November 14, 2008

Our Country’s Brain Drain Problem

In addition to the various shortages scaring the pants off the world’s billions, do you also realize that there is also a shortage in clever people? This scares me most of all. Imagine years and years ahead living in a world populated by mindless dimwits? Great plot a horror flick if you ask me.

Many of the good ones don’t come back after getting the degrees abroad – they get jobs and stay on. There are very few (like myself and some others I know) who have decided to resist the lure of overseas abundance by toughing it out here, trying to bring about a positive change.
We experience brain drain for two reasons:
  1. Inequality

  2. The Package – or lack thereof: this includes compatible pay, good perks and the possibility of advancement and growth based on merit.
Those who can, take note: you can do something to change this by evolving in the way you run your businesses and companies. You have a responsibility to create opportunities and ensure that you are fair when writing paychecks and giving promotions.

Here’s a new era of Brain Gain. Let’s hope we are smarter from past mistakes and are wise enough to see that we can make this nation a melting pot not only of races but of minds teeming with innovation and brilliance.

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