October 22, 2008

Think It’s Easy Being a Successful Entrepreneur?

There are quite a number of people who like to daydream about this. Being a successful entrepreneur is a task that many people wish that they could accomplish. Achieving the feat of being a successful entrepreneur means that you are in charge of your own destiny and independent in your own wealth creation.

If you look at the people in the past that have achieved this dream, a common thread seems to emerge. Actually, many common threads emerge as characteristics typical of an entrepreneur. Some common characteristics that entrepreneurs exude are: common sense, being a problem solver, determination, using money as a measure, hard work, complexity on thinking, being a good net-worker, and their confidence. This list seems to be all inclusive, but it isn't.

Some of these characteristics can inter-relate back to one-another. Having “common sense” means that you can rationalize a situation and deal with it in a manner that is feasible and practical. This can relate to ways to solve problems in the same mannerisms. An entrepreneur has common sense and is able to make a practical judgment on a problem or question that arises.

Being an entrepreneur is a lot more than taking out a bank loan and starting your own business. For the record this is what it means: Entrepreneur, translated from its French roots, means "one who undertakes." The term is used to refer to anyone who undertakes the organization and management of an enterprise involving independence and risk as well as the opportunity for profit. An entrepreneur, typically, is inspired to start a business because the entrepreneur perceives a consumer need that is not being adequately filled.

The most important thing that an entrepreneur must have is common sense. If you don’t have that, or worse – don’t know what it is, I suggest your find out first before deciding to fire your boss. Otherwise you’ll be out on your behind in no time – and that would be a shame.


Charm6781_Yatie said...

1st step read Ernie's ebook 10ULTIMATE TIPS FOR ENTREPRENEURS. Then, you'll know whether you cut for it or not..because it's easy to call yourself an entrepreneur but not easy to be a successful entrepreneur...

vm said...

definitely not easy to be a successful entrepreneur. There are many areas has to put into consideration. Need to think of revenue, motivate people at work, ensuring everyone move together with company directions...time and effort are required. will i want to become an entrepreneur? definitely not now. Great job bro.