October 15, 2008

Amazing Race Asia – Our Malaysian Participants Make Us Proud!

Malaysians can be quite a hardy bunch. And of late, we’ve been witnessing a lot of tenacity from Ida Nerina, Tania Khan, Bernie & Henry Chan – the Malaysian contestants for The Amazing Race Asia – Season 3.

These participants are testimony to what we can do once we set out minds to it – and the journey we choose to take in order to get there.

While it’s great to win, it’s also important that you get there with some amount of dignity. You want people to be rooting for you, not wishing that you’ll fall off the mountain or get horribly lost.

Our Malaysian contestants are great in that they may be impatient with each other – but you don’t see them at each other’s throats. This has been the same with all the other Malaysian contestants in Season 1 and 2.

These are the people who put the “Amazing” in The Amazing Race Asia. Good job to all.


gorgeous said...

I agree. They carry themselves very well in the amazing race. my favourite person is Ida Nerina. Met her once few years back, she is a nice person and she is that tpye of person "what you see what you get". FYI. She said I’m gorgeous :)

crayongal said...

wow.. even thou i have not a single episode of this season, but i have been hearing a lot good compliment about the malaysian contestant..
Well, apparently they have been doing a good job in representing malaysian to the world :) Keep it up!

Jeremy Lee said...

I am really enjoying the show and the Malaysian groups so far really show the boleh attitude.

Syamilia_Training Touch said...

This is really fun. Malaysian is able to compete with others. That's what we can proud of.

Charm6781_Yatie said...

Watch the episode, good team work for Ida and Tania. And this is how all Malaysia should be..Very open and multi racial to the extreme.