January 31, 2019


I am a proud salesman and I am always selling. I sell ideas. I sell dreams and most importantly I sell the belief that anything is possible if we work extremely hard and smart.

SALES is not the job for ONLY the sales team, marketing team or the business development team. Sales is the JOB of everyone in the organisation. If we want to grow, WE MUST ALL BE SELLING TOGETHER. Selling our ideas for the organisation to do better. Selling solutions to help our customers to do better. Selling the confidence that our students need from us to succeed.

Always remember that there is NO SHAME in selling if what you sell is of so much value to the people you touch.

Have an awesome Happy CNY Break and get ready to come back and be the fire crackers and fire works to make things happen for an awesome 2019.


Chloe Ang said...

Sell the right things and bring value to other that can making their life better.
I am proud that I am part of the PORTMAN College that make my life different.
Advance Happy Chinese New Year and ready to kick start 2019!

Wizz said...

Doing sales is not easy, but if we believe that the products/services that we are selling bringing good value to our clients, we can sell anything to anyone. Happy CNY and have a good selling year!

Joseph said...

Thank you for the sharing Mr. Ernie.

I used to be shy and shame in selling but it is because I am not understand what I am doing. After the transformation in PORTMAN and now I am fully agreed with what Mr. Ernie have shared. We are doing the good and the right things that could able to influence, transform someone's live and making someone's live become better.
I am proud on what I am doing right now and for sure with the belief that anything is possible if we work extremely hard and smart we will have an awesome 2019!

Happy Chinese New Year to AEG, PEG and everyone!!

Ginny said...

I really enjoy selling! The moment when we sell our ideas and solutions, not only the person can solve their problem at the same time we are making a difference in their life.

We must enjoy what we are doing in order to do very well and very successful. Let's sell more, pitch more, share more and close more!

Wish everyone have an AWESOME CNY Break!

Andrew Yau said...

By knowing our own organisation, we can spread tons of positivity and values to the people around and people we work with.

So, never shame and afraid to share our values to others, we have a lot to share, the more we share, the greater we are.

ATCEN & PORTMAN are making a HUGE difference to the market.

We Love, We Share, Awesomeness Happen. Have a great CNY ahead!

Cheryl said...

Thank you Mr. Ernie for the sharing!

Selling is definitely not a shameful thing, we are doing selling everyday. Selling ourselves, selling our ideas, selling our values and more.

Wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and achieve our target together!

Unknown said...

Yes, agreed with Mr. Ernie.

We should sell together and work extraordinary to achieve our target. Add value in the organisation, students, and myself.

Wishing everyone have an awesome Happy Chinese New Year!

Kelvin Thong said...

5 years ago, I afraid and offense when doing sales.

But once you believe what you are selling, trust the product.
Focus on creating values to customers. You will start to see the results and LOVE to what you are doing.

Yes sir, I am proud to be a salesman too.
Thank for everything sir.

Wayne Chong said...

Noted Mr. Ernie,

Will do my best to hit my sales KPI!

Vicky Yew said...

Dear Mr. Ernie,
Thank you for the sharing.

From the beginning, I am scared of selling because I was no experience and confidence in the product. But after I experienced and I see the way how PORTMAN educate the students, I believed this is the right education. I AM NO SHAME in selling if what I sell is having so much value to the people I touch!

_Vicky Yew_

Peggie Woo said...

Thank you, Mr Ernie.
You are the one who so passion to educate us to become who am I today.

Agreed to Mr Ernie that sales not only for frontline or sales department. SALES is an action or performance for everyone to contribute to the organisation. We must always learn to create and contribute value to others and the organisation.


Unknown said...

Previously, I thought sales is a stressful occupation. But apparently I was wrong.But I've realized, the real stress in being a sales professional is comes from lack of leads. Even I personally liked the way my colleagues doing their part during marketing. In fact, I love it.

"dont deliver product, deliver your an experience".

Selling is about having conversation with people by helping improve their life or in business.


Sammi said...

I am agreed with Mr. Ernie,

There's no shame of sharing things that can helps and making a difference,
and everyone in this organisation are starting to be together, the environment is really important to us and make us what/how we become.

Thank you Mr. Ernie for building the AWESOME CULTURE.
Happy Chinese New Year <3

- Sammi

Unknown said...

I’m started my career with PORTMAN as the marketing team, I did sell hope to students at that time but the results were not turned out to be What I want it to be. I then get a chance to transfer to what I’m really suitable on and continue selling idea, creativity, and dream with the youngest team that believe in me to create value to the organization, the team and myself to get better.

I’m so grateful that I met PORTMAN and decided to be with PORTMAN at my age of 18. And not to forget my sifu and noble adis Mr. Ernie to enlighten my potential by giving his time, effort and passion to me. Thank you very very much and this year must be a very very good year for us!

2019 go extraordinarily!


Clement Choo said...

I remember you said "In life is all about selling." I did not get the message at first, as the time past I realized what is the message that you are trying to bring across. You want everyone of us to learn how to sell is because you want us to know how to sell and carry ourselves to others in order to build the confidence in us. Thank you Mr. Ernie for sharing.

Edwin Yau said...

Thanks for giving me the opportunity be a part of this awesome journey.

It’s really happy can join a company with this culture.

Wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year~

Luna Yap said...

Selling is not my strength but when we doing sales and the moment we achieve it, the hard work worth it because we just not achieve our target but make a difference to that person.

JL Lai said...

Part of the reasons why many people failed in their careers or businesses is because they refuse to sell. In most people's mind, SALES is a dirty job.

In my opinion, that is because they are not doing the right thing or they don't know what they are doing.

If you know what you are selling and you are selling it right, there is no shame in doing SALES. We don't just sell products/ services. We sell it with values. We sell what helps people in whatever they do. We sell to make them look good. We sell to make a difference in many people's lives to be better.

Mr. Ernie, Thank you for your sharing.

- JL Lai

Pohyi said...

Things will only work when everyone comes together and wanting to acheive the set target!
That was the most exciting, enjoyable and unforgettable moment when the whole ATCEN team worked together to bring in sales that committed by the team by 31 Jan 2019.

We have knowledge, skill, vehicle, environment and luck to acheive what we want! We cross marketing our AEG & PEG platform to our partners and sponsors to add value for them, to ensure both parties do better.

Everyone remember to come back on 8 Feb 2019 to roll mandarin orange, start off our AWESOME year!

Thinessha Balan said...

Thank you for the wonderful sharing, Mr. Ernie!

Like what you have said, do not feel shame in selling our ideas or solutions if we wanted the organization to do better. I think many people are far behind as they are afraid to share or do certain things. Their concern will be mainly on what people will be thinking about and therefore it leads to a safe game play.

If you are good enough to share on positive elements to build an organization, you must be the similar to share on negative elements in order to prevent unwanted dramas or issues. Do not feel shame to voice out your thoughts or opinion.

Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai Everyone!

-Thinessha Balan-

fadelah said...

Mr. Ernie, thank you for your sharing.

Previously, "selling" was not my knowledge. After you've always explained "selling", now with "selling", I'm more confident to approach people and share our education.

Thank you

Shera said...

We should be proud and believe on what we are selling so that we can sell it with passion.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Priyadarshini said...

Positivity, confidence, and persistence are key in life, so never give up on yourself.
Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm,

“Most people think ‘selling’ is the same as ‘talking’. But the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job.”

Thank You Mr. Ernie for sharing.

Wish you wealth and prosperity in life, May good luck follow you in every step and your house be filled with happiness.


rosmalia said...

I am so proud of being a part of this team and because of how much I learned and I continue to invest in myself to make things happen in the future.

Wishing you good fortune on the Chinese New Year. Hope the days ahead are filled with immense joy and prosperity. Happy Chinese New Year.

Thank you.

-Ms. Rosmalia

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your sharing Mr.Ernie. It is so valuables!
- Fadillah Muhamad -

Kevin Jaffery said...

There is no such shame in selling ideas, dreams and ambitions towards others if its a good thing for them. In this organisation we shared one similar dream, TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY MAKING LIVES BETTER.


Hidayah Padil said...

Thanks for the sharing Mr. Ernie,

I started my career as a salesman,
the best part is when I was able to share how confident I am with the product that I am selling. Feeling proud when someone else could gain benefit from it and see them smiling as we are making their life easier.

Have a wonderful Chinese New Year everyone!

Unknown said...

Never be afraid to sell what adds value to the people.

Happy Chinese New Year Boss.

Anonymous said...

Sale is all about helping our clients to do better. ABC = Always Be Closing!


platinumfreeriding_associate said...

Believe in what you sell and Create Value to the client.

Priya Tarishini said...

Thank you for the wonderful sharing, Mr. Ernie!

Like you have said, selling is not a sprint but a marathon. We should keep ourselves positive, cheerful, and goal-oriented as selling success is 80% attitude and 20% aptitude.

Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Aizatjohan said...

I will do my best for 2019 and Happy Chinese New Year Mr Ernie Chen.

Unknown said...

Yes agreed! Everyone can sell. How you sell is important. What your process is important. And the most important is how your customers feel when they engage with you!

~ Thank you Boss for sharing and Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! ~


Rangjini said...

Being a salesperson is not an easy task as many think. As for me it needs a lot of patience,courage and confident to be a good salesman.

Never give-up, failing is a part of the learning process. If everything can be driven correctly, I belive anyone can be a successful salesperson.

May almighty give you health, wealth, peace and Happiness. Wishing you and family a very Happy Chinese New Year. May you have new aspirations and hopes for the coming Year . Have a happy New Year of Pig

Nivashini said...

Thank you for the sharing, Mr. Ernie.

There is no lotion or potion that will make selling faster and easier - unless our potion is hardwork. So believe in yourself and make a difference.

Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Norhafizah binti Mohd Rupi said...

I have learned a lot of things at PORTMAN College and these are the three principles that we have to know, remember and apply if we want to make sure we are a great salesman.

1) Create Value: Increase Revenue, Reduce Cost, Eliminate Wastage
2) Do not Complain, Do not Blame, Do not give excuses
3) Do not Cheat, Do not Lie, Do not Steal

Happy Chinese New Year.

Thank you.

Noorfa said...

Thank you Boss. Now I know SELLING has various aspect that we can look through. We will help selling our ideas for the organisation to do better and selling the confidence that our students need from us to succeed.

Happy Chinese New Year. I wish 2019 will bring for Happiness, Prosperity and Longevity to Everyone.

Anonymous said...

We don't have a good day,

We make a good day.


- Hakim Shakir

Anonymous said...

Semoga tahun baru ini rezeki dan tuah sentiasa bersama kita


- Roslee


I have read an article, and 1 of the point that I most Like :

Selling solves problems and fulfills needs.

What you’re selling will either relieve pain or provide pleasure. Depending on what you sell, customers will be better able to solve problems, make more money, serve other betters, enhance their self-esteem, improve their knowledge, or fulfill a heart’s desire. When you do your job, you help people get what they want out of life.
Which is align with PORTMAN, make a differences by making lives better.

Sources :

Mcdonald,B.(2017).11 Advantages of a Selling Career. Retrieved from https://www.sandler.com/blog/advantages-selling-career

Sry Haryane

kirimora said...

AlrightI. Alrig do my part. Happy CNY everyone. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Selling to a first time buyer is hard. Selling to someone who already bought once is harder. One way or another selling requires mental strength and a strong determination to be able to achieve the desired objectives. Agree with you Mr. Ernie. "Selling" in an organization is and should always be a joined initiative.

With that said, wishing everyone a beautiful and productive Chinese New Year ahead.

-Malathy Muniandy-

Anne Peter said...

First of all, thank you for the sharing Mr Ernie. Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year.

I couldn't agree more with your perspective because the greatest salespeople, thinkers, and leaders like you, have also dealt with rejection, fear and hard times. But, you managed to step out of the comfort zones and took a chance, succeeding in the face of failure. Well done, Boss!

MawardiAbdHai said...

Thanks for the sharing.
The fundamental of 'selling thing' is how well we use ethos,logos, and pathos while we convince our audiences. Not to forget the homiletics and hermeneutics roles.

Good year ahead.

Gym Chan said...

I started off my part-time, job, and career in selling.
I sell phones, I sell products, I sell plan, I sell cards, I sell Education, and now I am selling something Beyond Education.

In the past, I like to sell because of the money, the return is fast. I tend to give up my study because of selling.
After I met PORTMAN, and I started to buy PORTMAN "as an idea". Started to tune down and listen & learn. It gave me a very different way of seeing what is Selling. Even when you introducing yourself is selling yourself as well.

And now, I am proud to say that I am still doing sales and selling now. But the objective no longer because of the money, I am selling a dream, a solution that can Make A Difference in people lives. Do not see your job as selling, see it as you have the ability to help others to solve their difficulties.
Then you will love to do more and getting excited to do it everysingle day!

Have an AWESOME 2019 & Happy Chinese New Year!

The Salty Rat with Yang Metal spirit!