September 4, 2020

A Broken Down House! Really?


Some will only see pain and despair when they see a visually broken down house. 

But what do I really see?

I see lots of potential for growth with solid fundamentals. 

1. Land to grow around the house. 

2. Great structure that has been tested through time. 

3. Great neighbourhood that is peaceful. 

4. Great opportunity for us to rebuild what we want once again.

5. This is what our lives are all about. You can be broken down, beaten up or even left to rot. Or you can decide to make things better. 

6. I have decided long ago that building my forever home will take years of sacrifices and possibly a lifetime to make it truly special. 

7. The same is applied for our business. Making a Difference by Making Lives Better is not a destination but a journey that is truly meaningful and profitable. 

8. For anything truly awesome to happen, we need to be patient. 


AsmaJai said...

To be able to grow something from nothing requires sacrifice and it is a never ending struggle. Many people did start something at the beginning, but then along the journey, they give up. Yup, agree. Being patient is the key. Be patient, trust the journey and never give up.

Diyana Nur said...

Success requires patience and best with process because then only you know and value the real meaning of hard work, struggles, failures and disappointments.

Everything that happens in life, regardless in personal life nor business life, if you see it in different perspectives, you will see the potential ways to the door of success.

Diyana Nur

Nur Amirah said...

People tend to look from the surface and did not see the value behind it. Same goes for business, we must be able to catch up on the opportunity even it is hard in order to be able to survive in the business and offer value to the society.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr Ernie,

One picture can have different meaning when seen from different perspective and view. We make interpretations according to our beliefs and what we want to see. Thus our action and plan will base on our decision.

However, things might not go as planned, but never give up halfway because great things take time.Just keep moving forward.


Tharushiny Moorthy said...

This is a caring update for each one on this Earth we are not suppose 'to judge a book by its cover'. As everyone has various opinions and viewpoints henceforth they take a look at it in an alternate perspectives. Its about your perspective at something that shows how you are going to assemble and create yourself towards success.

Ashley Soh said...

I agree with that Mr Ernie, everyone has a different point of view and perspective and it just depends on how big or small you see him.

Patient observation is an important step in determining how much of this "treasure" it is worth.

Thank you for sharing and learn somethings from this.

Andrew Yau said...

Thanks for the wisdom Sifu!!!

Best stuff takes time to build, this is how the world functions. As long as we don't stop doing, things will come around, and thrive with it.

Patient, persistent, work harder, smarter & faster. We will ahead of everyone. Keep this belief in our soul. We will do well!


- Andrew YKL

Ginny said...

Human always look at the surface but not see the intrinsic value of the thing.

Good things take times & effort. Be patient & do something about it like how a rock become a diamond.

Cheryl lim said...

What is broken can be rebuild to be something fantastic, it takes time, effort and a lot of sacrifices where not everyone can do that.

The question is do we have enough patient and put more effort to make it happens?

I have, and I can't wait to see the broken house to become something else 😉😎

-Cheryl said...

Agree with Mr. Ernie.

Everyone have their own perspective and what they want in their life. Of course, we cannot always look at the surface when we look at things. We need to be patient with everything.

Thank you Mr. Ernie for your sharing. :)

Mira Asaari said...

Such an inspiring entry Mr Ernie, I like how you see those great opportunities with just a simple 'broken-down house'.
Because at-time, something that is insignificant by others, might give a great fortune and opportunity to another. One needs a courage and right set of mind to start anew. Journey does give you a hard time and test your patience to the max, but never giving up half way and do it half-hearted. With time, your effort will show and you will realize its worth with all your effort and hard work!

-Nurul Amira Asaari-

Pragash Ari Ragavan said...

Transformation and development are never something that cannot be achieved but rather a progressive journey supported by a clear vision, sincere dedication & mental and physical strength and synergy. Opportunities are to be capitalised effectively and growth shall be visible.

Vicky Yew said...

Dear Mr. Ernie,

Be patient and make the things happen like never before. By using another angle to see the things, we will see different things. Education is a long journey and it is not easy. What we wants to do is just Make a Difference by Making Lives Better.


fadelah said...

Setuju dengan Boss.

Lain orang lain pandangannya. Ada yang melihat hanya permukaan luar sahaja tanpa melihat apa yang terkandung di dalamnya. Jangan dinilai hanya luaran sahaja. Mungkin di luar sangat buruk, tetapi di dalamnya terkandung nilai yang sangat berharga. Siapa tahu!


rosmalia said...

It is a good motivation story.
You never allow a crisis to go to waste, and what I imply by that is an opportunity to accomplish things you think you could not do before. Indeed, the chance is everywhere. The key is to develop the vision to foresee it. That’s why don't wait for the right opportunity, we must create it and take the chances. Thank you for sharing Mr. Ernie.


Luna Yap said...

Sometimes when comes to patience on something might be difficult because we all have different perspective on what we have in life. But patience also will lead us to success if we keep put effort and worth to achieve it.

Anonymous said...

Truly agreed with you, Mr. Ernie.

Broken things will forever be that way if we are unable to see potential in them or even worse not doing anything to them. That is why positive thinking are most important as it has control over which action we choose to fix what is already broken. When we find ourselves caught up in a bad line of thinking, we need to immediately replace these negative thoughts with positive mind to cancel the effects.

-Aina Jamal-

Peggie Woo said...

Yes. Mr. Ernie. Everyone will only choose to see the surface itself.

They never understand the meaning and efforts behind the works.

If you know how it's work, you will see it differently. Just like how you train all the young people no matter how much scratch we given to you. You will still keep going to teach and share with us.

Thank you.❤️ - Peggie Woo-

Noorfa said...

Yes boss. Agree with this. As you have mention before, in any situation, there is an apportunity for others but it is just whether we can see the oportunity or not. It is all about an individual perspective and perception towards the situation.

Ivy Loh said...

Everything happened for a reason. You decide what your life is like. Most important is how we look at things. The difference is the human with the heart that willing to take massive action to move things and the ability to see things.

Looking forward to seeing the new forever house.

Mandy Siow said...

Some people might think it is bad, but some people think that's a good opportunity to rebuild and make it better. Good things take time, be patient for everything.

Thanks for your sharing Mr. Ernie.

Karen Lim said...

Totally agree with what Mr.Ernie shared.

Most of the people are always looking at the front and do not see the intrinsic value when they are looking at things. Everyone has their own values ​, talents and their perspective, just do it and be yourself someone will know your potential growth and value.

Thank you Mr.Ernie.

-Karen Lim-

Alan.Yong said...

Yes, Mr Ernie, home is the place for us to rest well after going through the whole day of hard work. Thus, a good environment is just so important for us to have a balanced life.

Hope you could get the ideal home to live your ideal life!

- Alan -

Thinessha Balan said...

Opportunity grows everywhere, look at the change as a chance for us to say thank you and grow.

-Thinessha Balan-

Dayang Almahera Ishak said...

Yes, Mr Ernie. It is always about perception. How you see the world will definitely affect your view. Always try to take something in a positive way. Then we can succeed.

Unknown said...

Indeed sifu, Many people they don't understand good thing always take more effort and time to build. Some only see the surface and look for short term gains.

I believe in what we do here and i know it will get us there.

- JL

Anonymous said...

Opportunity is is only waiting for us to take action and do something to be a better person.

Said by: Richard Rut

platinumfreeriding_associate said...

Dalam apa jua keadaan kita yang mencorakkan suasana dan hala tuju yang kita ingginkan, tindakan kita hari ini akan menentukan siapa kita next... Jangan dikaburi dengan kepayahan hari ini, namun tindakanlah yang akan mencerminkan hasil dikemudian hari...

Rangjini said...

Very true Mr. Ernie. It is how our experience has thought us to see everything in a different way, which means see it on the positive surface, we will see the light and the opportunity. When age catches up we need to be wiser not just got older. I believe in the law of the universe and it will take me to the place I want. I will work towards it.


Gym Chan said...

Turning a broken down house to a future home.
From something people don't want to something people are looking forward.

Turning a crisis to an opportunity.

You have proven to many of us your ability to transform nothing to something, from worst to great. I asked a question to Mr. Ernie before, how you can see the vision and why i cannot.

Maybe im not experience enough to see it yet. But what I can do now is to believe it so much and work on it.
You able to see it, with us together we able to make it happen in real life.
Probably by the time we make it happens, I may have the ability to see the next vision myself already! Because i have made it happen without seeing it but just believe in it.

One thing never wrong is im in the right guardians under the right leadership towards our direction. Let's keep pushing to get enough track space for us to run and have a big leap to the next tier.

With everyone believing it and doing it together, we can make it happen!


Pohyi said...

The house is just like faculty few weeks ago where most of the team left it and I am appointed to take care of the house. I have to rehire a new team, learn how to build the house at the same time to guide the new team to take care of the house together. It was a challenging period for me, but nothing comes easy. Focus on where we can add value, what you have learned in the past will never leave you.

Joseph said...

Everything are full of potentials and opportunities, be patient & observe more then you could find it! 💯😉

Hemalatha Jayakumar said...

Yes Mr Ernie. Being patient help us to make better decisions and it is the pause that help us get our thoughts back in order and focus on our longer term goals rather than short term pleasure.