November 12, 2008

Money Politics and Corruption!

At this point in time, I feel the ACA (Anti Corruption Agency) should go into the business of hot air balloon tours. Why? Because the amount of hot air they spew about doing this and that about corruption is enough to fill many hot balloons for tourists thus increasing the country’s revenue in leaps and bounds.

Everyone is playing the holier than thou card – the finger pointing is dizzying to say the least and no one wants to be accountable. It is no my intention to sound preachy, but what I am is disgusted and annoyed because of the countless times corruption has been addressed, but nothing done.

This is a great example of all talk and no action. What’s more it’s certainly a testimony to how some quarters really do not fear what awaits once they step off the earth. It really doesn’t matter what faith or religion who practice – you will be held accountable in the big ledger in the sky. Seeing this is so, you’d better change your ways, or make sure that there are plenty people to pray for you.

You’ll probably choose the second option for two reasons: one is that it’s easier, secondly it’s because you’re most likely to bribe them into doing it. You’ll just die like how you lived – unjustly and corrupted.

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