November 4, 2020

Times are Tough but We will not Give Up!


All my weekdays are busy with monitoring the stock market to generate income so that we can pay salary and pay on time. We are very fortunate that we can still do that even in very difficult times. Why can we still do this when most Education institutions are already either closing down or in deep financial troubles?

The reason is simple. We are beyond education. If you do not understand what it means, please ask your line manager. Just to give you an idea, below is what my weekdays and weekends look like. I will conduct my Stock & Property Investment Masterclass weekly Q&A, Webinar Sales pitch closing for new registered students for SPIM, Secure deals on Government contracts, Packaging FH11 Skincare products to be delivered to our clients, cooked for the team and tapaw street food for dinner with the team, Modelled for Club 27 Fitness Jersey & met with my Team ACE Mastermind brothers for a luncheon gathering and market scanning & analysis and finally sending out the report to my Team Ernie Chen Platinum Family for the Following week's investment game plan & strategy. 

Yes, very productive weekdays weekend. Like all my weekdays and weekends. Please do know that your boss is working very hard and he has not stopped before the pandemic, during the pandemic and sure will not stop after the pandemic to ensure that we will not just survive but do so much better. We can do better. Because we deserve better for all our efforts. 

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Anonymous said...

Well said and brilliant theorem Mr. Ernie. The pandemic caused existential crises and financial struggles to every business around the world. Investing in stock market’s reward greater earnings especially those who are already a Master at it like yourself. Because of your thoughtful effort, the company has bounced back stronger. You and your team deserve better for all the efforts.

Diyana Nur Norazman

Pohyi Choong said...

When you feel your are working hard enough, please always look at what others are doing. Your enough is never enough.
No one has the right to say "I worked very hard", as most of us are just doing what we are SUPPOSED to do, not do what is BEYOND the EXPECTATION. Results will show what we have been doing in the past.
Our organisation no need to have a lot of people to work, we only need to have COMPETENT people to work.

Thank you.

- Above also my message to share with Academics Team -

Syazwani Sabry said...

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Ernie. I have one to always be interested in the stock market, maybe right now is the best time for me to learn everywhere there is to it. I agree that we should not let the pandemic demotivate us from achieving our goals.

Pragash Ari Ragavan said...

Creativity and innovation are fundamental both for the short-term survival of business during challenging times and for the long-term growth of the organization. Being complacent leads to inertia, a phenomenon that need to be avoided due to its adverse impact. Strategically deploying the mental and physical energy on other streams of income is definitely a boost factor that allows the organization to generate new and substantial source of income from various business units. Truly, many other organizations are failing in this aspect. Education institutions should function beyond the boundaries of classroom learning and the curriculum structure of its courses they offer. There are no boundaries to education, knowledge & skill advancement, competencies enhancement and personal and professional growth. The demand for knowledge, skills and competencies vary between different market segments but the need for learning and development remain to be essential for all these segments. PORTMAN shall serve different group of clienteles and position itself as a trusted education, training and consultancy centre that are able to bring a positive change to the lives of others, significantly benefitting our clientele’s through the value creation model that we have always believed in.

Hard work, dedication, persistency, performance and sincerity will surely be rewarded. Growth is inevitable.

Ginny said...

As long as we do not give up and keep on doing what we are supposed to do, we will achieve it one day!

Our goal and target still the same, IPO in 2023! Let's work together go through it and strive then IPO 💥💥💥

Vicky Yew said...

Dear Mr. Ernie,

Follow and been through all the processes until we achieved what we want to achieve. Always adjust ourselves to do whatever that could help the organization do survive and do better.

Trust the process and work harder.


Peggie Woo said...

Yes, Mr. Ernie. Thanks that always be the first person to pull or push us no matter in what kind of situation.

Our direction never change, just using different way to achieved it❤️

Let's stay focus and achieve it ��

AsmaJai said...

I am amazed on the efforts and hard work shown by Mr. Ernie. I thought I have done my best for the organization, but looking at Mr. Ernie's contribution, then I realize that I need to work harder. This message is truly an eye-opener for me. In order to sustain, we need to contribute more that what is being expected. Brace ourselves for the busy schedule, the main thing that we want to see at the end is the result.

Mandy Siow said...

Thanks for your sharing Mr. Ernie. Always be grateful for all the things you did to make the organisation still survive in this difficult situation.

Let's keep going and work harder to achieve our direction.

-Mandy Siow-

Ivy Loh said...

Plan might changed depending the situation, but direction will not change until we get there.

Always remember why you started.

Thanks for having me in the past, now and work for future.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr Ernie,

During this pandemic situation, we need to work harder than before and strive to be better, not just surviving. Thank you for the opportunities and the guide you provide Mr Ernie.

Let's keep moving forward !

-Izzati Anuar-

Mira Asaari said...

Thanks for the sharing Mr Ernie, even on weekends you still working forward to achieve organisation goals, what a remarkable leader you are! In this pandemic, let's all keep moving forward and never give up!

Tharushiny said...

Life is a struggle. It throws curveballs at you, humbles you, and attempts to break you down; this pandemic in particular has changed our lives. The reason most people never achieve their dreams is because they simply give up. Leaders instil in their people a dream of success and a trust in themselves. Strong leaders inspire people to achieve their goals. You inspire us to work harder than to give up in the present situation.


Andrew Yau said...

Yes absolutely true Sifu. In this moment, Sifu & us are never stop working. Many companies out there probably struggling, or even closed down. We are grateful, we have a plan, we have a great boss like Sifu.

This meant a lot to our future success. We as a team, will continue to contribute better, not putting everything on Sifu's shoulder.

Thank you Sifu for all your efforts & time. I"ll play a better role. We'll get there together. You deserved better.


- Andrew YKL -

fadelah said...

Terima kasih Sifu. Dengan setiap langkah dan apa yang dilakukan oleh Sifu, memberikan kami inspirasi untuk terus bekerja keras. Masih berjuang walaupun mereka disekeliling kita sudah kecundang. Terima kasih sekali lagi SIFU!


rosmalia said...

The pressure and leadership has made us more productive and converted all of our skills into strengths. You have an amazing ability to bring out the best in all of us. I am grateful to you for offering me so many opportunities to try out. Thank you for being an awesome boss!


Rangjini said...

Thank you Mr.Ernie and the Team. I'm blessed to have such a team who never give up, constantly looking for new channels of revenue, new ideas to make it happen for the organization. We have to keep being positive and keep working harder to sustain during this pandemic moment. Never be calculative on the amount of work, time and effort contributed to the business. No regrets it is beneficial both for business and also for us. We need to have a story to tell for others and definitely a success story.

Karen Lin said...

Success has no shortcut. This is what I always believe in, we must utilize all the time to focus on what we are chasing for.

Hard work and effort are never lying, the result and answer will prove everyone.

Gym Chan said...

Now the new business model has become our new lifestyle!

Teaching Online Class, Training, Selling Products Online, Fundraising via Online, Conducting Live Show Online, Investing in Stock Market and Make Business Deals Online.

All these just happen during this year. A lot of business owners hope to get what we are having now. The new model of business, The flexible team and The Trusted Community.
All these look & sounds easy, it takes heart & soul to build.
Everyone should appreciate we still have a job, and still in a money making organisation.

We can't make this happen alone, with everyone here go beyond. We can achieve more.

Thank you Mr. Ernie for continuous leading us and Congratulations we have just started our new level of business journey 😉

Anonymous said...

I have learned so much while working alongside Mr. Ernie and the teams, and I sincerely appreciate for the impact you have had on my professional growth. You are truly a source of my motivation to do better each day. Thank you for inspiring us each day. May God continue to bless all of us with good health, happiness and prosperity as always.

-Aina Jamal-

Noorfa said...

Thank you boss!! Thats why WE LOVE YOU... hehehe

Thank you also to all the team that working hard to ensure the sustainability of the business and also ensure that we still have work and getting our salary on time.

Unknown said...

Yes Mr Ernie and agree with yout sharing. Appreciate that Mr Ernie continuous teach and leading us.

Followed your social media to know that you are never rest and just continue work. I had know that now online business more helpful for this period time.

I will learn more from you and others. Thank You

-Ashley Soh-

Cheryl said...

Do not limit yourself on doing something extraordinary.
We can do a lot more to contribute to the organization.

If we just stay in our comfort zone and do what we are comfortable with, we will just be in our comfort zone forever and ever.

What we are doing right now compare to Mr. Ernie is nothing we can compare. You are just too amazing and beyond ordinary.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Ernie for working so hard to ensure the organisation is still strong even during this crisis time.

Hard work and effort will not be wasted. We will sure be better after this pandemic. Thank you.

-Alan Yong-

Luna Yap said...

Thanks for the sharing Mr.Ernie. I always grateful and thankful to work in this organization because some people out there even don't have the job and no salary or no pay salary on time. So,no matter what is the situation will be, we must adapt to the situation and work hard to get the result.

platinumfreeriding_associate said...

Think, act and behave like a CHAMPION is the KEY to success,keep fighting till the end,later your have your own successful journey and story. said...

Thank you Mr. Ernie for your sharing! Appreciate that to have you teach me a lot of things in the past. I saw Team Ernie Chen and Team Cheryl working so hard day by day by social media posting. Always remind me "If you think you work hard, work smarter and harder!". I will continue to work hard like you and wish everyone all the best!

JL Lai said...

I am very grateful to have a boss like you and I have to say that I am very glad to witness all the happenings throughout the journey.
The journey has been tough but it is very exciting, especially in the past 1 years. The things I learned I experienced for the past 1 year could take 10 years for others.

Most important is how we can always turn BAD to GOOD. It is because we have a boss like you. Then will never give up on things and always lead us to a brighter future.

Thank you Mr. Ernie

-JL Lai

sundari said...

Thanks for sharing Mr.Ernie, I agree that we should not allow the pandemic to hold us back from meeting our targets. We are always grateful for all the work you did and your hard work to keep the company achieving the goal. We also should focus on our own direction to achieve the goal of the company.
Do not give up. Thank you.