September 6, 2018

The Devil is in The Details.

You all have so much potential to do so well in life and in your personal career. The question is why are you not doing as well as you should be or want to be?

Life is not about just getting by everyday. Life is not about making enough salary or income to pay the monthly bills. Life is not about saving enough for that annual holiday.

Life is to ensure that we live an exceptional high quality life and to do exceptional high quality work so that our life can become better.

How we do something is how we do everything.

I cannot help you get better by telling you how. I can only share what I do as a living example. YOU MUST WANT TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE THAT IS TO ACHIEVE EXCEPTIONAL HIGH QUALITY LIFE & WORK.

How do you do it?

You can start by working HARDER, SMARTER & FASTER. Follow the order and DO NOT SKIP THE STEPS. YES, HARDER, SMARTER ONLY THAN FASTER. THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS. Skip it and you will face the devil.


Noorfa said...

Thank you for the advise given. Definitely will follow the step for a better life.

Clement Choo said...

We should never underestimate a people's potential. I realised my own potential because of you Mr. Ernie. You enlightened me when I feel lost. As you said, some days you will be the lights for others and some days you will need some lights from them. As long as there is light, there is hope, and there is a way. BEYOND EDUCATION!!

Ies Rosli said...

No doubt that the devil is in the details. A single thing that we think as insignificant could pose us a big imbalance later on. Those who have their eyes implanted on every single details will surely bring a difference to the outcome. But not to forget a single word that could cause a whole lot of difference, passion. When we have passion in doing something all the elements that could help us pave the path to a successful life will fall into place. Make sure the thing we spend half of our life in this world doing it, is something that we are passionate of. - Zuleskandar Rosli

Joseph Choong said...

Thanks for the sharing Mr. Ernie!!

We, ourselves must always look forward to become better every single day. Set high expectations to ourselves and expect high quality work and life.

We will continue to work harder and start to work smart then we will work everything in fast!

Chloe Ang said...

I believed in everything we do will define what we will become. I can only have better life if I work harder, smarter, faster and learn from the advice given by others.
Thanks for sharing, Mr.Ernie

Anonymous said...

We will never know our limits unless we push ourselves to them!


Anonymous said...

Don’t give up. The beginning is always the hardest. Life rewards those who work hard at it.

Agreed Mr Ernie.


Andrew Yau said...

Indeed, everyone has their own potential.

Why not take the opportunity and do the best among all. Never waste our own life, it can be much more meaningful.

Don't be lazy, work harder and smarter! Our days will be brighter 😉


Fadelah Daud said...

I will remember it always,


Thank you for the sharing, Boss.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Is Not Enough, We Must Apply.
Wishing Is Not Enough, We Must Do.

- Hakim Shakir

Nur Shairah Azhar said...

Details are important in accomplishing task. Check and re-check your work before submitting to external/internal parties. Of course, honest mistake can still happen but we must at least have tried our best to prevent it from happening.

Attention to detail is a worthy skill to develop so that you can be more successful in work and in life.

Ginny Seow said...

Thank you Mr. Ernie for your sharing.

We will definitely take your words and follow the instruction in order to do better in everything.

Belinda said...

Such an inspiring message from you,thanks for the sharing Mr.Ernie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Mr. Ernie. Indeed everyone needs to work harder, smarter and faster to achieve greater results in both life and work.

- Liyana

Wayne Chong said...

Really appreciate what you have taught us and I am looking forward to learning more from you. Thank you, Mr. Ernie.

Wizz Lee said...

High quality life and work start from work HARDER, SMARTER THEN FASTER. Thanks for the life lesson.

Nicoline Natasha said...

Mr. Ernie, thank you for sharing your life journey and where all your effort has gotten you today. You have shared your valuable life lesson so that we can follow and instill those values in our life path. As you mentioned if we abide by the three steps without skipping we will find the pot of gold by the end of the rainbow.

Priya said...

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, hard work, perseverance, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. In order for your dream to be true, there is an essential order you have to follow and this is the order; WORK HARDER, SMARTER AND FASTER.

Thank you Mr. Ernie for always inspiring us with your life journey.

JL Lai said...

There is no shortcut to successes. Do the time and the time will pay the bills.

If you got successful easily by using all these shortcuts, you will fail in no time.

Real successes are very sustainable and if you want real successes, you must go through the processes. From bottom to top.

- JL Lai

-FathilFarish- said...

Work hard to get the results no matter what the circumstances appear.Thanks for keeping reminding about it.Results build trust.

Mawardi Abdul Hai said...

Indeed... life is about everything. Don't stop because we don't ever know our limit.

Loshini Priyaa said...

Thank you Mr Ernie, will follow the steps and the instruction.

Vivian Foong said...

Yes, Mr. Ernie,

We are doing fast in our job but we still need to check and check again. We need to learn work harder and work smarter! Did not have double work.

Thank you Mr. Ernie for your sharing.

putrilhea Abira said...

The change can be distressing, and the offer is often to resist it. But change always provides opportunities to learn new things, to rethink exhausted processes, and to improve the way we work. I will work hard to improve my weaknesses and build my strengths. Thank you for having faith in my abilities. Thanks Boss.


Faisal Ahmad Hashimy said...

I do agreed with the statement of everyone do have potential to do well in their life.

For my opinion why people not embrace their potential is due to the one's self attitude and behavior. No matter of how many times people help, motivate,or giving an advice, but if the person himself do not change their attitude and behavior then he/she will not embrace true potential in his/her self.

Edwin YauKY said...

Many people will easy to give up, always think no enough time and blame every time. We need to get the point which are do not complain, do not blame, do not give excuses. After that, we also need to identify all the problem especially small problem, and find the way to solve the solution.

Thank you for your sharing Mr. Ernie.

Thinessha Balan said...

Thank you for the continuous inspiration and motivation Mr. Ernie!

I am working hard to achieve what I wanted but nowadays I started to ask myself whether am I working smart or not. I understand that the effort is very important in completing a task given but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference.

Now I realised that it is not about how hard I have worked but how much I have done for the organisations's growth. As you mentioned, I will follow the order of working principles to get better and better; work hard, work smart and work fast!

- Thinessha Balan-

Michelle Xinyi said...

We need to work hard but also need to work smart and make sure it is fast, accurate and effective to ensure the quality.
Grow with the organization and also make our life better.

dilla muhamad said...

Because the first step is always the hardest.
But by following the orders, apply all the priciples, everything we do will surely be good. (Dilla)

shiu kuan said...

Everyone of us is granted only one life. We might have no answer for how long it will be, but we have all our rights to decide for its quality. Instead of holding someone else in high esteem for how successful he/she is, why not we bring on a strategic mindset and down-to-earth execution to reach for own glory.

Anonymous said...

Settling for nothing but only the very best should be every working person's mantra. Let it be career or personal life. We need not see what is second to the best. Nobody remembers who stepped on the moon after Neil Armstrong. That's simply how life works. Very well written article Mr. Ernie.

- Malathy Muniandy -

Yew Vicky said...

Dear Mr Ernie,
Thank you for sharing.
When I go through these passed few days, I learned working hard is not good enough,but working smart.
Follow instructions to save the team.
- Vicky-

Aziean Baharom said...

Life is not just to have high quality life style & high income, it's actually depends on certain people. Some people will always struggle on their daily routine, however what make them survived is family. Without family, life is nothing with all the success. But then again, family will need to work Harder, Smarter & Faster together and most importantly support each other.

~ Thank you for sharing Mr. Ernie~

luna yap said...

We must have challenging in life so we can improve our-self step by step. I realize we can't just only work hard to get things done but work smarter is a must to make a wise decision for everyone sake.

Thank you Mr. Ernie for sharing.

hidayah padil said...

I agree, sometimes we are doing "just enough" to get by everything, but it would be more hindrance on our growth and self-development.

Peggie Woo said...

Thanks for sharing Mr. Ernie.
Thanks for always share the example to us.Let's work harder, smarter and faster.

platinumfreeriding_associate said...

Thank You Boss...
Thank you Mr. Ernie your guidance and advice, will continue to fight and improve my ability to drive my own potential to the highest level.
"The pain will disappear when the sweetness is felt ...Grasp the world in your grasp ... and never let the world grasp you..."

nur diyana said...

Good sharing, Mr. Ernie! Life is not just about get the money, but life is something that we need to appreciate. Everyday we learn a new things and that's how we improve our life to be better in future.

Mohd Razif Mohd Yusof said...

Thank you for the sharing Mr Ernie. Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognise them.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your advice. kejayaan takkan dikecapi tanpa usaha keras.


Cheryl lim said...

Thanks Mr. Ernie for the sharing.

Work hard is not enough, we need to work smart.
Work smarter is by making tough decision.

Thank you Mr. Ernie for teaching us how to work smarter and keep reminding us to make tough decision.

Kelvin Thong Jian Hao said...

We really need to CARE enough and LOVE what we are doing right now!
Trust the process. Everything will be fine.

Thanks for everything sir.

Anonymous said...

Everyone have to fight to reach their dream. Sacrifice and work hard for it. And i believe if we work hard and do our best, we can do anything.


Thank you for your sharing Mr. Ernie.


Rahul Stone said...

I strongly agree where life has to be lived with exceptional quality. This reminds me of a genuine quote which states work isn't to make money, you work to justify life.

Norhafizah binti Mohd Rupi said...

Devil is in ourself. Any decision is in our hand. Pick and choose the best for yourself. Move on with it and you can see the result.

Anonymous said...

Setuju. Kita perlu berkerjasama dalam satu pasukan.


sharmila saundarasan said...

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Thanks for sharing Mr. Ernie.

Sri Rangjini said...

Awesome sharing Mr.Ernie.
Working HARDER, SMARTER ONLY THAN FASTER will be best way to have a happy and successful life. The world is moving fast , if you are late you are left behind.

Ivy said...

Work hard, work smart then work fast.
The problem now is we always want to make things faster, that’s why we work so hard and Thinking that we are smart to skip the details, however we didn’t realise that it is actually making things slower and cause double work.
Do things with heart, make decision with head.

Sammi Lai said...

Thanks Mr. Ernie for the sharing.

Work hard, work smart, it will automatically work faster. We need to do everything with your heart to achieve what you want.

Thank you Mr. Ernie always consistently remind us.



Not to work hard and work fast, we need to work hard,then work smart to avoid double work.

Gym Jian Sheng said...

I thought that life is about making a lot of money and live the way that you want to live.

After I spent enough time on what I am doing now, I realized life is not just about that and it can be a lot more interesting by doing something that you really can't imagine.

I am so fortunate that I born in a very good family & I very appreciate it.
And I am working in an awesome organization that beyond my expectation and this lead me to know a lot of great people.
I do not have any reasons for me to quit. I am just so sorry for all my incompetent at work and I just need to WORK HARDER, SMARTER & FASTER.

Somehow, I will also tire, I am also a human being, but you know what? Before I say I am tired, let's look at how our PM work and how my President work. Working on something meaningful will not be tired, this is the spirit of Beyond Education!

Thanks for the inspiration.

Sry Haryane Mohd Nor said...

It is another a good sharing for me to think and do improvement in life.