October 20, 2008

Leaders With Scandals

You don’t need to watch re-runs of soap operas here when you can get all the drama you want just by observing our political leaders. From being accused of murder to being arrested for bribery charges enough to rival the Watergate scandal, here we have stories that can curl the hair – especially those told over teh tarik sessions.

The worse part about all of this is that a lot of them don’t learn from their mistakes. I mean, I’m sure they read the papers right? And even worse, they probably would have come in contact with the accused at one time or another. Even with observing something like this so up close and personal, they still go and do stupid things. If you’re stupid enough to get caught doing it, then you deserve what’s coming.

What’s clearly missing is integrity in leadership. "Leadership by example" is still one of the best approaches in leading the human capital. The story below often used to coach can best illustrate this point.

There is a story about a lady who brought her sweet-loving son to Mahatma Ghandi. She hopes that some wise counselling will convince the boy to stop eating the sweets that were obviously bad for him. The great leader told the lady to bring her son back to him in a week.

The week went by and the lady brought her son back to Gandhi who very simply told the boy to stop eating too many sweets as they can be harmful. The lady was astonished and a little upset stating that this could have been told to the boy the previous week. This is the reply she received from Gandhi," I myself used to take sweets till last week. I needed a weeks' time to quit eating sweets so that I could counsel your son with conviction".

Scandals happen in the absence of integrity. People get greedy not just in terms of money, but also power and status. When we try to get that extra bit through illegal and unnatural means, we upset the scales. And just like in nature, you know very well what happens when there is am imbalance – get ready for some chaos.

It’s time for the serving leader to emerge.


Disappointed said...

They are many people don’t have integrity at all. Just because they want to get what they want. Disappointed.

Subree said...

Leader must be a good example to follow. Make sure whenever your are promoted to be a leader that your are the best Example to others.

Syamilia_Training Touch said...

I agree. Leaders should be role model to the people/ followers. Lead by examples, this is because people will recognize our contributions, not because of scandal. I still remember there's a leader who told me that being a leader must do good things, people vote us because they trust that we can represent people's right, not the leader's personal interest.

Anonymous said...

Hi disappointed, I beg to differ; you get disappointed because you set a different expectation.

It doesn't mean that quiet leaders do not have scandals. They probably have more scandals?!

Charm6781_Yatie said...

The only role model of Malaysian Leaders i can see id fro Dr M. He continously shows his energy to change to a better Malaysian.

disappointed said...

Hi anonymous. I agree with your statement. Nothing to do with different expectations but the values of individuals. Individuals say one thing and do different thing.