January 5, 2009

Goodbye 2008 & Hello 2009: Putting and end to Bullshit and Grabbing the Bull by its Horns

It’s the year of the Ox, Bull etc in 2009. And while the world is screaming bloody murder at the economic woes, there are some who are finally realizing a perfectly horrible storm is coming.

In case you were hibernating, here’s a gist of the meltdown mess that was 2008: declining wildlife, more global warming, a pretty momentous US Presidential race, a wake up call for the forces that used to be in Penang, and of course many bullshit promises that were broken a hundred times over.

Now we have arrived in 2009 – where things are going to get worst and this is the truth. But the bright side of things is that when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up, unless you choose to give up and down deeper still – like six feet under.

We have all been given free will – to choose our actions and be accountable for them. So what’s it going to be for you this year? Are you going to do a belly flop and kick the bucket or you going to grab the charging bull by its horns and wrestle the crap out of it?

You can make 2009 your best year yet. Only you can decide your future and make the impossible possible. It takes hard work, that’s the truth. But it isn’t going to kill you. It’s the giving up that will do you in eventually. And there’s no deadlier poison than the regret of not doing your best.

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Pei Shoo said...

2008 has been a year of ups and down indeed but stay focus in 2009 would be a much better thing to do really. I'm really looking forward this year. Hope it's the same for everyone. Happy New Year~!!!