July 28, 2008

AIA - The Client That Appreciates

At ATCEN, we know we do good work which is why we enjoy the support of so many repeat clients. It’s really quite amazing how much of time and effort we put into organizing and event. Doesn’t matter if it’s a one hour talk or a one day workshop, we plan and execute every event very well indeed.

This is why it’s so gratifying when our clients realize this and appreciate us tremendously even though we are brutally honest with them in areas they need changed and improved.

We congratulate such clients, AIA (M) Berhad being one of them. We are sincerely proud to have this organization as our client because they immediately put into practice what they’ve gained from a session. AIA (M) Berhad also demonstrated what service appreciation by acknowledging a job done well.

There are also some others who find saying “Thank You” so difficult because this is the mindset and mentality, “I’m paying you to get this done so why on earth should I say thank you?” Sometimes people forget to say “Thank You” and this is really bad because it isn’t hard to say at all.

It’s such a simple thing to say, but when you say it sincerely it becomes a powerful acknowledgement. Don’t think that people owe you a living – always bear in mind that they can choose not to smile at you, or talk to you or help you. But they do it anyway. So maybe it’s time you acknowledge them back.

To AIA (M) Berhad, thank you for being such excellent participants, but above and beyond that – kudos to each of you for wanting to make a positive change.


Ken67 said...

It is really refreshing and invigorating to deal with companies that truly regard each other as partners. Kudos! Something for Corporate Malaysia to move toward.

HL said...

Ernie, I know you and the team have done the really great job. More to come. Gambateh!

Q said...

It's good to know that nowadays client do appreciate. A single word, thank you, is ALWAYS not something that would be expected from corporate. That is why "this is what i deserved when i pay for it".

Too bad, a lot of clients (bosses), still think that I DESERVED cox ... i PAID! I think appreciated is something that needs to be a COMPULSARY Subject starting from kindergarden, or perhaps earlier? sigh!

eb said...

It is interesting how corporate company appreciate what others have done for them.

A truly emotional experience comes from the best and on its finest moment it touches the heart and mind.

Anonymous said...

Yup! Good comments were given right after your workshop.

Revolution takes place immediately.

I am into another ATCEN :)