August 14, 2008

Money vs. Effort for Charity

If you think giving money and lots of it equates to charity, you’re wrong – giving only money is not good enough as it does not go a long way. Yes, of course, you will be thanked for it – but what after that? Nothing. Your money will go into the buying or paying of something, and then that’s that – more often that not, it does not bring with it the experience of having made a difference. The act of giving money alone is easy. Think about it.

Which would you prefer to do:

1. Give RM100 to a charity home or a poor family?

2. Drive to a grocery store, select the items carefully that will fit into a RM100 budget and then send it to the home or family that needs it?

Most of you will pick the first choice because it’s easy – and this shouldn’t be the way. If you want to do something, do it with all your heart, or don’t bother at all. Don’t do it just because you think you can buy karma points with the money you give. It’s worse that way because your intentions are selfish.

Today, charity is more than just almsgiving (distribution of money) – it has evolved into assisting the poor and needy in kind as well, by giving your time and effort to make a difference. For your information – especially all the stingy people reading this, you don’t have to split with your hard earned cash that you want to take to your grave with you.

Charity also means spending time with the old, the sick, the dying, the poor, the orphaned and just about anyone you think might need you. Charity has become experiential as it always should be. For instance, if you visit a children’s home – talk to them, play with them, laugh with them.

And if you visit an old folks home, listen to them, ask them for advice and listen, don’t just hear what they’re saying. And don’t pretend. They may be old, but they’re not stupid and blur like you are for thinking you can get away with pretending. Don’t be a fake.

Just last Saturday on August 9th, we visited Rumah K.I.D.S in Klang for the Great Orange Charity Drive – Paint for Change. We spent half a day painting the exterior of this home and the children were really happy that the walls looked brighter (we painted it with a color named outLOUD Orange sponsored by Nippon Paint Malaysia).

There was a certain individual on the home’s committee who wrinkled their nose at the effort we had put in – and didn’t hesitate to voice out that she wanted repaint one window pane – we were there at time. If you do something charitable and you get losers like this trying to make you feel small, forget it. Remember that you are doing it for the children and for those who really need your help.

Keep on doing what you do and make it an experience for yourself and for those you visit. It’s not difficult to make someone happy and do something charitable. It’s a question of whether you want to or not.


Anonymous said...

A lot of things money cannot buy. They are the unfortunate one compare to us. Do it with your heart else don’t do.

Anonymous said...

Recently I have sold an item worth RM 150 and I will use the money to purchase groceries and send it to the charity home where located at Kepong. I’m so happy that I can provide to underprivileged. So can you! Nothing to do with the amount but what you can do for people.

hl said...

There are many people approach us for donation when we are in mamak stall or in restaurant. But, we are not sure they are real or not. The best way to do the charity is not only about "money", but with the heart we really want to help and spent some quality time with them. Simple action, but it mean a lot to whom are unfortunate. I really wish I can have the opportunity to experience to do the charity like "Great Orange Charity Drive - Paint for Change". For those who are doing this, keep it up!

charityBYheart said...

A lot of time we are worried about our money to the charity, whether will get abused or not...that is why i always tot giving our effort is the best gift to the one who needed. Satisfaction from their laughter will make everything difference.
So, for those who don't know how to APPRECIATE by saying something without going thru their BRAIN (in another way, NO COMMON SENSE AT ALL)

Anonymous said...

There's a saying 'Charity Begins at Home' and I'm very thankful to my late Mom and that she thought me well on this. I still remember at an early age of 7 i use to make my own 'milo' to drink. It's not because we didn't have a maid and my Mom could not make it for me, but she just wanted me to do it my self and made sure i cleaned up after that. She even thought me how to wash the toilets. Then when i was much older in my early teens she made sure i helped her cut vege's, meat buy groceries at the market and learn how to cook! Looking back at that today, I'm thankful as it has made me a slightly better man in society. Today directly and indirectly i do a lot of charity at home and outside when ever i can. And trust me I feel good about it as it genuine. Also, I totally agree with Ernie that the heart put into a charity is more important and meaningful than just grabbing your wallet from your back pocket and handing out the cash!

31st August is our National Day celebrations. For those of you that want to do something for some 180 kids and senior citizens you are welcome to do so. Please visit:

Even by passing a contact or by sending this to those who have the means to help, you've done your part. Thanks.


HY said...