October 1, 2017


  1. I used to believe that it was impossible to do well in both business and have a nice healthy body. 
  2. I used to focus on just growing businesses and not my health.  
  3. I was unhealthy and not eating right. 
  4. I was always wanting to help people become better even though they were not deserving of me and my time. 
  5. I was having a lot of incompetent and people with bad character working with me.  I had to lower my personal standards just to grow business.  
  6. I was always required to work a lot harder to fix other people problems and I thought that was what a business owner was to do to be successful.  
  7. When my mother passed away 3 years ago, I was very sad. I decided that I was not interested in businesses anymore and that I was going to start taking care of my health only. 
  8. You see, it has always been for me to either build a big and successful business or have a healthy lifestyle as it was just impossible to have both at the same time. IT WAS JUST TOO DIFFICULT. 
  9. Today everything has changed as I have decided that I can have both. It is "and" not “or” However, things will have to change. My directions in life MUST change. My lifestyle MUST change. 
  10. My New Directions in Life: I have decided to build a PROFITABLE & MEANINGFUL business AND also to live a HEALTHY & FULFILLED LIFE. 
  1. I decided to close down businesses that was not meaningful & profitable. 
  2. I decided to terminate all employees with no integrity with bad character and incompetent.
  3. I decided that I only wanted to work with people of integrity that have competency. 
  4. I decided to stop chasing after monetary gains for the sake of being richer. 
  5. I decided to workout at the gym to live a healthier lifestyle.
  6. I decided to eat right and a lot healthier. 
  7. I decided to accept things that I cannot change. 
  8. I decided to wish people all the best when they were not good to me. 
  9. I decided to remove people that was negative and draining my personal energy.
  10. I decided to only live my life to first and foremost make me happy. I am responsible for me first not others. 



Janet said...

I decided to be a leader to myself, lead myself to take ownership of my life and in whatever I do. I cannot stop people from being selfish, bullying others, taking advantage on others, abuse their powers but I have a choice not to be like them. We all have choices....the key point is to decide wisely :)

Raymond Thong said...

Life is yours, not others. We have to make a difference to the world by keeping our self healthy to do more good deeds and create more positive energy to people around us. Of course, your life will be more meaningful and awesome.

Peggie Woo said...

Yes, Mr. Ernie. Healthier Life is very important for everyone. I get inspired from you that starting not taking rice for every meal. When we have a healthier life, we will have more energy to do more.

Thanks always share your strong and high energy and motivation to us. It's really taught me a lot.

Noorfa said...

Most people are afraid to make a decision as the decision will determine the future.
Before I make any decision, I always think whether the decision will benefit me and people around me. There is a time when i regret about my decision but people will not success if they did not encounter with the failure and indeed result do not lie.

Thinessha Balan said...

First of all, congratulations on your achievements Mr. Ernie.
I do agree that we need to make important decisions at some point of time in our lives to live a better life in future. As you mentioned, I am living my life now with my own decisions as I trust myself to create a better future for me.

Nur Shairah Azhar said...

Life is about making decisions. The decisions you make today will determine the stories that you tell tomorrow!

Nicoline Natasha said...

Congratulations Mr. Ernie. Your life decisions have made you accomplish your goals that you had set in your life. You managed to scratch out all the negativity and only fill yourself in with positivity. You are a role model to many and you have reached the self-actualization phase in Maslow's Hierarchy. Once again congratulations not only on your business but also to a healthy lifestyle.

MY said...

Agreed! I've started a No Sugar and very Low Carb diet in September and it makes me feel good and more energetic. I decided to make that decision and live a healthier lifestyle so that I can do more to achieve my personal goals. I am going to keep this up and keep going!!!!

Rahul Stone said...

The direction towards healthy and a meaningful existence lies on the decision we take. It's an unacceptable bent to perpetuate a low quality standards. This remarkable transformation is personally boosting my internal skills and personal energy as well. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

changed to be Better life..
Thanks for sharing boss


Anonymous said...

Very impressive boss on your transformations!

Will work hard to succeed in work and in life!


Rosmalia Sabi said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal Boss. The extra time you've been putting in on this has really paid off. You have proved that hard work and honesty are indeed the best policies.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity and help me to develop my career as an educator.


Anonymous said...

We doing everything in education is for making others life better, that's why we now must have a healthy body, clearly mindset and avoid all the negativity people beside us. As business as in life, Integrity always No.1!

-Ken Lim

H@J@R said...

Remind 3R in my life;
1. Respect yourself (take care of yourself and benefit others)
2. Respect others (family, friends, colleagues, flora fauna and etc)
3. Respect environment (reduce, reuse and recycle)

Anonymous said...

Decision. It's not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.


Vennux said...

Thanks for sharing Mr. Ernie!
Work hard is good but we can't go far without healthy body and positive mindset.
Healthier life is the only thing that can bring us to go further and further.
Really appreciate for the motivation given.

Anonymous said...

Noting happens until you decide.
Make decision and watch your life move forward.


Michelle Xinyi said...

Our life and direction are decided by ourselves.
We need to be clear and know what you want, choose to do meaningful things and the things that can make you feel the achievement.

arison ho said...

Yes, I agree. We can have both success and health if we have the determination and focus that drive us making difference in life. Thank you for the sharing. ---Arison Ho

Anonymous said...


A big congratulations for the achievement. Thank you so much for giving us inspirations, spirit and confidence in achieving our goals.


Chan Kah Hoe said...

Yeah, that's right. Anything is possible if you pay the price.

mus zambri said...

Congratulations on what you achieved Mr.Ernie.making decisions is an important key in life.thus,I hope I can make wise decision like you.thank you.

-Mus Zambri-

Ivy said...

Go big or go small, we decided. I decided to go all out.

Anonymous said...

A satisfied life is better than a successful life.
Because our success is measured by others , but our
safisfaction is measured by our own Soul, Mind and Heart.

~ Siew Fong ~

Pohyi said...

Decisions are the hardest thing to make, but you and ONLY you are responsible for your life choice and decisions.

Once you have decided to grow with the organisation. Take massive action and achieve our BIG DREAM. Don't make a permanent decision for our temporary emotion.

Sammi Lai said...

Congratulations Mr. Ernie on your achievement.
Thank you for sharing your thought to us.

Priscillia Ng said...

I agreed we can have both, business and have a nice healthy body. Once we have decided our life decision we have to go all the way to achieve it. To achieve our life decision we must have a Healthy lifestyle, eat healthily, be focused and move on.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing Mr. Ernie
Life decision is decided by ourselves. I decide to have a healthy lifestyle to make sure I have a healthy body so that I am able to do more.

Decided and take massive action. Results do not lie.

Richard Tan said...

A major life decision is never a choice but rather a realization that the decision has already been made. - Doug Cooper

A life decision is a turning point of life and going to change your life in the future.

Yasota Kalimuthu said...

Thank you for the sharing Boss.
Nothing will happens until you decide to make a changes.

luna yap said...

Congratulation Mr. Ernie for the big transformation. Nothing is impossible. Once we decide to have a big transformation, a determination is a must. Now, I slowly cutting down carbo and I want to have a healthy body to make different for myself and others.

Andrew Yau said...

Yes! Life is all about decision making.

Different decision lead to different result.
Once decision made, go ALL OUT!

Congratulation that you achieved goals and yet more to come.

Let's go all in and all out together.

Ginny Seow said...

We are the one who decide what we want to achieve and where we want to go. Once the decision made, committee and achieve it! We cannot makes everything perfect, at least we do our best in everything with no regrets.

Mohd Razif Mohd Yusof said...

GOD make us need each other. Sometimes we didn't realise our mistakes,
other people will make us realise it.
when we realise, we'll do wiser decisions.

Gym Jian Sheng said...

Mr. Ernie once said before:
"You can grow businesses & make a lot of money, but without health everything is fake."

Your determination really scary. The results you achieved really inspired people around you.

Willing to work is not enough;
Working hard is not enough;
Working smart is not enough;
Achieve Results is what we want.
Without health, everything is fake.

The 5 Wells are really powerful:
1) Clean Well
2) Eat Well
3) Work Well
4) Exercise Well
5) Sleep Well

By doing all the above, we can grow our business & self well!
Congratulations to Mr. Ernie for making not possible to possible again!
Prove again, Everything is possible, it's all about your decision and action.

Thank you for Mr. Ernie not just growing businesses & yourself, you are growing all of us in the same time! 3 MOST DIFFICULT CHALLENGES at the same time!

Kelvin Thong Jian Hao said...

My friends keep asking me, why you’re so busy with your work? Do you still got life?

My answer was, when you love what you’re doing, you won’t get tired. This is my life, my PORTMAN life.

Thanks for everything sir.

aziean baharom said...

Hi Mr. Ernie!

Ya! All is about decision! and of course I have to make a right decision in my life.
Result do not lie!

Thanks for your sharing! Really appreciate for the motivation given.
You made my day today!

Jassce Wong said...

Everyone's life is constantly making decisions, each decision can change a person's life, but once decided to try to do the best.

JL Lai said...

I am fully agreed with Mr. Ernie. It has been a long while knowing myself doing the wrong thing but never have the courage to take action.

It is time to make a decision and CHANGE.

Thanks, Mr. Ernie.

caven lim said...

Yes, It is time to make a change. Our decision making will change the person's whole life. We should make decision based on our integrity, without integrity we can not go far.

Kenny said...

Thanks Mr. Ernie for the sharing. We must take responsible for our own decisions. Thanks for teaching me everything.

Chloe Ang said...

Thanks for sharing, Mr.Ernie!

A decision can change a person's life. But once we made the decision, we must committee and achieve results no matter how hard it is.

Joseph Choong said...

Yes !! Life decision can change a person’s life.

Everything is possible but only when a decision made and you stick with it until the end of the journey.

I glad that I have made a right decision to become a PORTMANian ! 💯

Monica Devi said...

Impressive! I take my hat off to Mr.Ernie's immense and remarkable achievement. It certainly takes a special determination and dedication to succeed. Thanks a million for having shared this precious information.