February 1, 2021

Sometimes Pain is preparing us for bigger things to happen.

I had some pretty difficult times and years. Yes, I did and it is continuous. I always wondered why did God put me through so much pain and suffering. I always told him that I did everything I could to be a good person. I told him that I did everything I could within my abilities to give what I could and contribute my time, effort and money. Why did you still put me through so much hell? I never did understand until I literally lost it all. You see, I learnt that God was always watching over & protecting me. He was always making sure that I was being able to withstand the pain & suffering to make me stronger for bigger things ahead. Why do I know this? I am still alive and I am still growing to be a better version of myself. It's funny. We do not get what we want. But we have to work very very hard to earn what we deserve when God says that it is the right time. He knows best. So if you are having a tough time, don't stop moving forward as He will not let you fail yourself. So don't decide to fail. We are all just one day away from what we really deserve in his time. I am grateful. Covid 19 & all our troubles will also pass us by.


Peggie Woo said...

Yes, Mr. Ernie. Your pathway and experience always motivate us to step forward and don't quit no matter what's hit you.

Stay focus and Stay strong.

Madi zainal said...

Yes! Indeed! Whatever it is, We put the God first . Believe what has been setup for us.
No matter how struggle we want to face it , We just face it! There is something beautiful for us later.

Thank you for such an incredible sharing Mr.Ernie! Keep fighting and stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Life is simple, it's just not easy.

Difficulties and challenges are always around us, it's just depends on the ways we gone through it.

Always be grateful for the challenges that we are facing to keep moving and become a better version of ourselves.=)


Pragash Ari Ragavan said...

Unprecedented events or crisis require an organization to make timely decisions. The uncertainties make it difficult to predict the outcomes but yet the right decisions and actions always lead to desirable outcomes. Truly, we have seen this. The first quarter of 2021 may not be promising due to the MCO, but yet, it is a sign for us to work harder and re-strategize to reach our goals and purpose of being in business. Obstacles are for us to overcome. What is important -to have the right mindset and heart to build the organization and move forward in all situations.

With the strong leadership, endless efforts and positive mindset, we are in the right momentum to move forward even stronger in the year 2021.

Pohyi Choong said...

All the obstacle and challenge that we faced in life is just like climax of the movie, it brings excitement to the main character and WOW the audience. If there is no obstacle and challenge in life, then your life must be very boring.

Yes, it is really tough, really difficult and really tiring. But as long as we keep on doing and willing to take on the challenge, whatever is gained, will belong to you.

Syazwani Sabry said...

Thanks for the inspiring sharing, Mr. Ernie! Indeed, most of the time, pain is preparing us for something bigger and better to happen. In fact, great teamwork by the leader and all the teammates is what made us survive a very hard time last year when the pandemic happened. Praying for bigger things coming our way this year!

chaca said...

“God was always watching over & protecting me“

Indeed. I truly believe in this statement. Whatever hardship that we are facing in life, just put our trust in God.

There’s a saying that goes “After the rain, comes a rainbow”. Thus, we need to keep up our high spirit, knowing that something better is coming on our way.

Cheers for many joy and blissful year ahead!


Sundari said...

Yes, things may go wrong today, dust it off, focus on what's going right and keep going.
The hard days are what make us stronger, Believe in god and keep going.

Thank you for sharing Mr.Ernie.
Stay Strong.


Cheryl lim said...

Yes,if we can go through this tough time and pain, we will be fine and doing very well 💪💪

Just go all out and do whatever we can. Life is as such, it will not be so smooth but always full of obstacles and challenges but that's life and we have to deal with it positively.

2021 gonna be Awesome year!! Happy Metal Ox Year

Anonymous said...

Yes, challenges and pains train us to be a better individual in terms of mind, body and soul. We need to appreciate all paths that we been through and keep it as lessons for the rest of our lives.

Be strong to face the unknown challenges in the future.

-Alan Yong-

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr Ernie,

Things may not turn out like our plans, but God's know the best. Every bad situation will have something positive. keep in mind that, all the hardship that we have gone through will lead us to amazing things.

Never stop trusting God and His plans.


Noorfa said...

Yes, agree. Never stop. Keep moving to achieve what you desire. Sometimes, the result of our effort will be given to us either directly what we desire or we actually did not realize that it has been given to us in a different way. It also a matter of either we will get it fast or late.

With the great and continuous effort along with Dua, GOD will grant what we desire and everything that we want to achieve.

Anonymous said...

"We are all just one day away from what we really deserve in his time"

I truly agree that we would receive what we deserve in His time. For all the hardship that we may face today, are challenges that will make our tomorrow’s worthwhile. It could be as simple as a rainbow after a rainy day or kind words from a friend. God doesn’t solve our problems instead gives us the ingredients to overcome it. He assures us that for every night, there will be a new morning the next day with a new hope to look forward to.

Thank you for sharing Mr Ernie.
Let’s look forward to a new Covid free year and the possibilities that come with it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr. Ernie for the warm words.
Some people think that they did everything, but the results still far away to be seen. Please know that God is always watching us and rewarding all of our efforts. The question is when the results will come? Only God knows the best.

-Aina Izzati-

fadelah said...

Betul dan sangat setuju dengan apa yang dinyatakan oleh Sifu.

Kita akan diuji kerana DIA tahu kita boleh hadapinya. Banyaknya cabaran yang kita hadapi, banyaknya juga apa yang kita akan perolehi.


Karen Lin said...

Exactly. Mr.Ernie, what you have done inspires me to become better and stronger for now and the future. No matter how difficulties happen to us, as long as we have faith to break through it. Everything is possible.

Andrew Yau said...

Yes, thank you Sifu for continuous inspiration. Especially with the experience of Hell's Gym, it doesn't mean about workout.

It's all about Mental Strength, the pains, the stress always in our mind, it all depends on us whether we want to get back up and continue with the journey or giving up instead.

As business as in life, now I knew all starts from fundamental, no shortcuts, pains are needed within the journey. No one can skipping it, to the success.

Nothing Comes Easy, But Everything is Possible! We are just ONE DAY away!

Thanks a lot Sifu. All are expensive lessons! Have a BEST Year ahead.

- Andrew Ykl -

Luna Yap said...

Always be grateful for everything either is happy moment or tough time. Everything happens must have the reason, depends on how we decide for next step to be better. No shortcuts for anything to happen but we are the one decide to make it possible.

Now joined the Hell's Gym is good for me to experience how Sifu Ernie Chen lose weight and guess what he is now 48 years old. So age is just a number, everything is possible if we want that to happen. Thank you Sifu Ernie Chen give me this rare opportunity to join Hell's gym.

Rangjini said...

😉 The almighty always have a story narrated well for each of us. All challenges and obstacles in our life are purely making us stronger and smarter day by day. The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. 😉

Vicky Yew said...

Dear Mr. Ernie,

Agreed with you. God will always be there with us and lead us go through all the difficulties. As long as we dont stop and we believe.

Ivy Loh said...

Yes Sifu, all difficulties will pass through, we are just 1 day away!

Gym Chan said...

I have been seeing the transformation of the 8 years journey, anything can happen anytime.

Our lives are just so interesting if you look at it positively. The journey of mine is so uniquely awesome! Human transformation, Business Transformation, Organisation transformation, Environment transformation, Country transformation, and a lot more!

There are so many interesting stuff happenned, And the journey was just started for me!

Let's us make a different in our lives and have a great new year ahead!

JL said...

I believe the God is watching all of us. Things may not be as smooth right now. But as long as we do not stop moving forward. Things will change. We are just one day away

_ JL

Ginny said...

Appreciate the pain & challenges, breakthrough it and overcome it.

Thanks for the sharing Sifu 🙏🏻

Shaminy said...

Agreed. Two different poles are hardships and comfort. The pain and challenges prepares us for a greater level of strength in future. Life has to kept striving for