December 3, 2020

We Decide Our Destiny!


I have been told that when your physical body and face shape changes it will literally transform your whole life. Well, I did not believe it until I experienced it myself. What did I do to get to where I am today? All it took was a life decision I made and some key strategies that I put into action. The same is for our organization. We needed to make a decision to overcome the challenges in 2020. This pandemic has been extremely challenging but we managed to pivot by making tough decisions. We will do better because of the decisions we made no matter how painful it may seem but we will thrive no matter what the condition for as long as we do not stop we will overcome all challenges.

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Vicky Yew said...

Yes. As long as we do not stop we will overcome all challenges. This really required a lot of effects to be putting in and to be out of the comfort zone. Salute! #workharder #worksmarter #takegoodcare #ofourselves

Syazwani Sabry said...

Good sharing, Mr Ernie. I am now very motivated to shed a few pounds as well during this time of working from home. - Syazwani

Ginny said...

Well Said Sifu!
As long as we do not stop, we will overcome all challenges. Find all ways to make shit happen not waiting others to do for you.

Create your own value & contribute your part. Do beyond than your assigned tasks.

We all can go through it together! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Mira Asaari said...

You look good! Yes, every decision will show results sooner or later, just keeps going and never give up! Life is like a maze, we don't know where we will end up, but, our journey is long, so trust yourself and make good choices. Remember, when winter passes, spring always comes. Hope all of us can face these challenges eventually, be it in the organisation or life!

-Nurul Amira As'aari-

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr. Ernie. Decisions made is not that easy but the execution is harder than what we are thinking. No matter how difficulties we are facing now, we have to overcome it and become a better version.


Anonymous said...

Well said Mr Erni. Results needs process. Life is not like a magic bowl. Whom we are today are whom we determined to be. Transformation, strategies and decisions prevail only with a strong mind and courage to overcome the challenges for betterment.

-Diyana Nur-

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr. Ernie,

The first step is the hardest, but once we start, momentum will take care of the rest.
We scare about the future, but to success in this pandemic, we need to let go of the fear and work hard on everything we decided to do.

-Izzati Anuar-

rosmalia said...

Thank you for everything, Boss.
We will learn something valuable from all of the trivial events and people, but we never touch the true potential until we challenge ourself to go beyond imposed limitations. It is considered a good movement to keep moving forward. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your team. Keep on inspiring!!!


Tharushiny said...

Decisions can arise as you run into problems or can be a necessity to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s an urgent matter or you’re planning for the future, hard decisions always require guts and faith in yourself. You are truly an inspiration to strive hard.


Cheryl lim said...

Just do not stop! Anything is possible and we just have to take action and go through the tough time and pain.

Life is yours, you decide what you want for your life. No one can decide for you.

You look amazing la ! Super Ironman coming soon!


Anonymous said...

In this pandemic situation, every single person in this world is affected by it. I know this is a very long and tiring journey, but the experiences to overcome the challenges and making progress while staying positive will be forever valuable in our life moving forward.
-Aina Jamal-

fadelah said...

Ya betul Sifu! Setiap apa yang kita lakukan, pasti akan ada keputusannya. Tidak kira keputusan itu menyakitkan atau tidak. Yang penting kita tidak perlu berhenti di situ, tetapi tetap meneruskan apa yang telah kita lakukan sehingga habis. Mungkin ada "kebahagiaan" untuk kita nanti.

Terima kasih Sifu!


Peggie Woo said...

Agreed. We must break through every challenge in our life. Your transformation is always the motivation to inspire everyone.

We will not stop until achieving the target we set. Once you decide, die die must achieve it. Let's work together!!!

Rangjini said...

Indeed !! Setting goals in life is very important . Working towards the goal is more important than setting it . Never give up .. keep moving.. obstacles faced is for us to prepare better and stronger .. Let’s work together and let’s do it ..


Luna Yap said...

Agreed. Discipline and persistency is very important if we want to do something to achieve the results. No matter how you plan or want to be if don't have these two criteria, we will not get there.

We decide our own life and lifestyle. Thank you Mr.Ernie for sharing.

AsmaJai said...

Absolutely true! We have to go out from our comfort zone, that is the only way to make us grow and strong. Whether we like it or not, this pandemic leave us with no choice, the only thing that we need to do is to move forward and never give up.

sundari said...

Yes. This year 2020 is a challenging year. We have face the challenges for few months and proof that we can do better during this pandemic. Hope the coming year 2021 will be a happier than 2020 so never stop trying.
“Stay strong, stay positive, and never give up.”

Noorfa said...

No matter what the situations or the obstacles occur, it is how we overcome and find a way to facing the issue and solve it.

Andrew Yau said...

Thank you sir for continuous inspiration. I knew it wasn't an easy journey for you to lose the weight even till today.

Am very happy to see such results on you and now you found what you lack of. You have done a lot for the organisation and now even my family started to change their way of thinking and do what is right to build a sustainable life.

We will do our part well, to grow the organisation as per our vision. Sifu has done so much for us, we shall do our part even better.


- Andrew YKL -

Karen Lin said...

Totally agree with you, Mr.Ernie. Life is their own, the decision is in their hands. Once you decide, just go for it. We must always improve ourselves and step out of our comfort zone. As long as we continue chasing and carry forward, nothing can stop us.

Gym Chan said...

2020 has almost come to the end. Yes, it's almost. Not yet finish! We can still make a huge lot more happenings with the time we have.

It's about the decision we make and action we take.
I'm amazed by Mr. Ernie your decision and action you make that you decided to lost another crazy amount of weight within the days we left for 2020.

That level of commitment and action is really something else.

We have been through so many and non stop having tough decisions to make...from Splitting The Organisation Or Not, Keeping The Team Or Not, Keeping The Chairman Or Not, Keeping The Building Or Not, Keeping The College Or Not and a lot more.

And we are still standing here to continue making things happen. Look back...we have changed and transformed a lot compared to where we came from. To look forward, our VISION & GOAL still the same.

Let's move and make our VISION & GOAL happen together! I know we can make it happen and it will!

Pohyi said...

If there is a blockage in front, doesn't mean we have to stop. Always find another way, a solution to solve any challenge that we face throughout the journey. Most importantly never forget our destination, no matter which route we take.

Pragash Ari Ragavan said...

Challenges are inevitable and only organizations that are adaptive to changes, coupled with strategic business plans and unique business model will strive forward towards sustainability, growth and excellence. Many organizations had lost track during challenging times leading to closure of businesses, lost of market share etc. This is due to poor risk management practices making the organizations fragile to external threat. Goals and strategies for the year 2021 are in place. With the right and timely execution, results shall be visible and assured.

JL Lai said...

Indeed. Nothing is impossible. It is very difficult and tough in this journey. But tough time will always have an end. As long as we don’t give up, believe in our action and decision. We will succeed!

Ivy Loh said...

Start believe it before you see it, not when you see it then only you start to believe on it.

A simple theory, but not many understand and everything is possible. Thanks for sharing.

Alan.Yong said...

Yes Mr Ernie, in order to achieve success, we must take good care of our health. To achieve that and everything else in our life, all we need is just a decision to make, "JUST DO IT"! It's that simple but it's difficult to do it consistently and continuously.

Thank you for the sharing.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the sharing.

A people can't success might because of no direction and uncontrolled issue happened. It need clear and can go to success.

Your sharing really inspiring many people and get it move forward. Believe that the organizations can go through success.

-Ashley Soh