April 3, 2018

Leadership with Heart vs Management with Iron Fist

  1. For many years, I have always managed for high productivity, high performance and extremely results driven. I have always achieved my desired results due to my management style. Not my leadership style. However, the people were not sustainable as they will either resigned or get fired. Sometimes my fault. Sometimes their fault. Sometimes its nobody’s fault. It’s just what you want at the time of your life. We all have different needs at different times. So does the organisation.
  2. For many years, I worked hard to figure out and learn from trial error on how to best lead manage my teams for high productivity, high performance to achieve desired results to better provide for my people.
  3. For many years, I have both failed and succeeded and the lessons were truly a blessing for me to grow to be both a better leader and manager to make a difference to make lives better for my people myself.

What I learnt was simple: 
  1. Leadership is NOT for everyone Management is NOT for everyone.
  2. Leadership is only for those with a willing heart to sacrifice. And I really mean sacrifice to really make a difference.
  3. Management is only for those with a result driven focus Heart, Head Hands to get things done.  
The platform is ready. Its up to you to decide on the role that you intend to play to create opportunities for both yourself and the organisation. All the best!


Anonymous said...

we must change if we want achieve our dreams and everything what we want.
it's not easy to be successful but easy to fail.
the important things is dont give up..



Alfiza said...

As an employee myself, what I see is the employee should make sure the company's vision and mission & objectives are being their main mantra while working. Fit in the culture and strive to give the best result. Just be happy.

Thank you!

Fatina said...

Dear Mr. Ernie,

Noted on what is written in the blog. It is not easy being a leader and to manage. We are PORTMAN!

Anonymous said...

I agree where Leadership is NOT for everyone & Management is NOT for everyone. Different people have different background; education, living style, culture, experience. All those things make the leadership and management styles are little bit harder for some of them.

It just the matter of the people are in the same vision and missions or not. If the people clearly understood the V and M, plus the company's culture, the outcomes will be great as what the boss needs.

Lets play the role wisely and smartly where the benefits will return to ourselves and the company.

- Fadhilah (Lola)

Thinessha Balan said...

It is clearly understood that to be a leader, you need to have a clear and right values so that the decision making process will be easier.

The statement that really caught my attention was: - “Leadership is only for those with a willing heart to sacrifice. And I really mean sacrifice to really make a difference.”

Educators are someone that need to be considered as a leader to guide and to point out the truth of each student to find for himself/herself. But what if the educators themselves are complaining so much and giving excuses on the task or job assigned to them? Thus, leadership is not about the title or designation that you are holding, but it’s about the impact created to get better result, influence to spread the passion you have for your work and inspiration to inspire your colleagues or students.

In a nutshell, don’t be a blamer and spread negative energy but be a person to influence your colleagues or students in a POSITIVE way!

-Thinessha Balan-

Liyana said...

Thank you for sharing Mr. Ernie. Both leadership and management are important in an organisation. I have learnt that we should be thankful for those who have sacrificed and worked hard to lead & manage the organisation and we too should play an important role to contribute as well. Thank you.

Azeira Ahmad said...

Leading is not easy but managing is harder. Thanks for sharing your learning experience. Will strive to play the best role to create opportunities for both myself and PORTMAN!


Anonymous said...

After graduating from university, I been started my own business, it was not easy to became a good leadership and boss. As I always mention not one is prefect, but we need to grow, the world are not waiting for us to stop growing.

Ms Ooi

Umi Nazira Rafie said...

True indeed Mr.Ernie.

Leadership goes beyond managing people and project. It's about how they are willing to make a significant impact to the lives of other. What i mean is that they are able to motivate and inspire their team not only to achieve the direction of the company yet to recognize the employee's individual potential.

Employees with high competent are the great asset of the organization.Highly competent employees are important for the sustainability of the organization. It's not easy to bring out what's the best in individual and managing the organization at the same time.

Thank you.

-Umi Nazira-

Nur Shairah Azhar said...

Looking forward to grow with the organisation and learn more from you!

MY said...

This most probably will be my 2nd last or last blog comment here as I will be leaving the ATCEN Education Group after a 10 years journey. Indeed, it was a tough decision to make but it’s time for me to explore other areas in my career phase. I just want to say this from the bottom of my heart, I may not have been a good leader nor manager to the team but believe me I tried my level best to be one. Or at least I think I did, some may have different opinions about this. I would like to thank the Directors for giving me the opportunity to try out this role and also to the ATCEN Team, I hope I was at least a good colleague to you guys. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Ernie,

I agreed that it was not easy to success, in order to succeed, we should have a good integrity that can include leadership and management. If we can manage our task well, we can succeed.


faisal asyraf abdul rahim said...
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Raymond Thong said...

Different people will have different objective to stay and grow with an organization, and for those who're still with the organization will get what they want if they deliver high productivity, high performance and extremely results driven for the organization. Either you're fit, or you're not.

I'm glad to have right leaders who have been leading and managing me along my career in PORTMAN. Thank you for building this awesome platform for us and I'm looking forward to see PORTMAN Education Group's success!

H@J@R said...

Keep doing good things with integrity.

Rahul Stone said...

The aspiration to become a good leader is a small sacrifice to grow and obtain a desired result. I strongly believe if our action ignites us to dream more, do more and become more we are naturally embodied with high distinctive attributes as a competent leader.

Michelle Xinyi said...

Agreed with Mr. Ernie.

The platform is ready, we need to grab the opportunity and create value to ourselves in order to grow together with the organization by making a difference.

Nicoline Natasha said...

The prompted statement is agreeable about having leadership qualities and responsibilities. Mr. Ernie once mentioned, people underestimate the saying “I have passion for teaching and educating people” but that perception and heart comes along with greater tasks and behind the scenes in setting up that enthusiasm. People often change their perception when they are faced with challenge. In everything always see the positive side. An individual must have the willingness to take situations as a challenge, to see how much you can learn from it and add value to your personal growth.

Rosmalia Sabi said...

Good management is about finding a constructive solution when problems arise. This would be an opportunity where our leadership skills are executed well to manage a dynamic team. I really appreciate everything you have taught me and thank you for guiding me professionally.


Anonymous said...

Leadership is not a position or a title,
It is action and example

- shanthini selva -

Zainudin Telimik said...

Advanced leaders are leaders who lead value-based organizations. It works with a set of values that govern it. He strives to move the company to a higher level and provide consumers with high rewards.
The supreme leader is a leader like water, his diffusion in the mind of every leader. He realized he was in this world to serve this life and to drive troops to the highest rank. He is compatible with nature, that is, he will not create rules and approaches that damage the environment. As the air creates freshness everywhere, it also creates the spirit of the worker to serve. When he works, he always thinks how to achieve his goals in the most effective way. But the most important is (A.B.C) Awareness before Change
-Fight till the End-
Gladiator- ZT

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing boss. Good to have you back


Anonymous said...

I clearly understood what is a leader and what is management. To make an organization grow either leader and management should not have heart feeling or doubt toward the team. To be either a great leader or management we must have a great support team who should not be calculative and demand e.g some team member does not want to have an extra task that beyond their job scope or unseen, this will affect the growth of the organization.


Anonymous said...

It's not easy to manage things and to be a leader especially in an organization. But from your story, it can be a good motivation for us.

Thank you, Boss.


Mohd Razif Mohd Yusof said...

Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall. Lets put our heart, head and hands and get things done!


Mohd Razif Mohd Yusof said...

Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall. Lets put our heart, head and hands and get things done!


WanyAziz said...

Good sharing Mr. Ernie.. keep it up!


Anonymous said...

I must say that I have this very strong feeling that being part of this amazing organization is going to do me a lot of good, in terms of career development, Mr. Ernie. Especially having you to lead and guide us. Your three key points does seem to make a lot of sense. I believe all of us must not only understand but also take these points into account when going about on our daily routines. With that said, I will put my best foot forward in contributing only my best towards the betterment of PORTMAN!

- Malathy Muniandy -


I decided to fit myself into the organisation culture, follow the right leader, and do the right things to make a difference by making lives better.

Working under a right leadership, it gives me a purpose and motivation to keep on doing what I am doing. I can see what we will become in the future and why we do what we do. It gives me a reason to stay with the organisation and grow with the organisation.

I willing to do what I am doing now;
I enjoy to do what I am doing now;
I LOVE what I am doing now.

Nurul Syafiqah said...

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality & success in management requires learning as fast ad the world is changing.
I will grab to opportunity that you give.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Others think leadership can be learned and they train their employees through various courses on this topic. The main aspect to observe here is that the majority of employers do not train or want their employees to become “distinct” leaders and follow their path in the world. They want and train them to stay in their company and successfully deliver more to the company. Of course, the rule is validated by exceptions, so there are companies that give birth, from their environment and trainings, to great and very influential leaders.

Thank you Mr. Ernie for teaching us
and how to strive for future security.



sry haryane said...

Management :
Is doing Things rights

Is doing the right things

Noorfa said...

A leader play a big roles in an organisation. The good management will lead a success or failure of the organisation. I will say that I am proud to be under a good leader and management which lead me to who I am today.

A good leaders want their entire company to succeed, including everyone involved.

Kelvin Thong Jian Hao said...

Thanks for everything sir.

People come and go so fast, I experienced it for 2 years. The organisation only for those who suits the organisation culture. Its pain when seeing your colleagues leave, but we still got a big game to run, why not we focus and do what we have to do now.

Everyone is REPLACEABLE.

Sammi Lai said...

I am ready too!

Appreciate for having a great leader, management & culture to make a difference by making others life better. Feel so good to surrounds with positive people around us supporting us.

Thank you Mr. Ernie for everyday motivation!

Ivy said...

Always do things with heart, see things with heart, make the decision with brain.
The Leader of this organization is the reason why I'm doing what I'm doing today and want to work harder to build my career at here everyday.
Thank you for the opportunity that given to me.

Anonymous said...

The measure of success is happiness and peace of mind.

Jane Chen

Imran Musa said...

leaders must be able to inspire others and engage with the vision. Rather than having employees who show up just to get the job done. Leaders motivate their teams to excel and thrive in achieving the desired result. DYNAMIC characteristic is one of the greatest leaders traits.

Thank you- Imran

Peggie said...

Agreed to Mr. Ernie.
Always do things with heart and integrity.
Always willing to do more and learn more.

After 2 year experience, I have learned willingly to do more and don't think about what is the benefit. Is about the value of the task that I have learned and apply to me. It's helped me growth for my future.

Anonymous said...

It is not easy to become a good leader. I still need to experience more, learn more to achieve what I want to be.

Thank you for giving me the opportunities to learn a lot of things here. Im learning to be more patient.


Aziean Baharom said...

~Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others~

I'm really proud of the leaders like you and are ready to learn anything to advance.

Welcome back Boss!
Thank you for your sharing!

Anonymous said...

Success is based on Leadership


JL Lai said...

I had once thought everyone can be developed to be a good leader. But after something seeing people trying hard to be a good leader but never succeed and I learned.
Not everyone meant to be a leader but it does not mean they are not competent, it is because they are not good at leading only. Everyone has their own strength, we just need to find out what we actually good at to be successful in different area or field.

Yasota said...

Leader is the one knows the way,goes the way and shows the way. Thank you for always motivated us and show us the way to succeed.

caven lim said...

People come and people go. We need to focus on ourself in order to achieve what we want.

Cheryl said...

Agreed with Mr.Ernie.

"Leadership is only for those with a willing heart to sacrifice. And I really mean sacrifice to really make a difference."

A lot of people want to be a leader just because the tittle and the position.
Good leader with a willing heart to sacrifice is very not easy to become.
I have learned we must always tell people honest feedback on their mistakes, it is the things that help each others to grow and make a difference by making lives better.

luna yap said...

Thank you to Mr. Ernie always give us the motivation for us to get better.

I really have great people surround me with a positive heart. In ATCEN Education Group journey, I have learned a lot of things with different peoples and culture. This makes me more confident with myself and does things with sincerity and willingness towards everything to make different to myself and others. With sincerity and willingness, you will be happy in everything you do.

Andrew Yau said...

Manage a team is not just easy as taking meal.

To keep good people in a working environment, it take sacrifices and efforts and a long period of time as well.

How well is the team doing is how a leader bring them together and achieve goals.

Lead with heart as always! ❤

Anonymous said...

'To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing and be nothing' - Aristotle.
What is more when people are committing mistakes. The key is, take responsibility for your own actions. Take initiatives for improvement.

Fatin Yahya

Anonymous said...

Yes, leader is a not an easy role. "A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit" - John C. Maxwell.

All the best. Thank you.


Mahalingam said...

Thank you for the opportunity given. All the best:)

Anonymous said...

'To avoid criticism, be nothing, say nothing and do nothing.' - Aristotle
To err is human, thus be courage to take responsibility for our actions and initiatives for improvement.

All the best in future undertakings and thank you.

Fatin Yahya

Mahalingam said...

Thank you for the opportunity given. All the best:)

Chloe Ang said...

Follow the right boss is very important for the first job.
I am glad for the given opportunities for me to grow as well as the organisation.

Thanks you for sharing, Mr.Ernie!

Joseph Choong said...

Is hard to become a leader, but it is even harder to find a leader who is love people use things and willing to sacrifice time and effort to let the team become better and better.

A leader also a human can't be everything to everyone either you aligned yourself with the organisation or you leave the organisation, can't be said who's fault it just what you want to become and want to achieve in your life.

I am glad that I could have a leader who is with a willing heart to sacrifice to make a difference by making lives better. Also, I am glad that could on board on this ship which with a great leader with a clear direction, vision and mission. With this I believe things go to move even faster.

Let's continue to make a difference by making other lives and our lives better !!

Thank you Mr. Ernie for the lesson.

Vivian Foong said...

Agreed to Mr. Ernie.

As a leader, we must know what we want to do and why we want to do this. A lot of people didn't know the real objective and direction to lead a team. Some of the people are not willing use their heart to teach each other. If the leader is not willing to use their heart to lead a team, the team will not achieve anything. I have learned we must use our heart to teach them and tell them what the mistakes they made. This will help us grow faster and achieve what we want!

faisal asyraf abdul rahim said...

Dear Mr Ernie,
I agreed that it was not easy to success, in order to succeed, we should have a good integrity that can include leadership and good management. If we can manage our task well, we can succeed.

faisal asyraf abdul rahim said...

Dear Mr Ernie,
I agreed that it was not easy to success, in order to succeed, we should have a good integrity that can include leadership and good management. If we can manage our task well, we can succeed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Ernie,

A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Leadership begins with Dynamic Thinkers like you.

Thank you Mr.Ernie for the opportunity given.


Gym Jian Sheng said...

Long time a ago, I think I am so clever and I have a thought of wanting to change the world.
Now, I am wise. I decided to change myself to be better and suit into a right culture.

I decided to stay with this organization after my Diploma course, and a lot of "professional" aunties & uncles asked me to go learn and explore from the other field, the other leaders, or big organizations...

I smiled at them and continue with my decision. To fit into the organization or culture is not easy when you do not like what you are doing there. I am very appreciate and happy with what I am doing in this organization. And I always wanted to show how good I am doing in this organization on my Facebook to tell the world that I am happily growing in this organization while all of them are making complaints & blaming to the world.

I learned a very big lesson here.
No matter how GOOD your management or leadership skills you have.
When the people want to leave you, they will leave you.

People always change what they want in their lives and they will make tough decision.
Leaders are just too focus on what they want and willing to sacrifice their choices and stick with the vision. They do not simply change their mind because they know the people are following them, need to take care of everyone, cannot simply make emotion decision.

Yet, people will still choose to leave even the leader has sacrifices so many for the team.
Sometimes the leader fault. Sometimes their fault. Sometimes its nobody’s fault.

I am glad that I have a great leader with a clear direction that really sacrifice a lot to us and the organization.
And now, I am also one of the leader & management in the organization. I need to make sure myself learn faster and start helping up more to reduce my leader's burden, so he can do bigger and grow us bigger!

Let's work together and make a difference by influencing others doing good!
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Ernie,

I agreed to "Leadership is only for those with a willing heart to sacrifice. " Is not easy to be a leader, it needs to be sacrifice a lot of energy, time or even money. Before lead others, learn how to lead ourselves first, which is learn how to "sacrifice".

Thank you for the sharing.