July 30, 2008

Short Cut To Success, Shorter Cut To Failure

Some of us are quite fond of shortcuts. We like getting to where we need to be faster because this means less petrol used and fewer idiots to deal with on the road. But sometimes, when we hear of shortcuts and take them, we end up using extra fuel and deal with many people who keep giving us the wrong directions to get out.

Then there are those who like to fool themselves by saying the easier way to success to work smart not work hard. This is a load of crap. The next time someone tells you this, please tell them that there’s no such thing as working smart. Ask any successful person and they’ll tell you they got there by being smart and working very hard.

I’m sure you’ve heard about all these people who are able to show you how to make lots of money, even when you are asleep. Yes that’s right, because you’re probably dreaming that this can work. Look, even if you can make money fast or be successful really quickly, you will never be able to sustain it if you don’t go through the motions of what works and what doesn’t.

When someone tells you to work smart, what they’re doing is pointing you in the direction of failure – the shorter route to failing. If you’re looking to succeed quickly, let me tell you point blank that there is absolutely no way that this is going to happen. The faster you achieve something, the faster it’ll fail. This doesn’t mean that you should work like a tortoise. Pace yourself and be smart (not work smart) about the choices in front of you.

Don’t get all excited at the prospect of an overnight success – it doesn’t always mean what you think is what it does. When you eventually do get successful, please don’t walk around with a swollen head – and think you are great.

If your head is too big, it won’t fit your body and people will point at you and laugh at you because you look stupid. Appreciate the successes that come your way and treat it with respect. And always remember just like respect, success has to be earned otherwise it means nothing.


Zuhdey_Sharifudin said...

Success will only come after we've put a lot of efforts. Sometime, we failed. That's what keep us moving forward.

eb said...

there is no short cut to everything. we need to learned the hard way, work our *** up with the knowledge that we gain..

success does not come easy. it pays with sweat, blood (not really but to some) and tears..

Baqs said...

Role with the punches. It will become harder but you got to keep moving forward and Focus on the GOAL.

Charm6781_Yatie said...

No way you can get and become successful by taking a shortcut. There only one way to achieve your goal is by working damn hard. You will definately come across dificulties and road block but this is for you to show how badly you want something. And trust me that you will get the knowledge and experience which is more priceless than anything.

HL said...

There is not such thing called "work smart" before you "work hard". Work smart only used by the people who are lazy, believe in "free lunch", and possibility don't use their brain to think. I believe no one like to be that. So, please work hard at the begining of your journey, then only think about how you can work smart with the tools, skills and people you have.

Indo said...

Work hard concept is designed by the rich to oppress the less fortunate, by making them work like slaves, as we know Malaysia has millions of foreign labor. They re used bcos they re cheap and we could exploit their unfortunate situation in their homeland like Indonesia, Myanmar and Bangladesh. By 2020, Malaysia will be a 3rd world "banana republic" full of cheap labor, Malaysia dont like smart people, they only like slaves who will clean their toilets for them.