January 12, 2009

Stop Worrying & Start Taking Action

“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere”. ~ Glenn Turner

There is so much bad news these days; it’s enough to make anyone want to jump off the nearest building. Wait a minute, that’s happening already.

Finding a bit of good news is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. And what boggles the mind is that we do send positive news to the media but they seem insistent on highlighting the bad news.

Do they seriously believe that bad news sells? Maybe it’s time for a reality check. People buy the papers not to read about the bad stuff, but they buy it for a glimmer of hope – that perhaps things are getting better in certain parts of the world or that things will get better.

The bad news has to stop.

And we have to stop believing everything we read. If you read about something you are unhappy about – do something about it. Of course you can. Get a group of like minded people and band together. If you think about it it’s not whether you can do it or not, it’s whether you want to.

It’s sad but this at a time when so many people are having it hard; it could be your time to rise above the rest and make the best and most out of the situation. It’s only when we begin to create opportunities for ourselves that opportunity will show itself. You’ve got to fight for your right to survive and be a part of the good news that will sweep the nation soon.

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NEIMA said...

there are certain times where I analyze to much that at the end causes paralysis and no action being taken... thanks for the wake up call EC..