October 10, 2008

Dirty Politics, Dirt-ier Politicians!

History shows that these sorts of unsupportable attacks and seemingly childish antics are not new to the politics. Candidates for all sorts of public office have engaged in name calling and public denunciations of their opponents from our earliest days as a nation.

Few campaigns in the modern era have been completely free of dirty politics, which generally means the use of slander, libel, forgery, or other potentially criminal acts to embarrass a political rival.

Dirty politics can occur at any level of public service. Local political candidates often use financial records to embarrass an opponent. Family members and known political associates may also become fair game in dirty politics.

A candidate's mental stability may be challenged, especially if he or she offers up an emotional or overheated response to dirty politics. A negative ad campaign is not always the same as dirty politics, provided the charges in those ads are true and confirmable.

Dirty politics often occur away from the scrutiny of the press, so many examples rarely come to light until years after the campaigns have ended – and this will then result in conspiracy theories which have more truth to them than all the politicians put together.


eb said...

dirty politics also can involved gang, triads, mafia etc.

would you like to have a political leader who has the connections to these rule the nation, didn't think so!

Jeremy Lee said...

Politicians must be clean. To me any politician found dirty should never stand for office again.