October 31, 2019

Everything is a matter of PERSPECTIVE. Choose Wisely!

Our perspective can decide our attitude for action that will decide our outcomes. If you choose to be looking at everything positively, your thoughts & actions will lead to positive outcomes.
Be careful with your choice. Choose wisely.


Pragash Ari Ragavan said...

Well said, the choices we make define the the route that we plan to take. The correct choice coupled with the correct route leads to success

Cheryl said...

Everything is a matter of perspective.
We decide what to do with our life and the way we think.
I choose to be positive and do what makes me happy!

-Cheryl Lim-

Khairul said...

I agreed what you said Mr Ernie...

We all have different perspectives which is the function of our personality which has gradually built up by us. And by this we can understand one thing ie ,perspectives are not made at instantly but it is what you are actually. That is why our opinions differ bcz we are different persons having different personalities devoloped by different circumstances or different practices. So then every body is right??

Farrah said...

Agreed with you Mr Ernie...

Our attitude at the start of a task can determine the outcomes, therefore promise ourselves we will get the job done without stress. Sometimes you win sometimes you learn.


Kevin Jaffery said...

Thank you for the sharing Mr. Ernie.

Indeed all good things attracted to positive vibes, we decide the environment we wanted to be in. The correct action will always lead to a positive outcome and so does vice versa

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr. Ernie for the sharing,

Indeed, what you said was true. There are lots of choices out there. It is just us to choose which is good/positive to be followed. Then, the rest of the path way will be positive with continuously effort and outcome.

Said by,
Richard Rut

fadelah said...

Setuju dengan apa yang diperkatakan oleh Mr. Ernie.

Pilihan di tangan kita. Tetapi pemilihan juga sangat penting kepada kita. Jika kita memilih positif, maka positif hasilnya. Begitu juga dengan sebaliknya.


Carmen Lee said...

Well said Mr.Ernie,

To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions and always be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.

- Carmen -

Randy said...

Thank you for your sharing Mr. Ernie.

I will always choose wisely for every choices that I made. Thank you for the lesson that can change our future.

-Randy Shi-

Joseph said...

To get our desire results, first we gonna change our perspective. As perspective decide what action we take and the outcome.

Thank for the sharing sir.

FaFa EhA said...

Totally agreed.
i believe in law of attraction.
if you think positively, the positive vibes will come to you
and if you think negatively, you will attract negative vibes around you.
so, u decide by your own.

Anonymous said...

Be careful of our thought, because our thought will become our words, our words will become our action, repeated action will become a habit, and a habit will become our attitude. Hence, make sure that we think positively of everything.

-Aina Izzati Jamalul-lail-

Ms.Aishu said...

Well i will agree with this, different people different perspectives and the way everyone think also will be different. What we feel its better decision for our life line, just do it for own happiness.

-Sangkari Dinesh-

rosmalia said...

Every day we have abundantly of chances to get irritated, anxious or hurt. But what you're doing when you indulge these undesirable emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things distressed you. Thank you for sharing.

By rosmalia

Ahmad Syahir Bin Mahmood said...

Let's make sure that we get the right perspectives in our life, as for me, the right perspective comes from the right knowledge and the right guidance, these can be attained by reading good materials, befriend to nice and knowledgeable people, and most importantly our efforts to learn the right thing, be nice, always smile, speak good, offer help to all, surely God will direct us on the right path.

-Syahir Mahmood-


“Your choices say a lot about who you are and much more about who you are becoming.”
― TemitOpe Ibrahim-

Sir Khairul said...

Absolutely I'm agree with your statement Sir. I always believe anything what we decide to do we will face the consequences of our decision, because every decision that we make are from our perspective, so no point to blame others when we did wrong.


Khairul Iduan Sulaiman.

MawardiAbdHai said...

We learn from failure more than from our success. The pessimist sees difficulty in obstacles. The optimist sees wisdom in everything. Have nice day ahead.

Afiqah Ayub said...

Indeed! By the law of cause and effect, I believe that if we do and say what other healthy, happy people with positive attitudes do and say, we will soon feel the same way, get the same results, and enjoy the same experiences like they do.

-Afiqah Ayub-

Noorfa said...

Agreed with that Boss. Positive thinking and attitude bring us to positive results and a good and healthy environment.

Negativity always holds people from doings something which at the end, they will not achieve anything accept remain at the same place and keep dreaming or fail.

Peggie Woo said...

Agreed. Everything is a matter of perspective. When you do things different with others, they will think you stupid or crazy.
But then they didn't know that we are trying different approaches or methods to get to where we want to go.

I'm in love what am I doing. This is me.

Gym Chan said...

A lot of my friends cannot see what I see in my career. Well, it's matter of perspective.

No one is right & no one is wrong.
You are wrong when you say you have no choice. I chose my career & I really want to make it happen to see it with my own eye, My perspective, My view.

To prove that my "stupid" decision today become the most wise & smart decision ever!

Let's see who's perspective more accurate 😋

MawardiAbdHai said...

Dua-dua pihak kena positif baru boleh bekerjasama dalam satu pasukan untuk mendatangkan hasil yang memuaskan.

- Abg Roslee -

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more Mr. Ernie. Perspective matters. It is our lens to the journey we take.

-Malathy Muniandy-

Andrew Yau said...

So true. Our perspective decide what actions we will take next.
So always look positively, it will attract a good sign.
Awesomeness will happen! Be happy with what we are doing.

Life is such.

Mandy Siow said...

I am agreed with what you have said. Different perspective will affect the action what we wanted to do. Just stay positive and make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Yup, we choose what we want to become.

We live only once in our lifetime. We need to live happily as the way we want it to be. Choose wisely, never regret of any action we did.

- Alan Yong -

Vicky Yew said...

Choose on the right thing and make the right decision. Then the good result will only come to us.


Tan SK said...

Every truth has two sides – We may all look at the same thing, but it’s the matter of perspective that change our destiny.

Ginny said...

It's all about perspective.
We have the right to choose what we want in our life. However, you must be responsible with your decision.

Once you have made the decision, just focus and all out for it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Mr. Ernie.
Sometimes, I will look at things negatively and that leads to bad results.
It really changed a lot when you choose to look something positively. So stay positive ♡ - Sammi

JL Lai said...

Indeed. It is as simple as how you take feedback from others.

Negative perspective - who the fuck are you to judge me?
Good perspective - this man really want me to be better and grow that is why he give honest feedback. This is where you are going to improved and go very very far.

- JL