May 30, 2019

Understanding your own needs & fulfilling them

Once you understand your "Why?," you will have a much stronger threshold for pain & the grit needed to succeed in anything that you do. Always be grateful no matter what the situation. I am as it continues to grow me to be a better version of me. Thank you. 🙏

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MawardiAbdHai said...

That's absolutely true Mr. Ernie, its all about the worldview of how we understand things. Thanks for your precious thought.

- Mawardi -

Peggie Woo said...

You're right! No matter what is happening around us, we still need to keep going. This is life and we should learn how to enjoy and focus on the matters that you deal with it. The more challenges and obstacles that you fix, the stronger you are.

So, let's believe in yourself and make shit happen.

With that said, wishing everyone “SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI”.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. I would also like to add that I personally believe that through the trials or challenges that we are facing in life, they will shape us into who we are destined to become. -Sofea Fitri-

fadelah said...

Yes, you are right! Anything happens have the reasons and it can be solve. We can choose any "style" to solve the problems.


Norhafizah binti Mohd Rupi said...

Thanks for giving me chance to be a part of PORTMAN College although just a short while. Appreciated it a lot.

Keep moving forward!

Thank you.

Khairul said...

Agreed Mr Ernie.... Anything happen, Be strong and be a good person in life to achieve our goal. No matter what... thinking positive and believe ourselves...

"Don't Worry and Be Happy"


Noorfa said...

Indeed agreed with this. Without that, we will have no direction and will never be satisfied with whatever we do. Everyone need to have their own vision. Do their very all to achieve it.


Hi Mr. Ernie,

Ohio Gozaimasu!

Sometime, we unable to describe what is our Needs why we needs that NEEDS.
10 Years in the industry, then I realized that understanding your needs and why we need that NEEDS may often brings some sense of relief because we will have greater clarity in our life.

But yet I am still in learning and searching.

Anonymous said...

Never doubt that the "WHY" in our live is the only thing that makes us become stronger to move forward for a better life. Thanks for the sharing.
-Fadillah Muhamad-

Anonymous said...

Your limitation, it's only your imagination.

The harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin Mr Ernie.

Thank you.

- Hakim Shakir

Anonymous said...

Satu-satunya cara untuk melakukan pekerjaan yang hebat
adalah dengan mencintai apa yang kita lakukan.
Terima kasih bos.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

- Roslee

Anonymous said...

Abolutely right..Its all about deal with it or leave it.

-Hafizuddin Zakwan-

Azamuddin Hussain said...

It really defines "No pain, no gain".
Thanks for keeping your readers motivated!

Selamat hari raya Mr. Ernie!

-Azamuddin Hussain

Unknown said...

Yes, it is correct! Only ourself understand our needs than other people. Besides, we also need to find several ways to fulfill our own needs in order to keep us growing and do more better in the future. Only ourself can control our future either is good or bad, the action now decide our future.


hdyt said...

“Why” is a very good question mark to ask yourself before we explore our self and potential. Thanks for sharing with us, so me myself can develop to be a better person. ( Hidayat Jamalludin)

Aqilla Farihah said...

Yes it's true. Always be grateful in life, some other people might not get what we have right now. In life there's a lot of challenge, but that is what makes us become better and stronger day by day.

Unknown said...

Yes, we always need to find our purpose for everything, including our life purpose too. Once we are clear with the purpose, we will fight for it and DIE DIE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Hence, we need to always ask "Why" for doing something and being something for ourselves.

-Alan Yong-

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely agree on this. No matter what people say good for us or bad for us, in the end of the day it needs to be decided and concluded by ourself because the consequences of decision will fall to ourself anyway. We just need to move forward and take chances on growing to be a better person.

-Jackson Richard-

Anonymous said...

The WHY will always keep you moving forward and positive.
The WHY will always make you believe in yourself.
The WHY will always make you stand stronger day by day.

Whatever you do or done , ask yourself WHY.
No regret afterward.

Thank you for your reminder, Mr Ernie.

-Siti Zaleha Abas-

Anonymous said...

A particularly fun part of pain is the ability that it has to stop us dead in our tracks.
Embarrassment freezes us. Rejection discourages us. Disappointment makes us check out of the game and re-evaluate all of the rules.We perceive the arrival of problems as a reason to cease and desist what we’re doing. We see them as a sign to stop moving.But perhaps we’re paying ourselves a grave disservice in doing so.Because the problem often isn’t that our struggles trip us up and prevent us from moving forward. The problem is that we choose to stay stuck on problems, to agonize over them, to obsess and analyze and dissect them. We decide that if we can get down to the root of our recurring challenges, we can defeat them once and for all.But sometimes the analysis isn’t what helps us.Sometimes the analysis is just a feeble excuse to stay stuck in the center of our issues, because it’s easier to dissect them than it is to move on.


Unknown said...

Yes! We must always know what we want and why we are going forward to the direction. Everything happens for a reason, find your purpose of doing things and want to achieve something to make your life more meaningful.

And I strongly believe "What goes up will go down, what goes down SURE will go up!"

- Michell Tang -

Unknown said...

I do agree with you, Mr. Ernie!

Life without challenges is boring. Sometimes we will be facing challenges not because we are doing something wrong, but because we are doing something right.

When people are protecting something truly special to them, they become more strong as they can be.You are protecting US and PORTMAN, something very meaningful to you, and you will be definitely stronger than the usual times. We are there to support your journey.

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holiday!

-Thinessha Balan-

Aizatjohan said...

I will be better at work for my company and myself.
Selamat Hari Raya Mr Ernie...

Wizz said...

Indeed, understanding not only the Why, but also the What is also important, doing a wrong things with good intention will also create problems...

Thank you Mr. Ernie for your lesson all these years, really grateful to have you giving me so much values. All the best and wish your future journey a challenging (which you are good in overcoming it) and a fruitful one!


Priyadarshini said...

If you have no good drive in you, your life will not be steered through a good direction. It will miss its destined station. Passion or drive is what moves the vehicle of a fulfilled life.

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holiday!

I wish you and the company success in the future.
Thank you Mr. Ernie.


Ranjini said...

Yes indeed Mr. Ernie.

First foremost we can't satisfy everyone the same time . What makes you feel good and right about it, we do it and move. Who is willing to follow the journey are most welcome. We are not sure of the end but we are damn sure that is something good is waiting for us at the end of the road.

Be positive always.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, the most important thing is dont give up too early (Mardhiah)

Cenda said...

I do agree with you, Mr. Ernie..

life is full of surprise, 360 days 360 lessons...
There comes a time in life when we have to let go of all the pointless drama & the people who create it and surrounding our-self with good Vibes, we cant start the next chapter of our life if we keep re-reading the last one.. Hard Times will pass& we will grow Stronger. No mater how much its hurts now,someday we will look back & realize All our struggles change our life for the better vision .. everything happen for a good reason and will end in good way
Last but not least 'Don't Try To Squeeze Into A Glass Slipper Instead Shatter The Glass Ceiling

- With Love -

Andrew Yau said...

Agreed Mr.Ernie. Be blessed to find out what we want in our next route, and respect for others' wants.

We are not here for everyone. Staying focus on what we should do. The man and the people who want to stay, they will stay!

Stay strong and bold. Be grateful 😉

platinumfreeriding_associate said...

Keluar dari kebiasaan nescaya akan jadi hebat... Betulkan yg biasa dan biasakan yg betul..

rosmalia said...

I greatly appreciated that when training me you took the time to break things down to a level that I could understand and then build upon. Assigning work tasks to me that were sometimes quite difficult allowed me to have the chance to expand my knowledge and build confidence in my abilities. Thank you so much.


Kevin Jaffery said...

Yes I cannot agree more, the first thing we should try to understand is our own needs and the conditions that required in order to get things done.

Wishing everyone SELAMAT HARI RAYA.

Carmen Lee said...

Absolutely, no matter what problems we encounter, we should never give up easily. Believe in yourself and work harder to achieve what you want to achieve.

Opportunity is not going to get, only to find opportunities.

- Carmen -

Unknown said...

I am truly agreed with what Mr. Ernie said.

Life is as such, everybody will have their own needs and wants in different stage. I know what I need to do now as I am clear with my direction.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I agree that in order to make decision for ourselves, we need to question and ask ourselves first. Everyone has different desire and we cannot satisfy everyone yet we can complement each other.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Cheryl said...

Why we are doing what we are doing right now is very important for us to understand. Do we really know what we want and what we need in our life?

I do know what I want and what I need in my life.
Every time when I feel uncomfortable, I will ask myself a question, Why 3 years ago I decided to study in PORTMAN even though my family do not support me and I got the answer - I want to grow and become a better version of myself and educate the young generation through PORTMAN Education.


Mandy Siow said...

Yes, Mr. Ernie. I strongly agreed on this. We always need to find out what we want. Hence, it will let us have a direction for ourselves to moving forward and achieve it.

Tan SK said...

It's a good question to ponder. Only when we clear our doubts and make up our mind, we proceed vigorously to that one direction. Never look back even when the journey is prickly, as there's always a rainbow at the end of the road waving at you.

-Tan SK-

Anonymous said...

What are we without the obstacles we have to face in life. Accepting everything as it is with an open mind and sturdy heart is very important to keep moving forward. Good one Mr. Ernie. Happy Eid Mubarak and Happy Holidays everyone.

-Malathy Muniandy-

Luna Yap said...

Yes agreed with Mr.Ernie.The harship that we gone through is a way for us to learn and grow.

Vicky Yew said...

Everyone needs and wants are different, but what me need to do for everyday is to always improve ourselves every single day 1%. Great to have the chance to learn from you.


Joseph said...

Thanks for the sharing Mr. Ernie.

Yes, throughout the up and down in this month I am more clear, certain and understand about why we do what we do and it paint me a clearer picture on what we are going through but what makes me excited is what is going to happen after we going through what we are facing right now !!

I strongly believe IT is going to be the awesome thing ever happen in my life!

Let's do this!

Ryan Choy said...

I understand the why's you've been put through, the hellish things you might be going through that nobody knows, and yet you put up with it. To be able to withstand all the challenges is grit, to be able to withstand the challenges and still look at it positively, that's the Mr. Ernie I know.

Thank You for building and guiding a path for me to follow, salutations to the fullest Mr. Ernie. I will be building my own path shortly and you are the one that prepared me for it.

*Forever grateful.

Ginny said...

Always ask yourself "WHY".

It will always bring you back to remember your original purpose of doing something. The most important thing is still your determination, do not give up.

The things that you are working on now might not have great results yet, however... it will come one day! Believe it and work towards it!

Gym Chan said...

I am so blessed to have you as my role model since 5 years ago.
Since then you were always Geng Chou, Damn Yeng, Cool and Powerful in anything you do.
I have learned a lot from you and I have transformed to a better version of myself.

Within 5 years, you have proven to me a lot of impossible to possible.
No reason for me to not believe in you. You are definately a tough superman even you are facing tremendous pressure with so many things happenings.

In these few weeks, you are facing deep shits and still able to stand up and make things happen everyday. I have no reason not to support and work with you together to make things happen. Having a good career in this era now is hard, having a great career with this preseverence & strong boss is alsmost impossible in the world.

If there's 1 thing that I will never do is NOT TRUSTING YOU.
You have proven good enough, now is time for us to prove you, we can MOVE THIS FUCKING MOUNTAIN AND STAND ON THE PEAK TOGETHER!

Let's Stay Healthy and ROCK!
Thanks for everything.

Gym Chan.