October 3, 2008

Turning 35!

I know someone who turned 35 today. When I got to know her some time back, she came across very strong, defensive, guarded to people and unsure of what she was truly capable of. Her forte happens to be writing, but she did it without much enthusiasm or realization of how good she was at it. Over the months, that has changed in leaps and bounds.

It really is a joy watching her work now – and her enthusiasm is very real and infectious. How did she do it? I think it’s because she discovered it’s ok to let her guard down and let go of things that are not in her control. She did this by accepting that there are certain things that can change overnight, while others require time and patience.

A loner at the earlier stages, I can see that she has found friends within the workplace – and the genuine camaraderie is great. She laughs more now and finds joy in being surrounded by people who sometimes, I think drive her half crazy with their requests for help. I think she secretly likes it though as she seems most at home when doing something for someone else be it a friend, colleague or the organization as a whole.

They say life begins at 40, but she has proven that it can start much earlier – only if you will it and want it bad enough.

Happy Birthday my friend.


Chetz Yusof, ChetzTV.com said...

Happy Birthday to your friend!

I understand when you mentioned about letting your "guard" down and just let go. The only way to succeed is to be yourself. I used to worry about what other people think about me. Worry of doing or saying something they don't like. F%#$ that!

I tried to keep it to myself, scared of bordering other people. What does that do to me? NOTHING. I achieved NOTHING.

So, I guess the moral of the story here is let your guard down and just let go.

Thank you for your sharing.

Chetz Yusof
ChetzTV.com - My Love, Money & Legacy Blog

HL said...

Once again, Happy Birthday to my dearest colleague. She shows her passion on writing at her work too. Keep it up!

crayongal said...

I think i know your friend as well...

She is really super from my point of view. She push herself thru every single moment and never let herself got trapped in the comfort zone!

I think she has a very very bright future ahead! So, wish you All The Best friend... ;)

bob asri said...

happy belated birthday since i post this comment late. she is truly amazing. she can write really well and really fast. she is a speedster in writing.

Pei Shoo said...

Ehhh, bet I know her too. She's great. She writes very well. She's funny. Best of all, she doesn't even look like 35...