December 22, 2008

Manusia Mudah Lupa!

As I flip through the newspapers, sometimes I feel I’ve entered a time machine and it’s taken me back, waaaayy back. It’s so damn ridiculous that some idiots are still not learning from mistakes like the Highland Towers episode for one.

It’s really mind boggling how things work here sometime – they seem to forget so easily the lives that have been lost due to bad planning. Everytime a landslide happens, God is blamed, the weather is blamed, everyone is blamed, except for the real morons who should be help 100% responsible. You know who you are.

Then there are the floods. Perhaps Proton should look into making boats not cars at the rate the banjir kilat is happening all over the place. At least then, they might start making a profit.

There is little wonder why the politicians, and supposed powers that be forget. It’s because of a four letter word called D-U-I-T (money). Pay offs are so
frequent that it is discussed so openly. How you sleep at night knowing that that grand house you’ve bought has been paid for by blood money. Wouldn’t be poetic justice if it all goes under a landslide.

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