conclusions by the best means, and gives us the most obvious opportunity with regards to accomplishing all that we need. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


Anonymous said...

To achieve goal we must work and communicate together as a team.

Jane Chen

Imran Musa said...

Today has been an AMAZING day for all of us. Officially launched the new PORTMAN Campus with filled with AWESOME & BEAUTIFUL culture. Looking forward to the future together with PORTMAN College. Thank you - Imran

Mohd Razif Mohd Yusof said...

I will adapt this culture into my life. Love people, use things. Lets succeed together! #bigday

suhaimi zainal said...

It has been a great opportunity to be with this organization.
Thank you so much Mr Ernie.

caven lim said...

I'm love PORTMAN Culture since day 1 to now. I am proud that PORTMAN College is become bigger and bigger. I am proud to be one of the student and staff here.

Joey Wong said...

I remember on the first day we met in PORTMAN COllege, you told me that education
is not only about grades, but to build a complete person, a person who has knowledge
moral values. I strongly agree what you've mentioned in Integrity and Principles.
We must have these values to become a successful person.

Ivy Loh said...

Always do the best and do it right, because we only live once.

Zainudin Telimik said...

Thanks Mr. Ernie for the words of the mandate, you are Great Leader and a Good problem solver, as long as we are not afraid to lose and dare to try, we will found 1001 way and win the battle


This is what differentiated us with others ~ PORTMAN Culture.

I felt grateful that I was educated by PORTMAN College, we learned good things, integrity and trained to be a solution provider.

H@J@R said...

Business sustainable because of the value of the organization. What you give you get back :p

Anonymous said...

Noted and thanks boss. Will always remember and follow this culture.


Yasota said...

Thank you Boss. i will always remember this. Integrity is Number 1.

JL Lai said...

This is the reason why PORTMAN Education Group can transform so many people life.
We are not just another college but we are PORTMAN!

Mahalingam said...

It is a triumph and a momentous journey for PORTMAN College whereby it establishes significantly from Heritage to Mines 2 campus. It reflects the strong determination of Mr. Ernie whereby nothing is impossible to achieve. Thus, it gives a hope to us to achieve more in life. Personally, it is an honour and a privilege for me to be an educator in this prestigious PORTMAN College whereby I realised that we just need to believe, learn, and take massive actions to achieve all our dreams and the ‘’Awesome Code of Honour" is the righteous guidelines which should be embraced by each of us. Nevertheless, the authenticity of the PORTMAN College whereby it focuses on the clear vision, mission and values definitely will give a prominent impact to the society. Thank you for the opportunity given!
-Mahalingam Mahendra-

Andrew Yau said...

PORTMAN is just so much different that inspired me.

It's all about CULTURE!

Yes, it's the thing that inspired me to join over this college but not others. Keep believe it, keep doing it, AWESOMENESS will happen.

I will spread it out and transform other people life just like what I had. 👍

Ginny Seow said...

This is why PORTMAN is doing much more better compare to others! The UNIQUE and AWESOME PORTMAN culture lead us to a brighter future.

Culture is created, we just need to follow. It will never goes wrong!

Joseph Choong said...

Not just agreed with all of these, I am loving it !!

Believe, Learn & Take Massive Actions results will come !!

I also learn that Do Not Complain, Do Not Blame, Do Not Give Excuses was so important save it and find way to solve the problem !! Ask if you are not clear with something but of course don’t ask stupid questions!!

The huge success of the Official Launch PORTMAN @ Mines 2 is because of everyone. It is now to set a new higher and bigger dream !! 🔥

Gym Jian Sheng said...

A Chinese saying, an important thing need to highlight/ repeat 3 times.
And yes, we have emphasize our culture to everyone around us more than 3 times.
That's means we need to inject our culture into our blood and live with it forever.

The culture of this PORTMAN is not just for business alone.
It is for everyone as a human being. If we apply, we grow as a human and we add more value to the organisation.

I have never experience an organisation where everyone in the organization no matter they are staff, customers or owner, they will always have their cultures in their mouths.
"Integrity is No.1"
"Talk is cheap, action is good, result builds trust"
"Consistent & Continuously"

Anyone in this organization can easily tell our culture.
This is so amazing! Like a cult like culture!

To make sure everyone apply the culture together is almost IMPOSSIBLE.
And you know what, one of our culture is: Everything is POSSIBLE!
Yes, we cannot do all the culture that listed. But we can do step by step.

Start from a small step, just to make sure the small step is the RIGHT STEP.
Then all the awesomeness will come later.

Recently, the progress of organizing the official launch is a very good experience for me to kena tiaw gao gao by the experience ones and after seeing all the success at the end, and the overwhelming positive feedback from all over. It is well worth!

Culture is the origin of the organization.
If we want to go far, we need start right.
Everyday learn to leap a step, not necessary a big step, but a RIGHT STEP.

Thank you for the lesson of the month.
Let's focus the second step! Hoo Haa! WE ARE PORTMAN!

Anonymous said...

Awesome PORTMAN culture that i never seen in other university and working environment ,and i am sure i have make the right choice. Will apply in life whenwhen i go and sprets it to others.
Thank you.


Cheryl said...

PORTMAN is not just a college. It is a place that able to transform people's life with Education.

Chloe Ang said...

Thank you for the sharing, Mr. Ernie.

We have been taught that do everything with integrity even no one watching and the principles since day 1 in PORTMAN. It's really awesome and will keep doing it.

Choy Ling said...

I love PORTMAN culture
1. Do not cheat
2. Do not lie
3. Do not steal

It will be given a lot of helpful for me in the future! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The applied culture is a pure value that should be emulated by every place