May 6, 2020

Do not take things for granted!

I have been working every day and on things that I have never done before. That is called taking myself out of my comfort zone. Why am I doing this? It's called being responsible for my team. I can easily just shut down for now and not have to endure the difficult challenges that we are going through now. I have been through tough times but this time around is beyond tough. I have however decided to stay the course and make it happen as I know with 3Million people losing jobs, it's going to be difficult for anyone to find a new job at the current moment. Unfortunately, it is disappointing to have found quite a few of you not focusing on what you are paid to do during office hours at home. In fact, some of you are just taking your salary and doing your own things that are not in the interest of the company. This is not right and will not be tolerated. If you want to do your own thing, please do not take my good intention for granted. These are not normal times and if you want to be part of the company, learn to be thankful for still getting paid to do your job. If you do not, it will be removed from you as there will be others that will appreciate the opportunity. Take serious note on this. Again work harder, smarter and faster. More than you ever had.


Rangjini said...

Yes, I totally understand what it means and how it feels. We as an adult should stay focus and continue doing what you need to do in fact at this point time we should do more for the company. Bare in mind when we safe the company we save our jobs and our family. Thousands are losing jobs in the current situation now. It's all in our hands to make sure we are not on the list in the coming future.

The best thing you can do for the company and the rest of us, if you are serious about sustaining our jobs then it's better to put one step forward and work all the way out to reach success. If not, like the boss has said please do not take our good intention for granted, please be together and be part of the company to get over the pandemic moment now.

Anonymous said...

Betul! Jika orang lain, mungkin mereka hanya menanti hari untuk lepaskan bisnes mereka. Tetapi Sifu lain daripada mereka. Sifu terus berjuang untuk hari seterusnya. Terima kasih Sifu.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Ernie for your kind intention..

Indeed, nowadays norma is definitely challenging for everyone. Its hard to be said but it is real. Challenges and difficulties here and there. However, as educator, by still educating the young generation will be the most responsibility. Being thankful to still have today and pray for good things to everyone.

Said by,
Richard Rut

Pragash Ari Ragavan said...

It is during tough and challenging time that all team members have to demonstrate great cohesiveness & unity, sincere commitment and undivided support to the organization. The success and failure of an organization depends on each and every one within the organization. Any form of incompetency shall affect everyone within the organization. Let us stay truthful and sincere to our organization and move forward for the betterment of all within the organization. Let us show undivided support and care to the leaders of the organization and be united as an unbeatable and solid team. Let us be the inspirations for all the others. Let us lead the way towards success by embedding the right attitude and culture. Extending hands to help the organization in difficult times not only carry more value but also reflect our true identity and character.

Khairul said...

Thanks, Mr Ernie for your advice, you are the Best Boss.

I will take your note seriously about this. It is so hard when I worked from home for the first time, But when it become normal, every day I wake up in the morning starting to open my PC and do a job like in the office. Discipline is very important when you work from home.

Dayang Almahera Ishak said...

First and foremost, thank you for your great effort for all of us, Mr Ernie. We will adapt to the new norm in order to deliver our job truthfully. πŸ‘

rosmalia said...

You never let a crisis go to waste and what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things that you could not do before. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to work with you. You are truly an interesting boss that anyone would be lucky to work with.
I will forever be grateful for the knowledge and skills that I have gained working under you. Thank you Boss.


Unknown said...

We can see the trueself from everyone when we are having tough time. If you with us, you will fight with us. If you are just take benefit from us, you will just sit on things and do your own things.

Thank you, Mr. Ernie. Thanks to spend time and give us more opportunity to make sure we can live in this New Normal Environment.


Anonymous said...

As our boss, you are highly motivational and inspirational. Thank you for your concern and care. I knew how hard you worked and I looked up to you. Thus, I will work harder, faster and smarter than before.

Thank you Boss. Thank you Mr Ernie.

Andrew Yau said...

Yes, truly understand. Within the moment staying with boss, I understand lots more with the ways of decision making based on the uncertain situations every single day.

It's really tough, really tough. We are blessed, we can still agile enough to move things around, many businesses couldn't, just couldn't.

That's why, WE, as the team, we need to do our part, not fooling around, having the sense of urgency.

Let's put this way, think of YOU will be jobless after today, how you act on it, put ourselves in a situation where we just have to move forward. Don't think much, don't give excuses.


Mandy Siow said...

Work from home is not easy, but it's new and about our own discipline. We have to make sure we are doing our own part and beyond than that to not giving burden to anyone. Thank you for never give up us Mr. Ernie.

Pohyi said...

I truly understand from organization standpoint where it's really tough period and Mr. Ernie still decide to keep everyone to ensure they have a job and keep on looking for more opportunities, work on every single day, every weekend to conduct program just to generate more revenue to pay salary ON TIME.
What we as an employee can do is to support wherever we can, offer helps, do more, contribute more to ensure the organisation can sustain for this critical period. If organisation shut down, everyone will not have a job and will not habe income.
So everyone please do what you suppose to do, at the same time, contribute more.

Cheryl lim said...

Thank you boss for putting so much effort on the teamπŸ™

You really work very hard to make sure the team has a job to do and survive. However the team is still not working hard & smart to make sure the organization can generate more income and spending time to do their own things at home.

We should know that we are still getting salary from the company and we should do whatever we can but not make ourselves too comfortable.

Thank you Mr. Ernie for your time and wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Truly appreciate with all your effort on us Mr. Ernie. While some are suffering out there, I am so grateful and thankful that I am still be able to be working with you sir. We will be more discipline during this hard time and definitely will deliver the truthful outcome.


Hemalatha Jayakumar said...

Agree with you Mr Ernie! Work harder, smarter and faster to sustain in current situation. Your words always motivates me. One of my favourite quote from you boss -
"If you think you work hard, work harder"
Together we win with new norms.Thank you for your care and concern boss.


Thinessha Balan said...

"Tough times don't last, tough people do"

It is a tough time for all of us in all the ways, professionally and personally.
I would say it is how we see things, adapting to change is the competitive advantage of today and we are growing towards it. Don't stress a thing but be there for each other and appreciate the good things that others have done to you. If people are trying to bring you down at this period, it only means you are above them. Do not get hold by negative vibration and remember to play your role. Be there as a team with your positive actions, do not complain on the separation if your way is different from us.

Be honest with your work and eventually it will lead you to the right track.

-Thinessha Balan-

Ginny said...

Thank you and appreciate Sifu's care and effort towards us and the organisation! During MCO period staying and working with Sifu, I learnt a lot of lesson in personal life, work, business as well as investment.

When people slowing down during critical time, we should work harder, faster and smarter to overcome the challenges and find ways to survive. Everyone of us has our own responsibilty in a particular area, take care of your goalpost at the same time offer yourself to help in the other area.

When the organisation gives us an opportunity to learn and add value in yourself, must grab it and appreciate it. Don't take things for granted, or else, the opportunity will not come to us anymore.

Let's work together as a TEAM to overcome the crisis! !

platinumfreeriding_associate said...

Tetapkan matlamat,bekerja bersama pasukan walau di mana anda berada demi mencapai matlamat organisasi

Alan.Yong said...

Thank you Mr Ernie for all the supports and helps in this difficult time.

We should work harder, avoid from making mistake as this period is not the time to make any mistake. Appreciate and Thank you Mr Ernie.


Gym Chan said...

This sharing is not just to Mr. Ernie but everyone...

When before the MCO happen, I always keep myself at office stay long because it's the way for me to keep myself productive and have the working mood. I don't like to go back early, because I know I will slack down at home.

In this MCO period, it's super challenging for me to keep myself productive at home. Due to I have so many excuses to just drag my task and delay my work.

But after a month of MCO, I didn't slow down, in fact I have transformed my working style into different way. And I learned so much new things by just doing my job with new ways. Such as conducting a FB Live, Attending others live, Record Video, Sell Products online, Recruit sales team online, Teaching online, Counselling online, meeting with my students and get them work together online and a lot more!
(And I make a lot more $ during MCO, THANKs to the organisation give me such a good plarform to grow!)

I have to thanks to 3 persons here. First is the Very Kind BOSS of mine, he decided to keep everyone in the organisation during this toughest time for business, especially our services business. He still meet, text, call, FB Live us daily, to make sure we are safe and keep us motivating & productive. Is him, make me feel like even im at home, I still gonna wake up and get my job done and be valuable in the organisation. He wakes me up, and yes he always did that to me.

Second is the colleague who stays with me at the same house currently. She is an extreme worker-holic even during MCO. With her super discipline and hardworking personality, she always wake me up and monitor me to get my ass off to make sure my work has done. My boss is spiritually waking me, and she is physically getting me up!

Third is the team who work round the clock to make sure our company survive and more also ourselves survive. All your works, report and results did motivated me, I am not sure about others, but to me is effective. Seeing all my colleagues are still working hard, I do not have any excuses to lose to anyone of them. That's why I get myself to be part with the organisation and the team to fight through this crisis.

Lastly, I want to say, staying at home and make sure you are productive to the company is not difficult. In fact it's easier than you at the office. Because once you can get this in your system, you have a ability of working anytime & anywhere. It's powerful. But the most scary thing is you did not ever want to try. When you don't try new thing to see what how ans what you can contribute at home. You will never done anything.

Hope everyone in PORTMAN stay strong, stay healthy and work together to fight against this pandemic. Take care of your boss and the organisation who feeds you. Don't take things for granted.

Joseph said...

Noted boss. No one should take the organisation, the team and the boss for granted.

We do our part or even more contribute more. Together, we could live to fight another;together, we will overcome this pandemic where everyone else couldn't.

Thanks to everyone and especially Mr. Ernie. πŸ™πŸ»

Sivanisswary Karuppannan said...

Dear Mr.Ernie,
Thank you so much for the inspiring words from you.As a part of the academic team and through the knowledge i have gained so far in the field of education,teaching was the only main concern of mine all this while but after joining in our organisation and hearing your inspiring words i have learned that work has done beyond than what we are doing now.Thank you so much for being an inspiration and motivating all of us to work towards our mission together.This too shall pass and we are all better and well prepared with the strength that we have gained through this tough time.Thank you for all of your effort in not giving up on us and bringing the best out of us.
Thank You Mr.Ernie.
-Sivanisswary Karuppannan- said...

Thank you Mr. Ernie for your care, concern and effort to the organisation.

During this long MCO period, what I learnt is the responsibility to your own work/task. Maybe the work you are handling is not important and urgent for you but what I feel is very bad throughout this process. Work at home is not easy but we really need to accept and kick yourself to be more responsible and get that things to be done.

Lastly, would like to thank you for those are helping me to check the content and give ideas to me for my work.

Vicky Yew said...

Dear Mr. Ernie

I am always appreciate the opportunity that given by Mr. Ernie. During tough time like this, it is hard to a great boss like you who still willing to pay us salary and supporting my family business financially. Let's work harder, smarter and faster that we ever had.


Noorfa said...

Noted and we are highly appreciated your effort within this MCO duration to ensure that the company are sustainable and staff are still having their job during MCO and after MCO is ended. We are indeed blissful to be lead by you with your spirit and unconditional and continuous support to your staff.

Truly, there are challenges to work from home from various obstacles and things that disturbed us from doing and continue our work, but with great dedication and discipline and owning our responsibility to our job and company, everything will be easier.

We will pray together that all the hardship will be ended soon and we will survive and success to overcome it together.

Thank you Boss.

Maria said...

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. No matter what your destiny is always believe you can do it.Thank you Sifu Ernie for the opportunity and the strength that you contribute to your amazing team. You never stop giving the encouragement to your team members as well. I truly feel blessed had this opportunity to learn many things from you although you had challenges and sacrifices but you still makes the journey so worth it. I really appreciate it and thank you again Sifu for everything.


Nivashini.S said...

Appreciated your hard work Mr.Ernie and the team :)

Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times, and good times. If you are going through a hard time now, know that good times are on the way. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

At this moment, we shall value and appreciate the people who sacrifice their “something”. Lets all love each other, then appreciate each other, then express our gratitude to each other, we will surely give best!

Lets all keep the spirit and work together to fight the battle 😊

Thank you and Have a blessed Wesak Day.


Anonymous said...

I can never repay you for all that you have done, because of you, all of us still have our jobs. Working with you is such a privilege, I got so much to learn from you in life. I know this is a very challenging and tiring journey, but your hard work and care for us will pay off one day. Thank you Sir for all your efforts. Thanks again!
-Aina Izzati-

Luna Yap said...

Thank you Mr.Ernie and I'm very appreciate the opportunity given to us during this MCO period.

We really fortunate to meet boss like Mr.Ernie which is to think his staff future and advise us to do better during the MCO period. To help this organisation during this period, we really need to do our part even though work from home is not easy for me. But we must adapt fast if really want to help this organisation.

Thank you for everything Mr.Ernie.

JL Lai said...

During the MCO period, it actually changes the way we work, behave & think. It is not easy to maintain the discipline of work from home where there is no one monitoring your work and there are just so many temptations that cause us not to be productive. I take myself as an example.. honestly, I have wasted the 2 weeks from the beginning of our MCO of not being productive for my work... and it makes me become lazy... But I realized, this is actually a great opportunity for us to catch up on our work and to step out of our comfort zone to learn how to be super productive in the NEW NORMAL. Think again... during MCO there will be lots of people choose not to do anything and just chill at home... if you not slowing down on your work... you will be ahead of those who did not do anything. I hope all will understand and take this great opportunity to learn, to do the things that you have never done before. And when time turn better... you will be ahead of most of the people who did not do anything.

- JL

Sammi said...

Thank you Mr. Ernie and the team for the hard work.

Mr. Ernie is always having a "non-stop & keep going heart" that nobody has.
This is what we should be learning from Mr. Ernie.

Let's work harder, smarter and faster together <3

- Sammi -

Ivy Loh said...

You are the most toughest and yet still thinking for others people's "rice bowl" boss that I never met before

I’m don’t know how about others but to me, I’m using this period to do lots of things that I never do before, like do FB live, do video of myself, personal branding and working at the same time. This are the things that I did the most to others but first time I did it for myself, it is very challenging but when you gone through the process it will definitely gain a lots. This MCO period to me was passing very fast and I’m so thankful that I’m in this organisation with the hardworking and very very helpful team and a great leader like Sifu leading us through this journey.

Again, time and resources are all controlling by us. We are always the one to decide how to use it and when to use it. There is no limitation but yourself. Knowing what to do and how to do is very important.

#YOLO #noregrets

Anonymous said...

We can always prepare for the worst and the worst we had been preparing for might not even be the actual worst. Covid-19 has taught, still teaching and will keep teaching us lessons in the days, weeks, months and even years to come. Being part of this organization, in the capacity that I was brought it, I fully understand my responsibility and will do everything in my best ability to continue providing the best teaching services. Will continue to ensure students are within a conducive learning environment, even if its only done virtually. I understand that I am one of the few lucky ones around the world to still be able to earn something, and I am glad I am doing it being part of this organization. Hope all of us buckle up, brush ourselves up and keep ourselves prepared for the worst that is yet to come. Also at the same time, let us all hope for the best and continue being loyal in the pursuance of the company's goals both short term and long term. Lets adapt and evolve. Lets survive!

- Malathy Muniandy -