October 13, 2008

It Takes Two to Tango!

We conducted a teambuilding session last week for GAB – and what an experience it was. As with all other workshops and teambuilding sessions we’ve conducted, there are always lessons learnt – this one was no different.

Whenever a teambuilding session is conducted, it isn’t just for the client – but also a test of teamwork for us as well. From the time is session in confirmed, everyone bands together to make sure that all items needed are bought, sorted, packed and loaded.

There are times when our fuses go off and our patience wears thin. We’ll also be very tired, exhausted – but we can’t complain about being tired, because this is a job and we’re pulling off a very big production. No matter how tired or hungry we are, it’s always show business as usual and the show must always go on.

When a teambuilding session is conducted, there must always be accountability on both sides – the client and the provider. If a problem or an argument involves two people then both people are responsible for the problem – hence it takes two to tango.

Coordinating a teambuilding session is very much like conducting an orchestra. Everyone must know their place and watch the conductor so they can come in at the right time and not mess up the entire performance.

An event of any kind can only be truly successful if both client and service provider work together and we experienced this with GAB. Of course there was the initial grumbling, complaining and dragging of the feet – but with some pushing and motivation, we saw how a group of entirely different people can come together and make it work.

There were exemplary instances of leadership, dedication, empowerment, accountability and action from both sides. It was a session that will be remembered.


crayongal said...

I am soo proud of the team conducted this 3 days 2 nights teambuilding for GAB! It is extremely tiring but we enjoy it! Standing under the HOT SUN is no joke! But we all manage to pull it thru.. The spirit of making things happen is very important and we did and have it! :D

We RoCkZ!!!

eb said...

I am soo proud to be part of this event. we learned a lot of new things and enjoyed doing it.

As AIG's Mission, 'We Have Great Fun Developing People and Brands Globally', said it all.

Anonymous said...

I had so much of mix emotions in the beginning actually. It was a huge 3 days 2 night, 8am to 11pm event. And doing this for a company who's product i NEVER consume! End of the day, it's show biz and i enjoyed every second and moment of it. Our team displayed a fantastic performance and seeing Ernie Chen in action is definitely mesmerizing as always! The team also adapted to sudden changes excellently! So kudos to US ATCENians! every single one of US! A job very well done. Looking forward for more.


Syamilia_Training Touch said...

Yes, it's right. Eventhough we're tired, we still need to get things done. We cannot just read the itinerary and expect everything will run smoothly. One thing that i learnt is always rehearse especially the flow of activities. Looks easy, but we still need to practice such as facilitators rehearsed on how to distribute handouts to participants. As a result, the flow is smooth and it's well organized. it doesn't look mess because everyone know which row they need to focus on.

suriaz81 said...

GAB event has taught the team to be more alert, focus and the inportance of communication. Am glad that I was part of this team..
A well deserve applause to those who were involved and made this event a success.

BQ said...

It was great being part of this event. A lot of effort was put in from everyone. Plus the opportunity to serve with great people. Even my toe muscle tare did not stop me from executing this event. It will definitely be remembered.

We are ATCEN!!

effort said...

Great job to everyone whom has given 100% into the teambuilding event. Sweat, hardwork, hot sun, hungry, mad feelings, sleepless nights, communication broke down, last minute changes and etc. we need to understand all when comes to events. These are the areas we can’t avoid. Because we are the people and brand expert, we need to understand all expects as well. Work together and always make things happen.

SS said...

again, partnership between client and provider is the key to make things happen.

everytime i attend teambuilding for our clients, i feel that is the time as our internal teambuilding as well. feel great to see everyone to make things happen.

of course at the same time, is truely know individual behavior in our own team.

thanks for the every teambuilding opportunities

Jeremy Lee said...

The main thing is "It was a GREAT SHOW". Everyone enjoyed it.

Pei Shoo said...

geram couldnt be there =(

Charm6781_Yatie said...

Good Job to everyone in AIG for giving their best in GAB Tean Building..

Sleek81 said...

Wow!! this was really a fun and exciting event and the whole team played a very important part in making this a very memorable event. I'm ver proud to be part of this team. thank you.