November 19, 2008

The Hope Called Obama

It’s finally happened and I am so pleased. America has her first Black President and what was once thought of as impossible is now a reality. I still remember my Principal Consultant telling me that the Whites in America will never let this happen.

Well, this man has gone against unbelievable odds to silence millions who thought he would never lead a predominantly white nation. I am a believer that anything can happen if we just Desire it, make a firm Choice, have unwavering Belief in this thing that we want so badly and take the right Action to make it happen.

Barack Obama’s deserved victory has dispelled the notion across the world that nothing is set in stone and anything is possible.


Pei Shoo said...

I couldn't agree more. Changes will happen soon in America and probably in the whole world.

Ernie said...

1. Believe the unbelievable
2. Dare to Dream
3. Make things happen

Ken67 said...

'Tis are interesting times we live in. Just when i though America could do no right, Obama wins. Thank you America for restoring my faith in Equality and justice for all.

Ernie said...

Never say never! Anything is possible

Anonymous said...

impossible is nothing in the new generation.