October 6, 2020

To Care or NOT to Care?


If you really want to achieve significant success in life and business, you MUST stop caring too much about the NOISE that is surrounding us daily. 

Everyone has an opinion and if we are to abide by everyone’s opinion we will definitely not be heading anywhere. I decided that I was heading one direction and that is the direction that I have set for us to not just survive but strive to do so much better than where we are today irregardless of the pandemic as that is NOT something that we can control. However, what we can control are our thoughts, emotions and actions. We can control them to do a whole lot better. We can control them to help one another to work better together to achieve the desired results needed. 

The past 1 year has not been easy with unbelievable amounts of obstacles and challenges but we have been able to overcome them with a clear plan, and massive actions. Can we be doing better? Yes. Can we have been doing better for the benefit of the organisation? Yes. The question we should be asking ourselves is this – why are we not doing more than we should? Why are we not going all in and all out to achieve the desired results? 

I have not stopped and will continue to move forward with intensity. The game is changing constantly and the ONLY way forward is to adapt fast and be agile to make the changes needed for us to keep moving forward to achieve the vision that has been set clearly. We will be going for an IPO in 3 years -  in 2023.

Please do reflect on some of the pictures above on what we have been doing to keep moving forward. And yes, we did not let Covid 19 & The Lockdown stop us.


Andrew Yau said...

Yes Sifu, tons of distraction & discouragement are surrounding us. From what I discovered on someone that's rich in minds & success, they won't let anything, anyone to stop them even 1 second!

Well, that's the beauty of a true entrepreneur, their scars are always unseen by the people, they are lonely. Always!

What we have here is a team that have strong willingness of wanting the organisation to do well and achieve our vision.

Yes we are young, and passionate, but gotta strengthen our consistency of doing things. Wanting is not enough, but actions change the gameplan.

I will be here, to build & see the success of PORTMAN & TEC!


- Andrew Ykl -

Amirah said...

Even in the middle of hectic life and challenges, we still need to take care of each other. We won't be able to survive on our own. We need to do good for others and it will come back in an unexpected way.

Noorfa said...

Agree with the statement boss. Everyone has their own opinion and they should believe and stay positive with the one that they choose.

LIVE is at such with lots of unexpected challenges and problems which without we realise it can help us to be stronger, matured and knowledgable.

Looking forward to the future.

Anonymous said...

I feel that we all have the NOISE that we have to deal with because it practically exists everywhere. The noise that coming from outside still can be control by not letting it to take over our inner noise. We are the only person responsible for the choices we make in life. We can do this together!

-Aina Jamal-

fadelah said...

Ya betul!

Jika kita ingin berjaya, berhenti ambil kisah akan perkara yang boleh "menjatuhkan" kita. Semua orang mempunyai pendapat sendiri. Dan tidak semestinya pendapat mereka itu sesuai untuk kita.


Pragash Ari Ragavan said...

Yes, innovating on new ideas and revisiting our strategies from time to time are definitely fundamental in assessing the functionality and results of the strategies. The game has become intense especially due to the challenges faced due to the outbreak of COVID-19. We manage to survive the difficult period when many other organizations throughout the world failed – an indication or our resilience towards threats and commitment towards our vision and drive to succeed.
The competition shall and will always be intense with the other organizations constantly finding and adopting different strategies for growth from time to time. Similarly, we must also be driven towards reengineering our processes and devising new and functional strategies to strengthen our core competencies and build the competitive advantage over others. It is inevitable for us to take a more proactive approach in strengthening the existing source of income and finding new sources of income as a measure to expand the horizons and establish ourselves firmly. It is also true that the bottom line is always results.
All strategies and action plans must yield results as this will bring us closer to IPO, which has been a vision shared and agreed. Challenges and obstacle will always be there, but we just have to keep moving towards our direction with clear vision and sound action plans.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr Ernie,

To do better in live, we should ignore all the noise around us. Focusing more on our self and goals. Keep moving forward and change our self to do better, because once we have changed, other things will start follow.

-Izzati Anuar-

Diyana said...

Yes. The spirit to continue to fight and bring success is a very challenging battle. To ignore the noise around us is a very tough decision because these noise sometimes are the cause to pull us down. Only those with high motivation and determination can drive themselves to the door of success by ignoring the annoyance. - keep it up, we are with you-

-diyana nur-

Vicky Yew said...

Yes Sifu Ernie,

To stop caring too much about the NOISE that is surrounding us daily is my biggest challenge. I do understand if we want to be succeed, we must need to ignore the noise and to just focus on the on vision that has been set clearly. PORTMAN International School is still in my plan and I will make it HAPPEN!


Mandy Siow said...

Agree Mr. Ernie. We are unable to control the noise surrounding us, what we can do is just ignore it and do whatever we can do let us survive.

Keep moving and stay positive.

rosmalia said...

Yes Mr. Ernie,

Sometimes life knocks you. Be bold and take risks. Yes, you don't have to have it all figured out to move forward, but by open a new door and do new things will lead us down to the new paths. Thank you for sharing Mr. Ernie.


Anonymous said...

Noises are everywhere. Whatever what we did, how great we were doing, there will sure be noises around us. Be firm and believe in what we are doing now, focus on what we are chasing for and put all the noises as the stepping stones for us to achieve greater success.

-Alan Yong-

Ashley Soh said...

Yes Mr Ernie,

I agreed with what Mr Ernie said. When we want to become more success than other people, we should ignore all the noise around us.

Just keep moving forward to show the result of the effort. I trust that we all can survive for this difficult period! We can do more better without all the NOISE!

-Ashley Soh-

Rangjini said...

Very true, the noises around us is so annoying. Instead of making the noise why don't we take action on it, that will be a much better approach for a better game.

Obstacle and Challenges will be always there in our life. These are put in your way to see what you really worth fighting for.

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than the obstacle."

Success will there.

Karen Lin said...

Excessive attention to the things around us can distract us or gradually drift away from our goals. But there are good and bad points in the middle. It is more important to stay away from negative energy and stay with positive energy.

A lot has happened this year and a lot has been lost, but at the same time, we have gained more and learned more than before. Firm your position, ideas, goals, and bravely breakthrough all obstacles.

We don't just want to survive, we should utilise this period to improve ourselves and spend time with the right people. In the end, you will get unexpected return.

-Karen Lim-

platinumfreeriding_associate said...

Kita akan jadi seperti apa yg kita pilih utk fikirkan, tindakan kita akan menentukan siapa kita pada 2023 nanti, halangan cabaran apantah lagi suara-suara sumbang berbaur rasa iri hati dan cemburu itu adalah rencah biasa bagi si JUARA.Yang pasti kitalah pemacu rentak sang JUARA.

Sundari said...

Agree with Mr.Ernie statement.Everyone facing the difficulty of the noises surrounding of us.
I believe we should keep stronger to overcome the challenges and problems to stay positive.
We can move toward to achieve the organization vision to do well.


Cheryl lim said...

Don't let people tell you what to do. You decide what you want to do and go all out.

Real entrepreneur is always created during the tough time.

We can do whole lot more and better, it's just the matter of do we willing to sacrifice our time and effort to deliver more and be consistent on it.

Let's do this together!!
IPO 2023!
We are just one day away


AsmaJai said...

Agree. We must control the things that we can control. Maybe we cannot control the increasing cases of COVID19 right now, but we can control on how we react to this situation. We must always move forward, be positive and take everything as a challenge.

Ginny said...

Yes, all of us must go all in and all out to achieve desired goal! Nothing is impossible to achieve if we put our time, efford & focus to do it.

If you don't adapt and improve according to the situation, you will not be going to keep up to the standard & stay at where you are now. That is not good.

Find ways to add value & contribute, be initiative and care more on everything except the noise of surrounding.

Let's do it together! 💯

vivianfoong1998@gmail.com said...

Agree with Mr. Ernie.

Have a lot of noise that is surrounding us, which can even affect to us. Experienced this kind of mood, it was very tired to take care everyone opinion.

Don't be influenced by others and don't care much the noise that surrounding you. The most important thing is to understand what we are doing. Be worthy of yourself and worthy of your conscience.

Be brave to yourself, stay positive and move forward!

Luna Yap said...

Noises sometimes influence us to stop doing by achieving the desire result. But we must decide fast to care or not care because it will affect the things we do to achieve the goal. So this is why we must know what worth to do or what you want do in your life and don't care the annoying noises surround us.

Pohyi said...

No one has the right to tell you if you are doing right or doing wrong. As this is your own game plan, not other people game plan.

Do what you think is right, keep on going, the results will show.

Peggie Woo said...

I will choose To Care.

If you do not Care the things, the things won't happen or late to happen. Decision is always on your hand. No one can force you to do it. If the action is forced by someone, at the end it won't be continue.

Significant success will not happen 1 or 2 days. It is link to your determination, patience, thinking, effort and action to plan and execute the work.

I am very grateful during this pandemic. I have our Master Sifu Ernie with us. Without him pushing, motivating, creating, innovating, scolding and caring; I cannot go so far.

Thank you.

JL Lai said...

Sifu, thanks for your sharing and it once again reminded me why I do what I do today.

I have learnt this from you many years ago where we do not have to care so much about how others think about us BUT I never understood it until recent year I realized it is totally real and true. I used to think, we should care how people think of us because we want to make them feel we are one of them or I should say I want to be likeable? HAHAHA

What is point of living under others' expectation when you know you are not gonna be able to fulfil all their needs? Ever since I learn to not care about how others look at us, out of sudden my life became more meaningful and smooth.

All we need to do now is to focus doing the right thing and everyone will benefit will it!

Our life, our decision! We are just 1 day away.

- JL

Gym Chan said...

We have come to the stage where we have went through so many challenges from having a college till today having students from young to adult all around the world.

If we have just stop by too caring of what people said about us. We will never get what we achieved today.

I used to very care about what others talking about us. Come to the point where we only want to do what we want to achieve. Not achieve for them to see. Up to them what they want to say.

As long as we have not stop and keep growing.
We will get there, it's just a matter of time. By the time, let's see what other new topic that others will say about us. Again we continue to shut their mouth up!