September 3, 2019

Life is About Making Choices & Priorities!

You see in life, its all about becoming a better version of yourself and live the life that we deserve for ourselves. As you grow older, you want to live a healthier & happier life with no drama and the feeling of being chained down. Spend time with yourself, be with people that make you feel needed and loved the way you want to. You appreciate your days more and you want to focus on taking care of yourself more. Its important as life is meant to be enjoyed your way as we do only live once every single day. Live a fulfilled, meaningful and purposeful life. My AWESOME journey continues! 

1. Don’t judge and be too hard on yourself & others. 
2. Set higher standards for your life & live the life that is for you. Not others. 
3. Live & let live. Life is too short to feel sorry for yourself. 
4. At the end of the day, regret is a real bitch! 


Khairul said...

Yes Mr Ernie, I agreed your words and statement.

To become a good person, We have to stay healthy and happier.

Stay cool with family and friends.

"Go For Goal"


We shouldn't LIVE the LIFE we deserve.
We should LIVE the LIFE we THINK we deserve.

We are deserve to be happy.
We deserve to live a life that we are excited about.

We should brave to find the life that we want.
We should have courageous to chase it.

credit to : Jacob Grass

fadelah said...

Thank you Boss, for the sharing.

"Spend time with yourself, be with people that make you feel needed and loved the way you want to". Good things will come if we with the right people.

Randy said...

Dear Mr. Ernie,

Thank you for your sharing. I will go all out to achieve the target and make no regret.

- Randy -

FaFa EhA said...

Totally Agreed.
In life, we dont need to regret on whatever had happened.
life must go on, live happily as much as we can.

i love this quotes : “you might want to decide fast. We live in a dangerous world. If you see a chance to be happy, you have to fight for it, so later you have no regrets.”
― Ilona Andrews, Magic Bleeds

no worries, no matter what happen, Sun will rise again tomorrow.
chill and be good to anyone :)

Noorfa said...

I believe everyone who wants the best for themselves is putting high standard within themselves either for their life or their career but if we think back what has been done or happened previously, it is hard not to judge ourself with what had happened especially if it is bad things which cause regret to ourself. We ask ourself

Why we do what we are doing?

What will happen if we do another way around?

What will happen if we listen?

Those with a positive mindset, will go through the situation and convince themselves that they have done the best with their capabilities and effort and brave enough to move forward.

Those who are not will forever be stuck with their regret at the same place as they are afraid to do the same mistake again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Ernie,

Indeed and definitely true on what you have said. Life is actually too short to be wasted. Life condition will depend on what we do but somehow, sometimes luck always interfere.

Said by,
Richard Rut

Khairul Iduan said...

Indeed Mr Ernie, I really agree with the statement " life is about making choice" because recently I advised one of my close friends to make a right decision for his future since his future is about his life journey.So, I hope he will make a right decision.

Sammi said...

Yes Mr. Ernie, we should live with no regret on deciding what we want and not following other's people opinion.

Unknown said...

Don’t judge and be too hard on yourself & others.
Sometimes, I felt people judged me without knowing the story behind it. And that's what reminded me not to judge someone by the opinions of others.

Set higher standards for your life & live the life that is for you. Not others.
I understand that only I can change my life and no one can do it for me. I am free to do whatever I want, but always be reminded to take the responsibility of the consequences too.

Live & let live. Life is too short to feel sorry for yourself.
I am not afraid of death, and the purpose of my life is to taste experience to the utmost.

At the end of the day, regret is a real bitch!
I will not regret when I failed, but the feeling will be there when I didn't grab any golden opportunities.

"Break the Rules, Find Your Freedom & Live Your Life!

-Thinessha Balan-

rosleeolie said...

Setuju....keluarga tetap didahulukan

Kevin Jaffery said...

Thank you for the sharing.

I totally agree on this, life is too short to be surrounded by those who have no vision!
Judging others is actually reflecting ourselves in the mirror. Be kind to one another but never let anyone to take advantages out of you.

Sangkari Dinesh said...

I will agreed with the statement.Everyday we’re confronted with a barrage of choices. We make choices about the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the appointments we schedule, the people we meet, the time we turn up to work, which bus we catch, where we sit on the bus, what we do after work, and so on. Living a rich and satisfying life means making good choices on an ongoing basis.

Choice making is an integral part of our daily lives. Ordinarily we’re very good at making choices and we do so efficiently and seamlessly. Now and then, however, we come up against a decision that gives us a moment to pause. When that occurs, look for the merits in both options and notice the higher-valued goals that appear as you’re considering the choice you’re pondering. Once the important goal is in view your decision will be clear and you’ll know that the path you’re about to take is consistent and congruent with all that it means to be you.

Thank you.
-Sangkari Dinesh-

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr. Ernie for the warm words. We might love the decision that we are about to take, but it can be bad for us. Whereas we might hate the decision that we might to choose, but it can be the best for us. So make your decision wisely, do not be biased in making a decision simply because you like one option too much.


Andrew Yau said...

So true, Mr. Ernie. Whatever we choose to be, it's our responsibility for it. No two ways about it. We are used to living by other people lives, but forgot ourselves most of the time.

Thank you for your inspiration, it always woke us up, every and every single thing you went through.

Treat yourself better, do the way you want, live a fulfilled life. 'Fakeness' doesn't benefit us much, wake up and live a sustainable and fulfilled life.

Get a good start and step on it!

- Andrew YKL -

Peggie Woo said...

I am NO REGRET what am I doing right now.
My journey also AWESOME when hanging out with DAMN AWESOME People 😎 Follow the Right person and Do the things that you Love. Good things will come along.
Thanks for everything that you have shared. ❤

Mandy Siow said...

Mr. Ernie, thank you for your sharing and I am agreed that you said.

We always have to love ourselves first before we love others. Step out from the comfort zone, we will find out more than we expected.

Carmen Lee said...

Thank you for sharing Mr Ernie,

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Always believe in yourself and work with the team to achieve the goals together.


Tan SK said...

There is a book that took me a few years to read, appealing characters, captivating storyline. Now that I’m flipping through the last few pages, ready to close the chapters and soon start another new weighty tome.

Life, is always beautiful when you see it that way.


rosmalia said...

We need to stay positive and happy to be able to work hard and achieve the goal. Even its take a long journey don't give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people. Thank you for sharing the positive vibe.


Afiqah Ayub said...

It is often said that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. It all depends on how one defines the word "strong" It can have different meanings to different people. As for me, "stronger" means looking back at the person you were and comparing it to the person you have become today. It also means looking deep into your soul and realizing that the person you are today couldn't exist if it weren't for the things that have happened in the past or for the people that you have met. Everything that happens in our life happens for a reason and sometimes that means we must face heartaches in order to experience joy.

-Afiqah Ayub-

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the sharing.

I always remember this sentence that you told me "Happiness is self decided and created"
We decide how we want to live our life , always focus on building ourselves first before others.

MawardiAbdHai said...

Well said Mr Ernie. Be adaptive and versatile in everything.
Hermeneutics loop is really fundamental.

Required lot of courage and effort in creating a fulfilling future.

Thanks bos.

Anonymous said...

The one true happiness comes from keeping yourself happy first. You should be the source to your happiness and nobody else should own it for you. Find happiness in the presence of another but do not expect them to keep you happy all the time. "Live and Let Live" is one of the most beautiful way to live our short life. A good write up indeed, Mr. Ernie.

- Malathy Muniandy -

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is true. We must always make ourselves happy that it will radiate to people around us. Never let people define our life or else we will be living a life that is always not enough. It was a great experience of working with PORTMAN. Thank you.

- Jackson -

Ahmad Syahir Bin Mahmood said...

Thank you for sharing this Mr. Ernie, hope we all are blessed by God with the truest guidance to make our circle better.

-Syahir Mahmood-

Ginny said...

Hanging around with the right people is very important! I am glad to have the opportunity to learn and work with the right people in order to create value to me myself.


Joseph said...

Yes, as I am growing I started not judge too hard on others because we cannot expect the other behave and do what we expected. But what we can do is setting an expectation to them and hope the outcome as close as what we expect. Then live goes on, if we made mistakes do apologize, learn from the mistakes, carry on the journey and move forward.

And yes, regret is a real bitch!

Thank for the sharing sir.

Alan.Yong said...

Yes, we only live once. We should do whatever that can make our life fulfilled and awesome! Appreciate every good thing happens in our lives and let go of all the bad things to make us happier!


Pohyi said...

We only live once, so do not compromise.
Do what we want and what make us happy, Never ever Regret as we choose it ourselves.

JL Lai said...

Have many 10 years do human has? Be who you are and do what is good for your life with integrity. Never leave any regrets in our life.

Gym Chan said...

Yes. There is no RIGHT or WRONG decision.
As long as you do not regret at the decision that you make.

Sometimes, we play too many roles in life and make ourselves confuse on making a decision.
A son, a brother, a team leader, a colleague, a student, a team member, a lecturer, a friend of others.
Too care of so many and trying to make the best decision is always NOT Possible, because there's no way we can balance everything.
No one really gives a fuck are you trying to make the best decision or not, as most people are only seeing thing what they want to see, what they believe in.

We only live once, do the things that you happy about and want to do.
Your recent contents & speech is so meaningful & authentic where you can literally speak out others' feeling & thoughts.

I have a strong believe in what we are working on, it will be a huge success and it is just 1 day away.

Thank you.