October 25, 2017

Nobody vs Somebody!

  1. When PORTMAN was a nobody in the market 5 years ago, not many industry players cared as most thought we probably will not survive. We were not a threat to anyone then.  
  2. Now that we have become a somebody in the market, industry players are starting to pay attention and scrutinise our every move. I know this for a fact as industry players are speaking about the PORTMAN Brand & Ernie Chen the extremely aggressive boss. 
  3. The good ones will wish us all the best and look forward to us achieving every success. The bad ones will hunt us down and continuously find fault in everything that we do. 
  4. Either way I thank them for they will make us stronger and better with everything that we are doing. 
  5. Always remember our VALUE of INTEGRITY – Doing the right thing even when no one is watching. This is and will be our key to our continuous success with an aligned team towards our core purpose, mission & vision. 
  6. As we soon move into our next phase of exponential growth, I encourage you all to reflect on your journey with us so far. Take this time to ask yourselves, what are your intentions with this organisation and what do you intend to achieve with us. 

Have an awesome last 2 months of the year in 2017!


MY said...

I am looking forward to own shares in ATCEN Education Group. When I joined this company, You and Jeremy shared this dream of 1 day owning a College/University and ever since then I have seen all of it becoming a reality right in front of my eyes. I am proud of the brand and one day I can tell people I work for a public listed company if all willing.

Nur Shairah Azhar said...

People will talk about you when they envy you and the life you lead. Let us follow our path and let them talk.

Peggie Woo said...

Everything is possible. If you think you can make it, die die you also will find a way to get it done.

Lim Sheng kai said...

Thank you for the sharing Mr. Ernie.

1. After graduated from PORTMAN College and meet some client of Colleges and Universities. I realize PORTMAN College almost achieved the expectations of my parents.

2. When I want to continue my tertiary education at PORTMAN College, my family is totally disagreed. My family has concern the branding of the College, they are worried about I can't get a job after graduating from PORTMAN College.

3. But, I still believe in PORTMAN College and focus on my study in order to graduate and get a job to prove to my family they are wrong.

4. Finally, I able to speak louder to my family they are totally wrong. I am graduated and get a job. I have achieved the extraordinary expectation of my family. They are quiet, and won't stop me to do anything.

I want to achieve the exponential growth with the team, and deliver the promise to Mr.Ernie, I want to learn and do at the same time to build HEI. Achieve my goal in this organization.

Thinessha Balan said...

Nobody vs Somebody, a title that inspires the readers before even reading the content!

Applause and criticism are the factors that equally contribute for a success. In my 24 years of journey, I have experienced both words in my personal life, success and humiliation. But as you mentioned, I will always thank all of those people who has made me a stronger and better person today.

As an employee of PORTMAN Education, I will give my continuous support to the organisation as a reflection of my integrity and values. Moreover, I am happy to be part of this massive growth.
Thank you.

Michelle Xinyi said...

I believe we keep doing the right things with the right way, our organization will keep growing and become successful.

I'm happy and excited that I can see the process from nobody to somebody.
Look forward the exponential growth!!

Andrew Yau said...

That's right.

Keep on focus on the goals and take massive actions.

Don't care what others do on us, but accept it and keep moving towards.

That's the way.

Look forward to the BIG growth of ATCEN Education Group!

Raymond Thong said...

5 years ago PORTMAN was just known as a 'shop lot' college which others thought that we will not survive in the market that long. And today, PORTMAN known as Business Education Specialist with huge amount of students and we cannot even fit our current campus. The market are talking about PORTMAN aggressively and the name of PORTMAN just started to spread even wider to the market. Looking forward to see PORTMAN's growth and continue to be apart of this journey! HOOYAH!

Ginny Seow said...

Although we are keep attacking by our enemies, but this can become our motive to make the organisation and ourselves become stronger and stronger!
Do not care about what they say, what they do.
Focus on our vision, mission & objective and make it happen!

Let's look forward to a successful 2017!

Nicoline Natasha said...

Values and integrity are something that we all should posses being in an organisation and even individually among ourselves. It is doing what is right even when it is difficult. Thus, it resulted to where this organisation stands as of today. The rapid growth from where PORTMAN College was 5 years ago and now proved that everyone has worked in a way that even if someone spoke badly of us, no one would believe it. That is the strength that we carry and that’s what makes us different from the “big boys”.

Rahul Stone said...

The enormous growth of our organization around Seri Kembangan area has ultimately rewarded us with the next move.This consistent and perpetual success has raised our standards aligned with promising employees intend to achieve and build a legacy.

I am eagerly looking forward on the visionary road ahead of us in our new campus.
Thank you.

Noorfa said...

It is our human nature to ignore NOBODY and envy SOMEBODY. We should not be afraid of them as we are doing a right things. They should be afraid of us because from SOMEBODY they will become NOBODY.

Anonymous said...

The journey I am with PORTMAN here taught me one valuable lesson: Everything is Possible with Persistent Hardwork. This lesson is so impactful because I personally witnessed the change and growth which are led by Mr Ernie. Thank you so much. --- Arison Ho

Joseph Choong said...

This is also what I shared with my friend.

No matter we are nobody or somebody we should do all the things right with Integrity and keep focusing on what we want to achieve.

Be thankful to all the good things and the bad things. The good things keep us moving forward and the bad things keep us improving ourselves.

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Ernie.

Rosmalia Sabi said...

We invested our time and set a goal to achieve a decision of something that we want to accomplish, this is the step that I've been blessed to follow to embrace my personal growth and personal achievement.That goal, let me begin to replace the youth with wisdom, the innocence with understanding, and the lack of purpose with self-actualization. PORTMAN College changed my life and I'm happy to be part of the rapid growth.
Thank you.

Liyana said...

One of my career goals is to allow myself to grow both professionally and personally. As I get to know more about PORTMAN, I feel confident to achieve my goals here and excited to embark on a new chapter with PORTMAN. I also agree that integrity is the key to success and that we can become a somebody from a nobody, as long as we work hard with integrity.

Anonymous said...

Nobody vs Somebody

When I saw this college in National Service, I felt very different with others college. After SPM result I try to find this college in education fair, then I registered as a PORTMANian. At first cousin tell me that, your college not good, still new a lot of negativity for me but I choose to believe what I choose. I study and work at this college almost 3 years, what I had been see is the transformation and the evolution of the college. I sincere believe that Mr Ernie promise what he promise when I came in to this college. To become somebody in the market is good for the organization but a lot of the competitors will jealous what we current result and doing and attack us. Be something better that nothing, and I appreciate in part of this massive growth!

Thank You.

Ken Lim

Anonymous said...

"Work Hard in Silence, Let the SUCCESS Do the Noise". My intention is to grow BIG with ATCEN Group!


Anonymous said...


When we are failing, people would talk behind our back. Yet, the same thing happens when we are successful. People will not stop trying to put us down, no matter how good we are. So put them behind, look forward, and keep doing your best.

Thank you.


Cheryl said...

Thank you for the sharing Mr Ernie.

People always like to talk bad and look down on others. However, those are the people who make us stronger and stronger.

I will always remember the value of integrity. A person will never become successful if he/she have no integrity.

Chan Kah Hoe said...

I am proud to be part of this awesome team and journey. Let's ROCK the world!

JL Lai said...

Not just PORTMAN from Nobody to Somebody.
It also made me from Nobody to somebody as a better human being.

If you ask me what I want to achieve with this organization? I want to do my best to make sure the company becomes so successful and people fight to give us more businesses!

- Always work with integrity, AWESOMEness will chase you afterward.

Aziean said...

From my perspective this "Nobody vs. somebody" I should be more focus, work harder and don't care on what people talk and judge about me as long as I know that I do the right thing.

The most important thing is I should always stick to the integrity on what I want to do in the current situation and indirectly can lead me to a bright future.

Thank you for sharing Mr. Ernie.

Ivy said...

Love us or hate us, you can't ignore us.

People always focus on talking bad about others when they can't achieve what others achieved because of they jealous. However, this is the biggest reason that stopping them not moving.

We will focus on solving problems and find a way to make a difference by making lives better!

Anonymous said...

People of integrity do not hide their reactions or opinions,
They do not manipulate others through deception,and they do not pretend.


Kelvin Thong Jian Hao said...

I don't care what people talk about us.

What I will do is, I will focus my things and make sure deliver my part. I strongly believe that, if everyone deliver their part, we will do very well in future. From "Nobody to Somebody" is not easy, it's must go through a lot shit, time and effort, but it is POSSIBLE! You proved to me it is REAL!

I don't know how far I can perform in this organisation, but I will take more responsibility to make sure I move forward, I cannot forever stuck there! If I still got the heart and passion to serve the students. I will keep doing for them! Let's DO THIS together!

Thanks for everything, sir, your actions inspired me!;)

Anonymous said...

As a PORTMAN employee, I am happy to contribute something valuable in our growth. Adding on, I learnt the value of intergrity in my career growth. thank you.


Richard Tan said...

I strongly believe that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I am a pure science graduate, but I am certain enough that I want to start my own business one day. I done a lot of due diligence and PORTMAN College was my final choice. My friends and families told me why not study in a more prestigious University, but my answer was always about what I can learn here. I was exposed to ESBI model in young age and started to get addicted in property investment and entrepreneurship. The best part is PORTMAN Education Group provides me a very practical platform for me to showcase myself and transform my life.

There are a lot more values that can be added to myself and I would love to continue making a difference by making lives better.


It was my first time to look over the renovation for PORTMAN New Campus.
It was my first time to do interior design for PORTMAN new campus.
It was my fist time to take part in the process of building a new campus from drawing layout, walking the new campus few times a week and now renovation of PORTMAN New Campus will be completed soon.

I studied in NOBODY and I am now working with SOMEBODY!
What an AWESOME journey.

Anonymous said...

I feel fortunate and happy that I can be part of this Team. Hope we can grow together with the rest of the team in terms of our business, our students, competency and etc.

Looking forward to our bright future.!

Thank you.


Vennux said...

I always believe everything is possible.

Result speak louder than words.

Thanks for sharing Mr. Ernie.

Chloe Ang said...

Nothing can beat us even a lot of people said bad things about us. Do not care what others say or do, we just need to focus on improving ourselves and do anything with integrity.
Great to see PORTMAN College from nobody to somebody.
Thanks for sharing, Mr.Ernie!

Gym Jian Sheng said...

Thanks for the NOBODY college that made my life so miserable.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that made me teased by my friends.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that made me don't know how to face my relatives.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that made me can't sleep well in my college life.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that taught me what is INTEGRITY.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that taught me how to get rich.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that taught me how to make friends.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that taught me how to be good human being.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that gave me the tough times in my college life.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that gave me such an unforgettable memories.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that gave me what money can't buy for.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that gave me more than a normal college supposed to give.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that gave me the opportunity to learn and grow.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that gave me the confident to face my friends & relatives.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that gave me all the wonderful graduation.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that made me proud.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that transformed my life.
Thanks for the NOBODY college that grow me to become a SOMEBODY today!

I appreciate everything that the NOBODY college has did to me.
Everyone is a NOBODY before a SOMEBODY.
I appreciate the NOBODY journey because it made me become stronger and better.
After reflect the journey, I have 3 intentions in this organization:
1) To continue grow the organization & myself to become SOMEBODY for everyone.
2) To transform more NOBODY to SOMEBODY.
3) To make sure the LEGACY HAPPEN and be part of the journey with EVERYBODY!

Thank you.

Janet said...

It is not easy to elevate from nobody to somebody, it takes plenty of nobody to achieve "somebody". To the nobody: do things with our heart, think & make decisions with our hand and execute with clarity.

Terebutzu said...

The video that you shared to us in Townhall meeting last week teach me one thing, "There is always things or little thing that you can do to make someone or even your days better". I would like to thank you for this opportunity taking me as one of your workforces and I will do my best to contribute however I can as long I am there. No matter what are the setbacks is, I will do my best to deliver the result.

Anonymous said...

I will stay focus in what I do as long as I am given the opportunity.
Stay focus to achieve what we want to be and anything is possible..



Sammi Lai said...

Sometimes I have thought it is a fate that I joined in PORTMAN College, I didn't even been to any others college but PORTMAN. When the first day I came in it felt so warm and everyone is welcoming me. Although we have increasing our students but we still maintain our PORTMAN Culture till today, this is how strong we are.

Thank you for sharing Mr. Ernie.

Anonymous said...

One day, we all will depart on a journey free of cost.
Don't worry about seat reservation , it is confirmed.
The flight is always on time.
Our good deeds will be our luggage.
Humanity will be our passport.
Love will be our visa.
Make sure we do our best to travel to right destination in business class.

~ Siew Fong ~

Anonymous said...

I always believe that success doesn't come to you, you go to it! In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.

Thanks for sharing Mr. Ernie.

-Amira Azzim

H@J@R said...

Consistently be kind and be good.

Anonymous said...

In life when you are nobody do not mean that no want looks at you. They will be someone looking at you if they know you have the quality to be used.
When you are somebody people start to envy you, start to be your enemy, start to find fault on you to cover their weaknesses.

I will stay and grow with PORTMAN education group. I will stay to build PORTMAN education group with the great team.


Anonymous said...

In life when you are nobody do not mean that no want looks at you. They will be someone looking at you if they know you have the quality to be used.
When you are somebody people start to envy you, start to be your enemy, start to find fault on you to cover their weaknesses.

I will stay and grow with PORTMAN education group. I will stay to build PORTMAN education group with the great team.


Razif said...

My intention is to be successful person and grow myself with this organisation. i like to feel the satisfaction of our mission, make a difference by making lives better trough education.

Thank you.



luna yap said...

It feels really proud when I can see PORTMAN College journey since 2013 till now 2017. Throughout this journey, it reminds me never gives up towards our dream and objective.

Thank you, Mr. Ernie and really damn AWESOME Journey!

Yasota said...

Proud to say that i am a PORTMANian..
Stay focus to achieve what we want to be and anything is possible..

thank you for giving me an opportunity to be here with PORTMAN. i would like to thank to Mr Ernie and management to trained me to be more confident when talk to people.